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Every country has its historical spots or places of interest.

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Other Visitors Drawings

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Inspired by Mumbai city 
Some years back was watching a video about Mumbai city. Inspired by it, I decided to make an imaginary art showing the atmosphere of it.

Imaginary pen art 
Old building in a forest.

Imaginary pen art 
Here, I tried depicting a candle also.

Imaginary pen art 
Night scene with lights and fire on the left.

Imaginary pen art in progress 
Still concentrating on buildings and artificial light.

Imaginary pen art 
Again, showing old buildings and night view.

Imaginary pen art 
Inside an old style building.

Imaginary pen art 
Depicting a night scene at an old palace.

Imaginary pen art, inside a mansion 
Some years back,I shared another one but this time,it is better.Most of my imaginary art are based on nature views.But it is good I focus on buildings …

Imaginary pen art: inside a fort 
I have focussed so much on exterior nature view. Now it is time to concentrate on interior of buildings.

Imaginary pen art 
Showing a mansion partially. Many mansions in reality are surrounded by trees. Thus we do not find it completely. And cannot even visit it as most are …

Imaginary blue pen art 
So originally it is blue and I also tried a colouration app on it.So here are both versions.

Esel studio, pen art 
Esel studio of Mumbai. Direct pen art: no plan with pencil and ruler, I thus started directly with a Nataraj ballpoint pen, on the left, on the area above …

Testing a new gel ink pen 
Imaginary art done with it here.A good pen indeed.

Imaginary pen art 
This one is bigger than that am accustomed with. Bigger but still maintaining textures with details.

St Aubin house in Mauritius 
Direct pen art.It is a converted colonial house that dates back to 1819. It is now a drooling restaurant. Situated in the south of Mauritius.

Domaine des Aubineaux Mauritius 
Direct pen art. Thus no prior plan with a pencil but directly with the pen, using mental accuracy. I started on the left, then went on the right, and finally …

Imaginary art showing deserted place 
With pigment liner pen.

Imaginary oil pastel art 
Buildings and light.

Imaginary oil pastel art 
Inspired by a photo, I decided to make one from imagination, in my way, but still having the same atmosphere as that photo.

National history museum in Mauritius 
Direct pen art. It is located at Port-Louis, the capital of Mauritius.

Drawing of Maison Eureka 
This old house is located at Moka village in Mauritius.It is now a restaurant. Direct pen art.

Imaginary art 
Showing old building, I like this type of place.

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Imaginary art inspired by a place 
I was watching a video from India and a place attracted me. So I decided to make an imaginary art showing same atmosphere which was actually there. In …

Imaginary art showing factory 
I love this type of historical place.

Imaginary pen art 
Showing an old house and foggy background.

Imaginary rough art 
This was done quickly and directly with a blue Nataraj pen.Showing artificial light.

Imaginary pen art 
Here is a scene of smoke near a castle and foggy background.

Imaginary art completed  
A blue Nataraj ballpen was used mostly and also a Piano pen especially at some darkest zones.

Imaginary art in progress 
Two pens are being used: Nataraj and Piano. A sort of abandoned place.

Imaginary view with pen 
So there is a mansion surrounded by trees.I like this view very much.

Imaginary pen art 
I don't remember if I shared this art here.It was done in January this year.

Castle Love 
I love castles and castle drawings. Here is my water colored castle drawing.

More details added 
Personal details were added on this art with Bic pen. For example, there was nothing on the sky. I added a light value. The grass and the tree on the …

Chateau Val Ory of Mauritius  
Château de Val Ory, at Moka, in Mauritius. It is a direct pen art and was done quickly. So the accuracy will never be perfect. And no literal interpretation …

Chateau de Benares in Mauritius  
This is Chateau de Bénarès in the south of Mauritius.Built in the 1800s. Secondary residence of Sir Virgil Naz (1825 – 1901 - Lawyer and planter). Located …

Chateau de Bel Ombre, Mauritius  
Done with pen.This chateau/mansion is situated in the south of Mauritius. The architecture is a mixture of British and Indian I think.

