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    1. Sky Flower

      Dec 13, 18 08:53 AM

      Fictional,traditional flower

      See The Drawing

    2. My art 2

      Dec 13, 18 08:51 AM

      A few more

      See The Drawing

    3. My art

      Dec 13, 18 08:44 AM

      A few of my flower tangles

      See The Drawing

    4. Zen

      Dec 13, 18 08:41 AM


      See The Drawing


      Dec 11, 18 02:49 AM

      What you think, you become. What you feel, you attract. What you imagine, you create.... 😍😍😍😘😘😘

      See The Drawing


      Dec 11, 18 02:45 AM

      Done with colored ballpens. It's good to do some simple practice and gets ideas. In this way it will be a good preparation for the serious art we wish

      See The Drawing

    7. Be bold flower by Christine Burberry

      Dec 11, 18 02:37 AM

      My bold flower

      See The Drawing


      Dec 08, 18 02:54 AM

      While observing a real black and white photo, I made it in this way. Its neither cross hatching nor scribbling.

      See The Drawing


      Dec 08, 18 02:51 AM

      Using cross hatching with colored gel ink pens Tuzoo.

      See The Drawing


      Dec 06, 18 03:02 AM

      0.7mm ballpen

      See The Drawing

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