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Why share your portrait drawings?

Probably because even your best photo often cannot capture what your drawings can.

I don’t know about you but I love portraits and drawings of people.

A portrait of a person has a magic in it that cannot be expressed in words.

So come on join in, share your own portrait drawings.

You may be wondering if I accept nudity drawings. Yes I do.

Nudity is a perfect subject as an artistic expression and you are mostly welcome to upload your drawings of this kind.

There is nothing wrong with nudity. It always was, is and will be one of the main themes in art.

Old masters works are full of nudity paintings and drawings and you probably highly value and admire them.

Always keep in mind, any nudity drawing or sketch is perfectly acceptable if it is of good taste and expresses beauty.

So what are you waiting for?

Just pick any of your own portrait drawings and share them here.

We all want to see it.

And YES, we’d also love to read your inspiring story that goes with your drawing…;-)

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Other Visitors Portrait Drawings

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While observing a real black and white photo, I made it in this way. Its neither cross hatching nor scribbling.

Using cross hatching with colored gel ink pens Tuzoo.

John Lennon 
First time drawing John Lennon in my attempts to draw more realistically

Elvis Presley Drawing No19 
Been drawing for 11 months now this is my latest Elvis drawing

With black ballpen

Hi, I Ajai Kumar Sahu now want that my drawings should be published in magazines and newspapers so that recruiters may know me and my drawings get royalty. …

a drawing of a gorgeous and beautiful girl  
I redraw sketches of both girls and boys in my free time and try to enjoy the time of drawing any sketch because it makes more happy and more …

Easy pencil sketch of Bollywood actress 
Easy pencil sketch of Bollywood actress By champaneri Shivani

Star Wars Daisy Ridley Drawing 
My latest drawing is of Daisy Ridley from Star Wars. More practice in my attempt to draw more Realistically

Heath Ledger "The Joker" 
Second piece of work to show. Hope you guys enjoy!

Clint Eastwood 
My First portrait I've submitted online

Elvis Presley drawing No.17 
Learning to draw more realistically, Enjoyed doing the suit on this one

Elvis Drawing No18 
learning to draw more realistically

Maharaj Agrasen Ji 
Maharaj Agrasen Ji is our hindu god. I have tried to draw his portrait.

Curve ball 
I done this when I had quite a bit of time to kill.. I was inside wormwood scrubs doing a 12 month sentence in 2015. I saw this model in the sun newspaper …

I like making small size portraits not only because its less time consuming but has its own beauty. This art here was made last year.

I like the idea of putting hand lettering and decor below a portrait drawing.

First of all I would like to thank Ivan very much for making a gallery of my arts. Its a great pleasure and honor to see my works in a gallery here. …

With ballpoint pen blue. Notice here that its not realistic. Well, when we are making a portrait, the intention is important. Here I just wanted to …

Bollywood horror films lovers will quickly identify this quick drawing of a horrible demoniac face. Well, for those who dont know, this is a drawing of …

This was done in 2016 with Bic ballpoint pen

With ballpoint pen.

I think I forgot to share this work. So a small portrait of actor Bruce Lee and below is hand lettering and decor

This art, which appears as if style of centuries ago, is very interesting

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Notice the seriousness of his facial expression. Its exactly like that in the photo reference which I shot with my mobile. Respecting facial expression …

This one is a ballpoint pen art. It contains also hand lettering

Quick drawing. He is a popular singer

Quick drawing

Quick drawing. King Faisal of Ibn Saud family, the second richest family in the world after Rothschild

Quick drawing. He is one of the best actors of Bollywood. Many even consider him the best actor of Indian cinematography

Who doesnt know this funny guy who made millions of people laugh. Quick drawing

My lovely nephew

It appears that he is frightened. Blue ballpoint pen

The famous man from India

The legendary comedian

Cross hatching goes well here

Rapid style but which is fun

This was done quickly and is cartoon like. In this type of quick art, there is no necessity of details. But what is important is that it has the personality …

With ballpoint pen.

With ballpoint pen. The pen next to the art gives an idea about the size of it.

A small drawing of Hélio Gracie, founder of BJJ: Brazilian Ju Jitsu. Done with ballpoint pen.

The pen is Nataraj. Blue color has its beauty. May be many will see portrait with blue color more realistic than black one...correct me if am wrong. …

The style used here is that in the small paper on the right of the portrait. While the pen on the left is the very pen I used to make this portrait. …

Here its not cross hatching but a technique different and more complexe than cross hatch

Here its quite realistic since values have been respected. If you have to make simple portraits for clients and which are realistic, then cross hatch …

Cross hatching is not only easy but also efficient in making caricature. May be its the most popular technique when it comes about drawing with single …

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Done with ballpoint pen Nataraj. Notice the liveliness. In order for an art to be realistic, appropriate values must be respected and also refined texture. …

This art was done quite rapidely and with ballpoint pen Nataraj 1.0mm. So we can make refined art with rapid technique but just know how to realise it. …

This was done with a gel pen black. While observing a real black and white photo, I decided to make it with my own style of "half tones". In this personal …

This was done some weeks ago. Time consuming but realistic. The pen used is ballpoint pen Nataraj 1.0mm black.