Imaginary art showing old building 
This type of place is normally considered creepy for many people. However, it is rich in history.

Underwater world 
I love sea and like to go deep into sea and see the underwater creatures.

With light grey 
Here on this imaginary art with pen, light grey is applied by a mixture of white and black watercolour paints

Watercoloured imaginary pen art 
It has its positive effect.

Imaginary art  
With pen.Here I decided not to apply yellow colour on it.

Imaginary realistic art 
Lemon yellow was applied first. Then the imaginary art with a ballpoint pen. Making realistic art via photo reference is common. By imagination, I think …

Imaginary art with pen 
First, light yellow water was added.

Completed: Chateau de Mon Plaisir 
Ballpoint pens art. The Chateau de Mon Plaisir is a mansion located in Pamplemousses botanical gardens, in Mauritius.

In progress: Chateau de Mon Plaisir 
With ballpoint pens. Chateau de Mon Plaisir was built in 1823 and is situated in the Pamplemousses botanical gardens of Mauritius.

Taj Mahal 
This is the sketch of Taj Mahal, one of the seven wonders of the world. It was constructed by 5th Great Mughal emperor Shah Jahan in 18th century.

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My royal castle 
I love castles. I like to make and draw castles. This is my favourite castle drawing.

The city sometimes looks distorted to me...

Imaginary art: a place of tranquillity 
Here it is not direct pen art since I made plans especially for the buildings. Sometimes Am confused as to whether I will share here or in nature section..Because …

Imaginary art: An old administrative building 
As usual, it's a direct pen art.

Imaginary art 
As usual,most of my imaginary art are like this: dominated by trees. Hope you are all fine here against Covid.

Left hand imaginary art 
Direct pen art.

1mm×2mm imaginary art  
Done with naked eyes, this is the smallest art I have ever done in my life, till now.

Imaginary art: industrial zone on right 
With a blue pen. So on the right its industrial zone while in the left its dominated by trees.

Imaginary realistic art 
With a blue ballpoint pen Nataraj 1.0mm. To increase realism, I try to be very refined in the texture.

Imaginary art: house during sunset time 
Ballpens art. The house has no direct sunlight on it. So it cannot remain pure white of the paper. Else, it will not appear natural.

Imaginary art showing 3 bridges 
Yesterday there was a photo of GRNW in Defi Media (a newspaper in Mauritius) I think. So I observed it for some seconds. And today I decided to do an …

Imaginary art: house at night 
Ballpoint pens art, it was quite challenging to depict this. Because I wanted it to be naturalistic. I think its satisfactory.

Imaginary art: lonely house in forest 
With a ballpoint pen of 1.0mm, it depicts a lonely and quiet place. Super rich people love this type of place because they can afford it. Very spacious …

Imaginary art: a town 
With a blue ballpoint pen of 1.0mm. I always put the pen near the art to show the exact size of it. So its a town with many trees and houses. Ressembling …

Coloration of imaginary art  
With some other pens. Am very at ease and comfortable with this style of art. We must always adopt mediums and styles which are peaceful for our selves. …

Imaginary art with left hand 
Ballpens art. Depicting an old building.

Imaginary art: depicting light with ballpens 
Imaginary art with ballpoint pens Nataraj. A kind of industrial zone at late evening. No black pen was used in this art since pure black will make things …

Imaginary art: outskirts of old mansion 
With a ballpen of 0.7mm. It ressembles a bit the place in an indian horror film of Ramsay Brothers where a vampire was living. A creepy and isolated …

Imaginary art: harbour 
It was a quick artwork. Nothing serious.

Imaginary art: harbour 
With ballpoint pens. I went directly with the pens, no plan with pencil.

Battle ground 
Battle ground

Imaginary art: area for rich people 
So here is an imaginary art where I am showing a city and in an area where rich people with spacious land, full of trees and flats/mansions/villas, live. …

Imaginary art  
Here is a quite simple one.

