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Welcome to castle drawings gallery I would like to introduce you to our visitor’s renderings of castles and other architectural drawings. I believe you will find many of them very impressive and inspirational. Every single drawing radiates the passion for drawing of these beautiful objects.

As you can see, drawing castles or architectural objects is a great way to practice the perspective. I’d rather say, it is very helpful if you already have some basic knowledge about perspective drawing.

I personally love medieval architecture and just cannot stop gazing at these fantastic works made by real humans. People who created them, those architects, planners, those who drew the so called “blue print”, all these people are nothing less than geniuses.

If you like architecture, any architecture, I would recommend you give it a try and sketch, draw or doodle some. You’ll notice immediately where are your weak points in perspective drawing.

I believe, this little castle drawings gallery gives you hints and inspiration to begin drawing your own architectural renderings. You are always welcome to upload your own drawings, we all would love to see them!

Enjoy The Castle Drawings Gallery

Hogwarts Castle

My rendition of Hogwarts Castle (Harry Porter fame). Picture courtesy Google-->Images.

Thank you easy drawings for the step by step guidance which is so simple to follow. Keep up the good work.
Though drawing on my own took a little time and is a real challenge, I enjoyed the experience and found it very rewarding.

My Attempt at your Castle Drawing

I'm 14 and I tried drawing the castle..

Taj Mahal



My first home drawing

I free handed a picture I found but it is the first decent picture I have drawn so I am proud of it

Landmark London

The 1930s river themes ,drawn all with pencil

First attempts medieval houses

I allays loved castles and medieval houses.

I'm an archaeologist from profession, but never tried my hand on drawing. Now I try to learn a thing or two..

Tower House at the Mosel

I always liked this building when I pass the Mosel on my travels.

The Beach House

Retire to life on the beach

Varikkassery Mana (Kerala, India)

It was late in December, early in morning with cool breeze on my face in my bike set out to explore Kerala armed with my pen and paper. I set out to Varikkassery mana (mana=mansion), the 2 floored mansion situated at the outskirts of Palakkad, Kerala, India (Vaniyamkulam).

The mansion is famous after many Malayalam (south Indian language) movies shot over there. Place is surreal with ponds, temples and a whole lot to explore. After paying the entry fee of 30 Cents, the mansion welcomes you by traditional and exquisite paintings on the wall and furniture to compliment.

Place is too calm and quite for a city dweller and if you are into meditation, you are in heaven! The guide blabbered about how they made the mansion and the history of the family who made it and the films that they shot here.

There are many place to sit and relax. I was amazed with the floor of this 100 year old mansion which had a mirror finish.

Even more amazed when I came to know that the floor is made of a mixture of charcoal from coconut husks, egg whites and limestone! I slip from the band of visitors and in a quiet place I drew this picture without creating too much attention.

It’s a place to visit for calming yourself down and definitely I will recommend you to visit once.

Hogwarts (Harry Potter)

don't have any accompanying story with my sketch. It looks a bit scary ... and I worked it out only by one pencil.

Old Town Hall of Port Louis Mauritius

Its the old town hall of Port Louis in Mauritius. It was then demolished and replaced by a municipality. I made it here with normal ballpoint pen together with some decor and hand lettering

My first Taj Mahal drawing

At first i have drawn the Taj Mahal, hope you all like it..

My Love

For my poems, you're my fiance
foster me as a mother,
show me the way as a friend,
then you've became my soul and my soul mate..
Loving you and missing you my love <3

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