This was done in 2017. With ballpoint pen Nataraj 1.0mm. It was time consuming but the result was very interesting as it was realistic. This type …

Its Nataraj colored ballpoint pen 1.0mm. Its takes time and is more complex than using a single color. I decided to make one which is of small size.

Elvis Presley drawing no16 
My 16th drawing of Elvis in my attempt to draw more realistic portraits

Eye sketch 
This is a sketch i did whilst i was just sitting in my room

My new drawing 
My favourite actor allu

My first drawing 
Beautiful lady

Elvis Drawing No15 
Been learning to draw more realistically for about 10 months now and people say this is my most realistic yet

Elvis Presley Drawing No 14 
My latest drawing of Elvis has gone to live in The Rock & Roll House Benidorm

The Great Legend APJ Abdul kalam Sir  
Simplicity of Abdul kalam Sir.

MJ, by Subarna 
Who's bad? 😄

geisha girl 
no story really, just enjoy drawing these geisha ladys , any feed back is much appreciated x thanks

Hello, I'm Richa Kotriwala. This sketch has been drawn by my grandfather-in-law Mr. Narayan Prasad Kotriwala in 1958. This sketch is very important for …

No one is perfect. Even angels cry. It expresses that its okay to cry sometime and admit to defeat to be able to heal properly.

Elvis Drawing No 13 
latest portrait of Elvis, learning to draw more Realistic portraits

Elvis Drawing No 12 
latest learning project, trying to draw more realistically

Bruce Lee 
I think we all know this legend. I decided to draw him as a gift to one boy Who is his big fan as well as Ip Man's

This sketch is one of our best super hero Spider-man's animation version ,spiderman from spider-verse

My favorite.cricketer- Unmukt chand 
I love him..😍..he is alwz best for me..😘

Elvis Presley drawing no 11 
Over the past 6 months I've been learning how to draw portraits more realistically, I think im starting to get better

This potrait shows realiy of lady that is ( SHE IS HAPPY FROM OUTSIDE EVEN WHEN SHE IS FULL OF SCARS) but she always keep herself happy from outside and …

Drawing of my grandson Andrew 
Learning to draw more realisticlly

Elvis Drawing No 10 
Been trying to learn to draw more realistically

Donnie Yen 
My pencil portrait of an actor who plays Ip Man, Bruce Lee's teacher. He is amazing with martial arts and he's great pianist.

One Of My Portrait Drawings 
I like drawing portraits most of the time..I feel really happy when I engage myself in different kinds of portrait and drawings...Like any other school …

Space girl 
This girl goes out in space and covered her face

Hope it looks like Hrithik Roshan 
I drew this in morning by seeing a newspaper

My pencil sketch 
A very good human being.

Drawing of Jet Li with green ballpoint pen 
Its a drawing with green ballpoint pen Nataraj 1.0mm. Its about 8.3 cm × 16.5 cm. Its time consuming since we have to go very slowly and no room for errors. …

I just love Dalida, she’s an inspiration!! I can see everything single detail of her life just by staring at her face! I hope you do!

Elvis Presley drawing no9 
Trying to get better at realistic drawing

Portrait drawing of my friend's friend's granny 
No story behind it, just had a call that one of my friend need to draw the picture of his granny for her birthday.. finished it off in 1 hour.

My first portrait 
Mother and child love

Easy pencil sketch of Bollywood actress 
Easy pencil sketch of Bollywood actress Hope u like I was just learn it I try my best sketch everyone likes that's Champaneri Shivani

Charlie Puth 
He has unique look in his eyes so I decided to draw him. i used only different kinds of pencils.

Easy pencil sketch  
Easy pencil sketch of Bollywood actress By champaneri Shivani

Elvis Presley Drawing 
My second attempt at drawing leather

Easy pencil sketch  
Easy pencil sketch By Champaneri Shivani

Easy pencil sketch  
Easy pencil sketch By Champaneri Shivani

Easy pencil sketch of Bollywood stars 
Easy pencil sketch of Bollywood stars Easy to draw By Champaneri Shivani

Easy pencil sketch  
Easy pencil sketch By Champaneri Shivani

Easy pencil sketch  
Easy pencil sketch By Shivani champaneri

Easy pencil sketch of Bollywood star 
Easy pencil sketch Bollywood actress

Easy pencil sketch of Bollywood star 
Easy pencil sketch Bollywood actress

Elvis Presley Drawing 
Trying to learn to draw more realistically, think I'm starting to get better.

Gordon Hendricks  
A drawing of the Elvis tribute Artist Gordon Hendricks. This is my first attempt at drawing leather.

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Realistic drawing 
I'm trying to draw portraits more realistically, i think they are starting to get better.

My latest drawing of Elvis Presley 
Trying to get more realistic with my drawing

My first portrait of Radhakrishnan 
It is a drawing of Radhakrishnan

Another drawing from my 13 year old daughter 
My 13 year old daughter got in the art fair and she got 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place. Proud of her!!!!!! Never had any lessons or anything.