Imaginary art: old Arab style house 
With ballpoint pen Nataraj 0.7mm. Here is a scene of an old house in Arab style. In a garden full of trees.

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Imaginary art: 1980s style of house 
So here is an imaginary art with ballpoint pen Nataraj 0.7mm. The style of house which is here, is common in Mauritius and India, especially in the 1980s …

Imaginary art: old commercial building 
With ballpoint pens Nataraj. The ficticious story here, is a scene where there is some small shops in an old building which was a market in the past. …

Imaginary art 
So an imaginary view and some simple decor. I honestly think that what is known as traditional art, must be revived. Nowadays extreme self-expressionistic …

Imaginary art: old ruin 
Imaginary art with a ballpoint pen. Then brushed with olive oil. A kind of abandoned place with ruin. I like places like this, free from people and …

Simple imaginary art 
This was done at the beginning of this month. I like traditional art because its clear that photography cannot destroy it. Its true that with the arrival …

Imaginary art: deserted place 
In this imaginary art is a deserted place full of trees and old buildings.

Left hand imaginary art 
So I used a brown ballpoint pen for this art.

Imaginary art with left hand 
Again going directly with the pen.

Imaginary art done with left hand 
So here are some imaginary art done with my left hand. Going directly with the pen and thus no need of pencil for plan.

Imaginary art with ballpens 
I dont remember if I shared this imaginary art or not. Anyway am sharing it. So here is an imaginary art with ballpoint pens showing old building, light, …

Little hut

Picture of church 
Picture of a church I drew

Drawing of a house I drew 
Drawing of a house I drew


Completed art with ballpoint pens 
Imaginary art with ballpoint pens. Title: "Old Administrative Building At Late Evening".

Imaginary art in progress 
Operation successful in this imaginary art in progress. Title: old administrative building. Colored ballpens. The only delicate thing remaining is a …

Completed imaginary work with ballpens 
So here is the completed imaginary artwork with ballpoint pens. A scene of a small, old and abandoned medical ward. Now its home for rodents and white …

Imaginary art in progress 
Imaginary art with colored ballpoint pens in progress. The idea came to my mind in the morning. So the scene here will be a small and old abandoned and …

Imaginary art: industrial zone 
So here is imaginary art with ballpoint pens. A scene of industrial zones with pollution.

Imaginart art: castle 
Naked eyes imaginary miniscule art with a blue pen. Due to its size then no need of plan with pencil. I went directly with the pen, thus accuracy by mind. …

Imaginary art, city just after sunset 
So here is an imaginary art with ballpoint pens. A scene of a city where the sun has just set. Even before making this art, I had the intention to put …

Imaginary art, abandoned mansion 
So in this imaginary art with a blue ballpoint pen, its an abandoned castle.

Imaginary art with ballpen 
Here is a scene of a castle and before it, there are lot of trees.

Architecture sketch 
This is my first time trying to draw architecture so it obviously looks a bit weird.

Imaginary art with ballpens. 
So here I intended to make an imaginary art showing an abandoned cemetery at late evening and a bit misty. A very isolated and naturally creepy scene.

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Isolated place, done with ballpoint pens 
Art with ballpoint pens Nataraj. So at the beginning of horror film "Purani Haveli" which means "The Old Mansion", there is this isolated and creepy place. …

Watercolor art. 
Here it is and completed. Focus was not really on smoothness but details, even though not so deep. I have not interpreted the photo reference literally …

Avro Arrow 
One of the most advanced interceptors in the world, capable of reaching Mach 2 (twice the speed of sound, unheard of then) this marvel was trashed by then …

20th Century Limited 
This beast of a train was known as "the most famous train in the world" at the time. It ran from Grand Central Terminal in New York to the LaSalle Street …

Quick and simple watercolor art 
Despite that am not accustomed to this watercolor style, but have decided to do a simple and rapid one. I used a photo reference but modified it in my …

Watercolor art: Air Mauritius 
So here is the completed watercolor art entitled "Air Mauritius". In order to check if I have properly respected the different values, paying into attention …

The Coffin 
A little late for Halloween but better late than never. Watch out! Dracula is on the prowl. Lots of details in this drawing, the pipe with fittings, the …

Historical Architecture  
It is a historical monument of olden days.

