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    1. Guardian Angel's Tears

      Aug 13, 18 07:19 PM

      Written in Latin: Cum Noceas Te Ipsum, Custos Tuus Confringetur. When you Damage yourself, Your Guardian is Broken. All people have choices. Sometimes

      See The Drawing

    2. test

      Aug 13, 18 07:13 PM

      This is my first best drawing I have. (^///^)

      See The Drawing

    3. A t-shirt

      Aug 12, 18 07:11 PM

      A t-shirt that got tired of being worn. So it got free, but needed glasses to see. And now happiness is a guarantee.

      See The Drawing

    4. Joker

      Aug 12, 18 07:05 PM

      Jokes on you batman!! Hahaha!!!

      See The Drawing

    5. Creativity

      Aug 12, 18 07:01 PM

      The creativity of the mind.

      See The Drawing

    6. My Own Grass Starter Pokemon

      Aug 10, 18 05:47 PM

      I made Water and Fire Starters So i Made Grass Starters Let me know some names for these pokemon

      See The Drawing

    7. Manga Drawings by Grace

      Aug 09, 18 04:40 AM

      Anime and manga drawings by Grace; interesting original ideas.

      See The Drawing

    8. My Own Fire Starter Pokemon

      Aug 09, 18 01:57 AM

      I Made Water Starters soooo Fire Starters!!!!!! xD

      See The Drawing

    9. My Own Water Starter Pokemon

      Aug 08, 18 09:58 AM

      So i was in the middle of a sketch its face looked like a frog so i thoght why nut make a Water Starter Pokemon So this is it Let me know some names for

      See The Drawing

    10. Paul Rowan's Drawings and Sketches Gallery

      Aug 08, 18 09:32 AM

      Nice drawings and sketches from Paul Rowan, he draws fantasy and cartoon.

      See The Drawing

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