My 13 year old daughters drawings 
My 13 year old daughter has artistic talent I do believe

Cheguvera portrait 
Cheguvera portrait by charan

my sister 
Its my 1st sketch i have made sketch of my sister

vanitha drawing 
This pencil drawing about Indian women cricketer Punam raut.

There is really no story with this drawing but many people say I stole it... I published it on devinart and people kept telling me it was stolen. I deactivated …

My first portrait 
An Indian girl wearing lehanga

I'm trying to draw more realistically

A lady 
My recent sketch

Lay from Exo 
First Attempt, 3 days

Different pencil sketching  
Different pencil sketching done by me;)

Elvis Presley 2 
I'm trying to get more realistic with my drawing, this is my second attempted.

My Own Beautiful Drawings 
My own pencil drawings, done after 10 years after school life. Have a look on my drawings and give your feedback.Thank you

Elvis Presley 
Not drawn for about 10 years, this is my first attempt and would like to learn more about drawing.

shivaji maharaj 
Shivaji maharaj the great warrior and great thinker ...lion like personality

Feeling Spiritual  
Feeling Spiritual

Missile man of India 
My sketch is the former president of India---- APJ Abdul Kalam.

Kim kardashian drawing 
I don't have a story, i just draw.

Pretty face 
This is a drawing of a pretty female face drawn with 2b and 4b, 6b pencils

By playing guitar we feel relax and stress free.

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Buddhist monk dalai lama 
This is pencil sketch of dalai lama. Used pencil 2b 8b n ee Size- a4

Superb eye sketch 
This is beautiful eye sketch. A4 size Used pencil 2b 8b n ee

In a small house in Los Angeles Louie & Barbara Berliner are still together. But if it wasn't for a violin their lives would be very different. Let's …

heart and brain... 
A girl waiting for her partner who went somewhere,before going he gave her a promise that he will definitely come back.its been months and he didn't came …

My first sketching drawing. 
The story behind my drawing is that, I had a relief teacher in Maths session I was bored and decide to draw my friend's face. It's just an attempt to draw …

Handsome guy 
This is a sketch of a handsome stranger I saw. It's not perfect. I suppose its more of a doodle of what I could remember of him. It took about 2 minutes …

This is a tribute to Jonathan freed who played the iconic vampire barnabas collins on the television series dark shadows. I grew up watching this series …

Tom Hardy 
He is one of my favorite actors of all time. His face expressions are really unique so I felt inspired and decided to draw a pencil sketch of him.

Bruce Lee 
I have drawn this in memory the great legend and god of martial arts,Bruce Lee.

Lady with pots of water 
Indian women suffer a lot to get water to their home.

Daenerys Targaryen: A Pencil Sketch :D  
Just an attempt to make a portrait of the central character of the famous TV series Game of Thrones.

This is my brother the guitar player. About a year ago he found out he's fully diabetic and because it's such an unpredictable illness he's recording and …

Portrait of dedication 
Thid drawing is special because it is dedicated to my mother who is no longer here. She has been deceased for many years now and greatly missed.

Ring Looses its Soul 
I made this sketch on the Death of the Great Muhammad Ali

My portrait Artwork 
I have drawn a Portrait of famous bollywood Actor Ajay Devgan....I have a facebook page named Atharwa_art and I am on Instagram also...I love to draw portraits.... …

Narendra Modi Ji(PM Of INDIA) 
This sketch after long time.

my love 
Be calm stay beautiful

Rodrigo doterte president of the philippines 
I want to drow my idol doterte And to show my gift of God my talen

Captain Jack Sparrow is a fictional character and the main protagonist in the Pirates of the Caribbean film series.every child(fan)don't know who is johnny …

Roger Meddows Taylor 
Roger is the famous drummer of the band QUEEN. This portrait shows how he looked like in the´70s. He´s a great singer,multi-instrumentalist and songwriter …

John Lennon 
John as a teenager. He had a really tough childhood and was a real troublemaker. He had a great as well as sarcastic sense of humor. Also, his songwriting …

Paul McCartney 
Sir Paul around ´60-s. He was self-taught and he couldn´t read music just like the other 3 members of THE BEATLES.But he was and still is a legend and …

Hippie from Woodstock  
I was inspired to draw a girl from Woodstock because for the summer I am near Monticello .

monalisa -charcoal drawing 
Monalisa world famous drawing by Leonardo di Vinci Secret in her outlines in drawing Time of making the monalisa approx 16 years.. Here is …

Beautiful girls sketches 
This is the painting made by a pencil

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Freddie Mercury 
Freddie was a true talent, incredible musician, amazing performer of the band called QUEEN. Simply genius. I am a huge fan and I felt inspired, so I decided …

Pretty Garo girl 
In ancient day Garo or Achik people dress in half naked. Which I drew and sharing with you all. They settled in the state of Meghalaya, India. And some …

Dramatic girl selfie  
I'm not saying that all girls look like this. She's dramatic in the way she dresses and poses, her amount and color of make up and her hair.

my first portrait 
Drawing is a combination of mind, imagination,fillings and skill of hand production... Instructions for portraits according to my experience... 1-full …

Wiz Khalifa  
Wiz Khalifa is my favourite singer

Nico di Angelo 
This represents a character of a book series. The drawing took me three hours, and is my best drawing yet. I used a reference picture.