Summit. Behold the world's fastest computer, IBM's Summit. My drawing shows "some" of it! Would you believe a Quintillion calculations per second (that's …

Imaginary art with blue ballpen. 
With a 0.6mm blue ballpoint pen Nataraj.

British Airways Concorde 
With ballpoint pens Nataraj. The supersonic Concorde which could travel faster than a riffle bullet. A "marvel" in the history of aviation.

Air Force One 
Air Force One is the plane used by the President of the United States. There are actually 2 Boeing VC-25 planes used as Air Force One both being highly …

Sleepy Hamlet 
With summer quickly disappearing I decided to draw a winter scene. I’m pleased, generally, with how it turned out although my “sleigh” skills need work. …

Completer watercolor art."Ahmedganj palace" 
Completed. Pure watercolor art. Its has been time consuming because of details and because, as said earlier, no pen has been used for depicting small …

In progress, water color art 
Ahmedganj palace of Murud, Maharashtra, India.

Riche-En-Eau colonial house, Mauritius 
Done with ballpoint pens. It is an old mansion in Mauritius, in the village of Plaissance, the very village which also has the airport.

Chateau Bel Ombre, Mauritius 
After around 22 years of quiting watercolor art, I decided to enter in this "hostile" world again. So here is a work I just decided to end some moments …

Osaka Castle 
This one's for you Ivan because I'm pretty sure you'll be quite familiar with this magnificent castle. Originally built in 1583 Osaka Castle has seen many …

Basket Building 
This was the Corporate Headquarters for the Longaberger Company, which made, you guessed it, baskets (among other things). Located in Dresden, Ohio, this …

Crescent Moon Tower 
This is a drawing of one of the many incredible buildings in Dubai. Although not yet built, they say it will rival the Burj Khalifa (the world's tallest …

My First Drawing  
The Taj Mahal was built by a Mongul emperor named Sahah Jahan, for his wife Mumtaz Mahal. Sahah Jahan was born in 1592, while his favorite wife Mumtaz …

The Saturn V Rocket 
This is my drawing commemorating the 50th Anniversary of the launch of Apollo 11 on July 16, 1969. Three days later Neil Armstrong would step onto the …

The U.S. Capitol 
The United States Capitol was built circa 1800 and is a remarkable building. The works of art inside the building are amazing and if you ever get the chance …

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Leeds Castle 
Leeds Castle is located in Kent, England and is built on an island in a lake. The site dates to 1119 and Henry VIII (1491-1547) used it as a residence …

Chateau Miranda 
Chateau Miranda is located in Celles, Province of Namur, Belgium. Said to be haunted, it was designed in 1866 and completed in 1907. Descendants of …

Casa Loma 
As a child I was fascinated by the incredible castles of Europe and asked my Dad if we would ever be able to visit a castle. He said "How about next …

Chateau De Labourdonnais, Mauritius 
A work with ballpoint pens of 0.7mm and 1.0mm. On the left is Christian Wiehe who built this mansion. Middle is the mansion itself. On the right is …

My first building drawing 
nothing any story of this drawing but summer season is so bored so I am spending time for my passion and draw to this sketch..

As am fond of old abandoned mansions, so here its an imaginary work with a gel ink pen Nataraj. So a scene of an old creepy abandoned mansion.

Château de Caumont, France 
This is an old castle, where one of the main personnages of 'La Dame de Monsoreau' by Dumas-father, Jean Louis de Nogaret de La Valette, really lived. …

So here is the completed work with a ballpoint pen which is on the left in one of the photos. Its 0.7mm. So you can have an idea of the precise size …

Its not yet completed but I decided to share it here. Its with ballpoint pen 0.7 mm. On the left is the Mahebourg museum in Mauritius and on the right …

My casle of darkness 
My evil art...

Apart from an incomplete work which I shared in this wonderful website, all the buildings and castles I shared up till now including this one here also, …

Done in 2016. With ballpoint pen

Done in 2016 with normal ballpoint pen and with some simple decor and hand lettering surrounding it

Drawn with a normal ballpoint pen and with decor and simple hand lettering. This was done in 2016. The palace is Ahmedganj of Murud, Maharashtra in India. …

While observing a real photo, I was drawing it with gel pen on paper and in this style. It appears like engraving. I had to abandoned it since I made …

Done with ballpoint pen and below it is hand lettering with decor

In February, while I was at Port Louis, more precisely on a kind of hill known as Citadelle where there is a forteress, I was admiring the beautiful scene …

This castle which is locally known as "Chateau De Villebague" is the oldest castle in Mauritius. It was the official residence of French governor Mahé …

Hogwarts (Harry Potter) 
I don't have any accompanying story with my sketch. It looks a bit scary ... and I worked it out only by one pencil.

Old Town Hall of Port Louis Mauritius 
Its the old town hall of Port Louis in Mauritius. It was then demolished and replaced by a municipality. I made it here with normal ballpoint pen together …

Mongols invading stronghold.

My first Tajmahal drawing 
At first i have drawn the Tajmahal, hope you all like it..

My Love  
For my poems, you're my fiance foster me as a mother, show me the way as a friend, then you've became my soul and my soul mate.. Loving you and missing …

Varikkassery Mana (Kerala, India)  
It was late in December, early in morning with cool breeze on my face in my bike set out to explore Kerala armed with my pen and paper. I set out to Varikkassery …

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My urban sketches 
While traveling I sketch down the views which I like....

The Beach House 
Retire to life on the beach

Road-under the building 3D view 
This whole drawing is depend on the one reference point. which is located in the centre of the central building. This drawing is fully imagination of …

This is an abstract drawing of an urban environment. This is my first such drawing that I am uploading. It started as a doodle and I felt like concluding …

An imagination!!!! 
This is my drawing which i made of imagination that came into my mind..

Ahmedganz Palace India 
This is a drawing made with pen. I love this palace which is popular in some Bollywood horror movies and decided to draw it.

Towerhouse at the Mosel 
I always liked this building when I pass the Mosel on my travels.

First attempts medieval houses 
I allways loved castles and medieval houses. I'm an achaeologist from profession, but never tried my hand on drawing. Now I try to learn a thing or two.. …

Landmark London  
The 1930s river themes ,drawn all with pencil

my sweet home 
This is my sweet home painting it brings warmth to our heart.

Owl City the Midsummer Station 
I drew this because I am OBSESSED with Owl City.

i was doing homework

My first home drawing  
I free handed a picture I found but it is the first decent picture I have drawn so I am proud of it

My Attempt at your Castle Drawing 
I'm 14 and I tried drawing the castle..

Dry Summer Barn 
Two drawings of same subject changed through the marvels of digitized computer art program. First one color pencils and chalk and second pen and ink.

Greenland Farmhouse 
Sketched from a painting I liked. Then colored with color pencils and color chalk.

Barn after a snowfall 
I used HB graphite pencil and a free art program on computer.

Old abandoned store, gas station. 
Found photograph while searching for ghost towns for metal detecting. Sketched with HB pencils and colored with computer art program.

Little Cabin in the woods. 
Sketched with soft graphite pencil and color added with computer program. One of my earlier sketches.

church yard  
this is a church that i took a photo of a few years back and thought it would make a nice drawing.