Justin biebear sketchsketch 
I just love to sketch i hv drawn many setch of celebrities.This web is very helpful for me to upload my sketchs.

Bhuvan Bam sketch 
I just love to sketch i hv drawn many setch of celebrities.This web is very helpful for me to upload my sketchs.

The Llama Wizard 
My mind is weird. Give him a legendary name

portrait sketches 
Life is Beautiful. Happiness is within my heart.

This is dedicated to love.

My Ex 
Just drew a portrait of my ex, I sketch very fast this one.

to my princess 
I love u a lot my princess... i never saw u... bt my hope... that when u come in my life... u look like her

Andreas Vesalius 
father of modern anatomy

Sad girl 
Life isn't fair to her

HI. I am from India.I can paint well but there is no value of my panting this panting is just my try I have made other best paintings which will amaze …

Michael Jackson in the Jackson 5! 
One of My First drawings of Michael Jackson and was so proud of it!

People president  
Image not yet complete

Waiting for someone!!!!! 
I made this drawing keeping in mind the beauty of girl ... who has hold the thoughts of some prince charming. who would come.... and take her with him... …

Sad Eyes 
I was missing my guitars and needed a new distraction from depression, so I drew a man who's smile doesn't reach his eyes, because that's how I feel.

Pencil drawing girl 
Hi, I was trying to draw a realistic portrait of a girl, but that's still too difficult for me to achieve, need more practise. This drawing was done with …

Portrait of a woman 
Portrait of my favorite actress

Buses Of Singapore 
I've been a bus enthusiast for a long time now. I always collect bus models and draw buses. I usually draw during my free time and make paperbuses. This …

my first portrait 
No story in particular

just an ordinary drawing 
You know I think our minds are the computers but our hands are letting us do whatever we see on air to make em alive however it's not the first tym I do …

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I have never worked with black and white before and I chose to do a picture of my son I feel like I captured him. I can see the cheekyness in his face. …

Ganpati Bappa Moreya  
I really love drawing ...and this is the one one them.

looking in her eyes... 
it is my second drawing. I got the skill from my mother... One day I was bored and decided to draw Cara Delevingne... I don't know why her.. I was drawing …

My Marilyn Manson Drawing! 
This is one of My Marilyn Manson Drawings that I really like because of all the details and the fact that it took me so long to draw it (8 hours). I really …

my baby 
Hello everyone my name is Dawa lama and I love making paintings. I am married and I love babies too. One day I was going to the market and I saw a kid …

beautiful girl 
first sketching of my life without thought anything I had drawn

Butiful eyes says the butiful story  
Hi, is this my dream girl the fact is I love to make sketches and one day when I wake up in the morning i start to draw my dream girl face on paper and …

Harley Quinn from movie - Suicide Squad 
I realy like Harley Quinn's character, so i decide to sketch one :).

Drawing of David Tennant as the 10th Dr  
hi I met David Tennant years ago in London when I got to be filmed for the Friday night project he is my favourite actor so I thought have a go at Drawing …

My first portrait drawing 
I am very much fond of drawing,I used to try draw my favourite celebs but in the end they turn out to be something else.So one day I was just trying to …

First drawing in 5 years  
I have suffered from depression my entire life and drawing was my only escape. I had quit drawing because I thought I could never be an artist. Recently …

your worthless 
I saw a drawing on facebook and i wanted to recreate it...

she asked me to do a drawing of her holding her dog for her bday so i did. I only like to do black and white and nothing but pencils....

Crying baby 
just wanted to draw something of a drama, like an expression of emotion.

Struggled to capture what i wanted to capture but here ahe is :)

My daughter.

attempt to draw Sylvester Stallone ...not completely happy with it but enjoyed doing it all the same :)

Pole Dancer 
A work colleague learning Pole.

really struggling with hair!

First attempt ...learning!

The monster 
I'm posting on behalf my uncle and would like some feedback on what people think of his art work.

My Dream....... 
i loved her a lot....but now she is not mine...

one of my creation... using HB, 2B, 4B & 6B Graphite Pencil. takes almost 2 and a half hour...