Haunted house  
so, are you scared? :))

we had to drew this for school, enjoy :)

My First Castle Drawing 
I love drawing !!!

just some building 
what do you think? :)

beatiful house 
hi myself Amit A. Waghmare i am studying an engineering.. drawing is my hobby.. i drawn this house by my own hand and it is done by lots of practice …

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Lighthouse Shore 
I am 16 years old and I have never taken an actual art class, but drawing is my passion.

My first house  
I took a picture of my house and then coped everything i saw down on the piece of paper

Helmsley village, Yorkshire, UK 
A village I used to live quite neat to in Yorkshire UK

Brechin Castle - 1st atempt at a building 
This was done in stages starting in pencil line drawing building up the work adding details then used coloured pencils over the top

I used a lot of color, but I hope i did not make it too busy


Garden Conversation 
I love drawing architecture in all its forms, I put a couple of people in this picture supposedly chatting about gardening, just to add a bit of a story. …

Hogwarts Castle 
My rendition of Hogwarts Castle (Harry Porter fame). Picture courtesy Google-->Images. Thank you easy drawings for the step by step guidance which is …

I was starting to get interested in Architecture so i saw this in a book in engineering and looked at it and drew what I saw the best I could.

Southport Sailing School 
I used to live in Southport on the west coast, and this old wooden building really fascinated me.

Getting ready for the fall season Not rated yet
I just started drawing again in my older age and would just like to share my drawings. Thanks so much for this opportunity. Diana

OUT OF THE PICTURE Not rated yet
i was just thinking about the times i were awake at night.

Copied from a magazine.

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Latest Visitor's Drawings

  1. Imaginary pen art on bristol paper

    Jun 22, 24 07:28 AM

    Imaginary pen art on bristol paper2
    Colourful nature done with ballpoint pens.

    see the drawings

  2. Imaginary pen art, beautiful nature

    Jun 22, 24 07:22 AM

    Imaginary pen art, beautiful nature
    Ballpoint pens art showing a peaceful place. The grass was made with light green pen and application of lemon yellow watercolour.

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  3. Old building in forest

    Jun 22, 24 07:20 AM

    Old building in forest
    Imaginary ballpoint pens art. An old building in a forest.

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  4. Typical Mauritius

    Jun 22, 24 07:19 AM

    Imaginary ballpoint pens art showing typical Mauritius.

    see the drawings

  5. Inspired by Mumbai city

    Jun 22, 24 07:16 AM

    Inspired by Mumbai city
    Some years back was watching a video about Mumbai city. Inspired by it, I decided to make an imaginary art showing the atmosphere of it.

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  6. Mollie King in denim jeans

    Jun 16, 24 10:15 AM

    Mollie King in denim jeans
    This is my drawing of Mollie King in denim jeans on Microsoft Paint. The 20-year old British girl is ready to hit the city lifestyle.

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  7. Tame the wild cat inside you

    Jun 16, 24 06:45 AM

    Tame the wild cat inside you
    Tame the wild cat inside you.

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  8. FEAR

    Jun 09, 24 07:40 AM

    FEAR Your shadow will always follow your utter existence but never be afraid of your shadow as it has no real existence.

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  9. Imaginary view with pens

    Jun 02, 24 09:03 AM

    First of all, lemon yellow watercolour was applied. Then ballpoint pens.

    see the drawings

  10. Johnny and Mollie spending quality time

    Jun 02, 24 08:24 AM

    Johnny and Mollie together
    This is my drawing of Johnny and Mollie spending quality time together on Microsoft Paint. Johnny and his girlfriend Mollie are enjoying themselves having

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  11. Only a child can tame an angry man

    Jun 02, 24 04:49 AM

    Only a child can tame an angry man.

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  12. Imaginary pen art

    May 30, 24 08:04 AM

    Old building in a forest.

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  13. Imaginary pen art

    May 27, 24 05:09 AM

    A forest with some walls still visible.

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  14. A witty monkey tames a wild tiger

    May 27, 24 05:03 AM

    A witty monkey tames a wild tiger.

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  15. Body Builder

    May 27, 24 05:02 AM

    Body Builder

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