The unknown truth of life 
Don't know who see this ,,,,but she comes from my heart,,,,,,,,,just for a friend

My baby portrait drawing 
Well i tried to do a realistic draw my name is Pierce Domingos Samo and i don't know if my drawing looks well but i will practice more i promise

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Bob marley ( first portrait) 
Massive fan and I just thought wonder if I can draw Bob so I did and this is my first attempt as manga and cartoon cars are normally what I draw the most …

Victory for Peace 
I drew my friend

That Canadian singer

My Niece  
My 3Rd sketch of a person, always though drawing hair would be difficult.

girl with umbrella 
I draw this when I was sitting idle and it was raining outside so it was so cool time to draw this.

my people drawings 
these are two sketches of humans at different expression

portrait of Mahatma Gandhi 
this is my portrait of Mahatma Gandhi the father of our nation.


portrait sketches by kiran 
Hi these are portrait sketched by me . I love sketching. I am a small town girl. Your site gives me a great inspiration for …

Justin Bieber 
I just found a Justin's picture on Instagram ( @danai__kiriakou follow me ) and I drew it...Justin's portrait with pencil

graph of human body

ting tong 
hihi hoho haha huhu


All Figure 
Sketches by me, @IAmDipanjanDey

It's a strong & popular tattoo design.

Love Saab 
Hay this is Dipanjan Dey, my hobby is Drawing, Sketch...follow me on twitter- @IAmDipanjanDey

A different portrait 
I had opened a new Youtube account for sharing my drawings on video two weeks ago. I need a push to have more visits and be more recognised, so I appreciate …

Daniel Craig

Beautiful Lady From Fairy Tale 
Hi ivan. Hello everyone. This is another simple drawing from me. She is a beautiful lady from the fairy tales :) dedicated to all especially the young …

a picture of John Lennon 
This is John Lennon using my own style of drawing.

Robert E Lee 
This is just a picture I drew from a 2 in picture in a book. I've been drawing since I was a child. I'm 65 now.

the portrait of dr amol 
This is dedicated to my loving husband

beautiful girl drawing 
I love drawing and sketching . I have successfully passed the state level drawing exams. Your site gives me a lot of encouragement …

the potraiat of our pm 
Since childhood i love drawing n sketching and i always do sketching in my free time . Your site has been a great inspiration …

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ridhima pandit 
best actress ever i am her big fan and i made her portrait sketch

Elif Shafak 
A turkish author inspired me to draw her. PS I have never took drawing classes.

Pencil drawing girl 
Just trying:)

some drawings of my fev actors 
i love to draw my fev things so here two of my fev actor..

The inner beauty of a woman can never be described 
I am no a good artist but still i go on fr some sketches at the free time,this is my first nude woman body sketch,it takes me 40 min to draw n i really …

pencil portrait 
Finally got to draw a quick pencil drawing. I think this one will soon have a poem to go with it.It's my first drawing of 2016, looking forward to many …

A Girl 
Hi :) This is a simple drawing from me. Inspired by the younger artists in this site so I gave it a try. Big eyes and lips were purposely drawn that way. …

Ranbir Kapoor 
Indian Cinema Actor

Omar borkan al gala  
LOve OMar :D

My life 
Everyone has someone special in life....she is to me

My first portrait sketch (I'm 10) 
Well, I was sitting aimlessly on the couch with artists block... SO ANNOYING and I found an amazing and cuuttteee tumblr girl so I drew it!!!!

Beautiful Lady  
My First Drawing after a long gap of 10-11 years .

drawing of a girl 
Sorta a self portrait of how I feel, but I did it as me as a child,a little weird I guess but I kinda like it

Hollywood star portrait 
I have been drawing as a hobby. This is my rendition of Cameron Diaz photo from Allure magazine.

my portraits 
I am currently practicing drawing portraits. I have chosen some famous people and my son to draw. let me know what you think. thanks!

Sticky Toes 
Walking barefoot in the summer-time can be so liberating. In this illustration, Simon's, walk outside gave him more than a feeling of freedom. As pictured …

'Together' is an illustration of a young family: mom, dad and son taking an unexpected nap. This drawing demonstrates just how close they are as they find …

Boy Leaping 
Since the Colonial days (the late sixteenth century) boys and girls have played games of leaping. Leaping over friends, pets, furniture and playground/gym …

A Teenage Rock-Star 
It was not enough that this teenager looked like a famous rock-star, he worked hard to sound, dress and mimic all his dance moves. By doing so, he became …

The bonds of sisterhood can be extraordinarily meaningful and totally unbreakable. Two sisters that are brought together by no act of their own, yet, …

A Nice Place To Sit 
What better place to sit than a comfy sofa? This drawing illustrates a woman sitting on her sofa while no doubt giving someone, possibly a child or friend …

Aldub her...

"SKETCH 2-Indian Wedding" after my first post on REVIVAL OF MY PASSION_SKETCHING 
As previously shared, I gained back my love for sketching during my period of illness. And good thing is I haven't stopped sketching from that time. Though …

my second portrait  
She is my daughter's favorite singer

my Demi lovato portrait  
this is my new portrait of demi lovato using charcoal pencels i hope you like it you can see more of my works on facebook …

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I found my dogter again after giving her up for udopsen at 9jrs got a hold off her 3months ago she got married and have a beatufill dogter FAITH she send …

My Hollywood Star forever 
The hardest thing is to get started, but the really hardest thing is to finish.... so i'm sorry Ivan if i have missed something in this pic....

Black and white art 
I love to make this type of drawings and therefore, I made this drawing with black pen and marker. I made this art for my parents and also for this website. …

Beautiful girl 
Last night when I was lying on my bed, the idea of making a nice pen drawing came in my mind. Then i quickly took my pens and start making a beautiful …

My Greatest Inspiration 
This is our Former President Dr.A.P.J ABDUL KALAM sir... He passed away this Monday due to heart attack... He love children very much and he always supports …

Guess Me ??? 
Hi Ivan... Guess me in this pic... I have seen your photo in your portal but i guess you don't know me... Actually you have inspired me in many-ways …

Potrait using a Pen only 
Potrait using a Pen only


Raven Hizon... 
i love drawing my nigga!

My Beloved Friend 
Everyone in this world have their friends for sharing,chatting,playing,caring,understanding each other...Our Life is faced with Happy & Sad part...Likewise...She …

Traditional Beauty 
Every women in our world are most beauties t angels... Every men have their own dream girls but..... This drawing shows how my future partner will be... …

eyes, angels, banditas! ;) 
I was bored, so I was drawing what I felt like! :)

Revival of my Passion_Sketching 
My long gone love for art started all because of my illness. I got typhoid a few months back and so I missed one of the most important things associated …

Woman profile 
Hey! This is a drawing I made and I was just wondering of you like it. Feel free to share your honest opinion. Thank you!:)

hello:) one more from me (pencil). This beautiful lady is Guinevere (Arthur's sweetheart) :) i hope everyone loves her. I enjoy drawing people from my …

my little krishna 
One night I told my mother that I am a very good artist so to test me she told me to make a drawing of Krishna. So I woke up early next day and I started …

pencil drawing 
I am still trying to improve on drawing portraits, my problem is they don't look like who I am drawing. This one turned out okay, everyone that knows this …

Drawing of a Mermaid 
Some people think Mermaids do exist, I wonder, but if they do I Don't think they would look quite like this.

Lady with a smile 
Hi :) me again. This time is a portrait. I did this last night. Hope you like it and hope too her smile brings you joy:))

I thought of my dream girl while drawing this picture:) I just closed my eyes in search of a beauty,automatically my hands drew this picture :)

Something thath I've seen on these drawings and tryd my own way 
Tryed to draw the same wath is in these drawings but in my own way.

Icon Boy 
this is the sketch of my friend, he insisted me to draw his sketch and his attractive eyes force me to draw his sketch. I feel very happy to draw this …

Indian and Wolf drawing 
I am really happy with the way this turned out. I love to draw animals, not too good at people but I think she is really pretty. :)

A Portrait 
Hi ! One of my drawings which I did in december. Hope you like it :)

Trevor at 4 
This is one of my two grandsons that having been living with me for the last 7 years .He ten now.

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My drawing of Mary and Baby Jesus 
Christmas is almost here, hope this reminds everyone why we really celebrate Christmas.

Bu ALi Sina 
My aim is to become a doctor.....and i always used to sketch different objects in my spare time.....and by chance i made sketches are not planned....rather …

My first drawing of Elvis 
My sister loves Elvis, she even has an Elvis room, full of anything to do with Elvis. I finally found something she doesn't have. A drawing by me

Rose marry  
This is about a girl who love flower especially rose

Through my eyes !!! 
Hi... This is my first sketch. I was very excited in sketching a catchy eye image. Finally I felt , I am able to do drawing...

I got super hyped about the movie so i decided to draw het.

the face of beauty 
My portraits says everything!!

My Harry Potter drawing 
I started drawing Harry Potter characters, and i happened to draw this beautiful picture.

Drawing of my Granddauhters 
This is truly a blessing, my two beautiful Granddaughters. Both of them sleeping like two little angels.

this is my grandaughter


My first portrait without a lesson 
I had been drawing for about 7 months when I did this one of my daughter. I had been doing online lessons, but this is a first on my own

guys its my next drawings,.....

Decided to draw what my friend showed me

Jack Sparrow (Johnny Depp) 
This is my pencil drawing of Johnny Depp as Captain Jack Sparrow in the film Pirates of the Carribean. John Depp is my favourite actor however I think …

i was bored and think bout beautiful face of an asian woman,, so i grab my pencil and started to draw, the result..this:)

tryingto draw manga 
trying to draw manga

my best friend-yashika 
It took almost 1 month for me to draw this portrait. This is the portrait of my friend yashika.she my best friend. i gifted this drawing on her birthday. …

Cyndi Lauper 
A pencil drawing of an 80s singer. I chose to draw her because of her unique style and not being afraid to show it.

lil boy 
i saw this face and it looked very photo genic

My portrait drawing of Freddie Mercury 
This is a portrait drawing I have of the rock legend Freddie Mercury who was the lead singer of the 80's rock band Queen. I chose to do it in pencil as …

A drawing inspired by a song 
This is a drawing I did in pencil. It is inspired by the song 'You took the words right out of my mouth' by Meatloaf.The introduction of the song is a …

My portrait drawing of Paul King 
I love the singer Paul King, even though the band King didn't stay together for a long time, they sung great songs like "Love and Pride" which people like …

My portrait drawing of Adam Ant 
This is a pencil drawing I did of the 80s singer Adam Ant, who is still on the go now! I was inspired to draw him as even though I'm only 16, I'm a HUGE …

The sketch i like the most.. 
i've made this sketch within 2 and a half hour

My first ever attempt at drawing a person. My dear friend Bryan.

Alissa color 
My baby girl the first sketch I ever used colored pencils.

George Clooney 
Just decided to draw George. Drawing is pencil; picture is in Sepia

Da Vinci - Last Supper 
I drew the right part, the left one is printed from a computer. This was a school project. What do you think?

I'm watching you! 
I've just always wanted to draw a realistic eye and this was my first time. I wanted to know if it was any good??

Patrick Swayze from Point Break

celeb portrait drawings 
What do you think?

One Direction Detection 
hope you like it :)

Robert Mitchum 
from the 60's, I think.

Drew this one for a friend...

Sean Connery (007) 
The best Bond

Angel Eyes 
Lee Van Cleef portrayed the villian "Angel Eyes" in "the good, the bad and the ugly" of my favorite movies as a kid.

This is not a pencil sketch.. I tried hardly and did this work fully in pen.

Faith Kawgdoo 
One of my co-workers...

guys this is Amit A. Waghmare.. this is my new drawing.......

Ron Burgundy 
One of Will Ferrell's funniest characters.

A friend with his game face on... 
Drew this for a buddy.

Daniel Craig  
My interpretation of a still from "Quantum of Solace".

Sandra Bullock 
I drew this one in a hurry over a couple of days...

Charlie Sheen 
I just happened to see a copy of Rolling Stone with Charlie Sheen on the cover and thought it would be fun to draw.

An attempt to play artistically.. 
It was recently portrayed keeping childhood hobby in mind..:)

Sir Mokshagundam Vishweshwaraiah 
this is Amit A. Waghmare. guys this is my next drawing ..... i am studying engineering in kolhapur. guys please comment on this drawing as early as possible.. …

Dear Baby and my dear 
I just like to draw

Maria Sharapova 
I drew this for my mom :)

My Booth and Brennan 3 
what do you think?

My Booth and Brennan 2 
enjoy :) hope you like it

My Mr.Bean 
i drew this for my grandpa :)

My Booth and Brennan 
i just love them :) and i love the show - Bones, too :)

my first attempt to draw a portrait 
Portrait of a Bollywood actor.

My Damon Salvatore 
this is my 1st person drawing so, this was supposed to be Damon - from The Vampire Diaries, but i don´t know....what do you think? :D BTW, the Vampire …

this is kind of what i look like,but its like nobody i know!XD its a girl winning because girls are like the best!!!!!!!

i watch the videos to draw and i leaern more from videos on youtube....

The Grab. 
The Grab is something that an old friend asked for.

The Cat  
My first time doing this, So i just wanted to see what it would look like.

John Wayne  
Thought about him felt the need to draw the guy

its a drawing of great scientist einstein.... i needed lot of time for drawing of this sketch..

mothers undefined love 
mother the word itself is so undefinable, on attaching one of the best feeling with this word ,it becomes the best word in this whole world. and that is …

Charming girl 
My mom Radha and my drawing master Mr. Balakrishnan, both are trained and improved my talents.

happy mother day ...

cliopatra by azdin 
when a rapboy ike to draw

My first love sketch 
Nothing much, just simply had a dream,. Then felt a sudden urge to get it down on a paper..

Sophie & her mother 
SOme one saw my drawings on facebook & he asked me to draw it.

The Angry Man 
I wanted to draw someone with an emotion and I thought why not anger? So I googleed angry person and went through many pictures before coming across this …

My latest sketch  
I was watching the movie THE DARK KNIGHT . I saw the character of joker. Which was quite fascinating & thrilling . Then I decided to sketch him.

my first portrait 
copied from magazine...

ordinary me 
I tried to draw my self. somehow...not really like me. ^^;

my simple sketch

another portrait. :) 
there are times in life. when we all get sad..this is whats happening here. tears are evidence to show.

king of music.........YESUDAS 
HIS SONGS ARE SO MELODIOUS THAT I CANNOT STOP HEARING THEM................................................................................................................ …

Almost after a decade 
Drawing after 9 whole yrs... i made ma last sketch when i was 14.. n thn got bzy with studies... nw i hv jst completed my MBA.. so m free again:)

My First Portrait Drawing 
please comment for improving

My human eye. 
I thought to myself one day that I hadn't done any drawings for a while. So I decided to draw something that I really like to draw which is eyes. I suddenly …

i luv 2 draw hills.............:)

girl face 
this is one of my fav. sketch................:):D Hope u will like it...........

The Head of Medusa 
I already did this one, but I edited and did it over again. This one is even better.

sketch of my nan and grandad 
This is my grandparents christmas present I made for them.

First portrait attempt 
This is my best friends son. I used a photo as reference. It's my first attempt to draw a person.

The Head of Medusa 
I was interested in Medusa ever since I read The Lightning Theif by Rick Riordan. I was more intrested in the painting of Medus, by Caravaggio. Caravaggio …

Total Recall. 
I got the idea of drawing this while i was bored. I spotted the video case for Total Recall and started to draw.

Sara Spraker - Color Pencil Drawing 
In 2001, I located a photo out of a magazine that I liked to do a Color Pencil drawing of. "Sara". I hope you enjoy my version.

Elvis drawn in pencil  
This piece was drawn in 1998 using Pencil.

portrait of m. f. hussain... 
This portrait is DEDICATED to Hussein ji.. done by me.

caricature of gabbar... 
i have done it for fun n enjoy.

Taylor Swift 
I was bored so i drew it

My Sister's Sketch 
It was night and i was bored and i had one hour left to sleep so i decided to draw something so i thought of sketching so i said my sister that im going …

my dream girl 
my dream girl that i want in my life !!!

Big B (Amithab Jee) 
This is one of my good portrait drawing, which i like most.. :)

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I’ve always felt I drew like a child even though I am now about 60, but I love to draw, and I always draw girls heads, I don’t know why, and none look …


Copied from a magazine.

love this one

clint eastwood 
done this with a 2b pencil as well 20 hours again approx slight blemish so it ain't perfect

It's my drawings

cute boddy 
Varsha a cute baby

My Michael Jackson Drawing portrait! 
This is my Michael Jackson drawing that I drew last year that I love!

This is another creation...

First "human" drawing 
I usually draw animals but a good friend begged me to draw this for him. Not only did I have to draw a person, but I had to draw a motorcycle too! I struggled, …

pencil drawing of a baby 
I did this pencil drawing of a baby and then I thought it would be fun to let my friends guess boy or girl, so I put pink and blue in the background. Almost …

Will Smith 
I've not been to any drawing classes nor taken tips from anyone or any of websites.....well when i came to knw that i could upload my sketches for veiwers …

my first try at portrait drawings... 
its just a simple picture..the first time i try portrait drawings, i try to bring the woman sad but not too much..its like want to smile but she can't …

beautiful girl 
Beauty attracts everyone. But to maintain the respect for beauty is important

Ed Sheeran  
I love him, I love his music and he sounds like and angel :) hope you like it :) A3, coloured pencils

sonam kapoor drawing 
drawing of sonam kapoor made by me ...

young girl 
Love doodling...decided to take a chance at some thing bigger. Highlights was done with a stiff eraser.....hope you like it

Zain Malik portrait 
I am 14 years old I love to draw...animals,people,plant and things. This is a picture of teen start, from one direction. Zain Malik in colour, with crayon …

girl Not rated yet
what do you think?

My first drawing Not rated yet

Mona Lisa Not rated yet
Was bored, then drew the Mona Lisa, really good

Pencil drawing of Patrick Swayze Not rated yet
Someone I talked to had done a drawing of Patrick Swayze, and I informed her of how to get more "tone" out of the drawing, even tho it could be still considered …

my rose  Not rated yet

Welcome Home Not rated yet
This is a pencil drawing I did of "Christ". Title - Welcome Home.

Self-Portrait Not rated yet
Self-Portrait of Artist. This piece is solely done in Pencils. Took about 12-15 hours to complete.

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My Wife - Kathy. Not rated yet
Portrait of My Wife - Kathy. I have included works done in Pen/Ink, and watercolor. These were done in June-July 2011.

Sleeping Women Not rated yet

Some Guy Not rated yet
I was bored during thanksgiving, and i saw a guy so i messing around and thought this looked funny!

ESKIMO Not rated yet
Copied from National Geographic magazine.

LITTLE GIRL Not rated yet
Copied from a magazine.

SEAL ON A ROCK Not rated yet
Copied from National Geographic.

EAGLE IN FLIGHT Not rated yet
Copied from National Geographic.

Copied from a magazine.

LITTLE GIRL Not rated yet
Copied from magazine.

Bader bin Abdulmuhsin Not rated yet
there`s no story I just love this famous poet

Horse Riding Not rated yet
I have drawn this some years ago when I was 7 I think, I'm 11 now, this is a horse riding drawing.

Charlie Chaplin Not rated yet
I just like doing sketches!

The Old Man Not rated yet
this is taken from a tonal valued photo done in black and white so the dark skin melts into the black surroundings and the studio lite face meant the black …

Young boy Not rated yet
This is a charcoal and white conte pencil drawing of a young boy done from a black and white photo taken back in the 50/60's

my first potriat Not rated yet

my first potriat Not rated yet
beautiful woman

The Queen Not rated yet
This is a sketch done form memory of her majesty the Queen of the UK in pencil using a hb pencil

Clored pencil Scetch - Stephen Gateley Not rated yet
This is sketch I did after the death of the artist. Done quickly in pencil then coloured in using coloured pencils.

nice to  Not rated yet

Patrick Swayze Not rated yet
pencil study from a magazine photo done with HB pencil

Elvis - Portrait in Charcoal Not rated yet
This is one I did back in 1971 which I was lucky enough to get Elvis to sign for me.

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