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Imaginary art, trees, mist and light 
A place of strong light.

Landscape drawing  
The beautifulness of the nature which swiftly draws abundance of life with living animals and creates a harmonious composition. The mountains in the background …

Light and clouds 
Simple imaginary art with a pen. Playing with light in the sky when clouds are there. And its reaction in the sea, mountains. And some boats.

Earth now and hereafter 
This creation of mine particularly emphasizes on the apocalyptic conditions we humans bring over our much beloved mother earth

Imaginary art in two versions 
So here as we can see, at first I did it with a blue ballpen. Then I applied a red one and with two personal techniques.

Imaginary art: dark view with mist 
With ballpoint pens. Here is a scene of dark view dominated by mist. And with some old mansions.

Imaginary night misty scene 
Imaginary art with ballpoint pens. Night scene with light and mist.

Sea during moonlight 
Simple imaginary art with ballpoint pens. Here I intended a scene at sea with some hills etc and during moonlight, in my way. Its good to mention that …

Mountain during moonlight 
Quick and simple imaginary art with a blue ballpen Nataraj of 0.7mm. So here its a scene of ascending mountain during moonlight. The ability to show …

landscape sketch 
I tried to make it as realistic as possible hope you like it :)

Imaginary art with ballpens 
So here its a forest ressembling that which are normally near the reservoirs of Mauritius, most of them have forest nearby.

Imaginary art with ballpens 
Imaginary art with ballpoint pens. Here I wanted to show a scene near the sea but not dominated by the sea. And where on the right side upward there …

Imaginary art with ballpens. 
After observing a photo in my mobile for some minutes, I deleted it and thought of making one imaginary. But which ressembles what I saw in that photo, …

Imaginary art with ballpen 
So here is an imaginary art with a blue ballpoint pen of 0.5mm. So you have lot of trees in front. Then on the left bottom of this art you have a small …

Imaginary art with ballpens 
Isolated forest and very quiet.

Imaginary art with ballpens 
It resembles the beaches in Mauritius.

Imaginary art with ballpens. 
Again this can appear as an old oil painting from far. A misty scene.

Imaginary art with ballpens. 
Here am showing a misty scene. Making misty view demands less details yes but also need more precision especially if imaginary.

Imaginary art with ballpens. 
It can appear as an old oil painting from far.

Imaginary art with ballpens. 
A quiet colourful and peaceful place.

Imaginary view ressembling Gris Gris Beach  
While observing for some minutes some photos of Gris Gris beach, which is a famous beach in the south of Mauritius, I decided to do a imaginary art with …

Imaginary art with ballpens 
While observing some photos of Switzerland, I decided to make an imaginary art which resembles a bit the views of this country.

Imaginary art with ballpens. 
Nataraj ballpoint pens.

Imaginary art with ballpens. 
So here is a scene which is quiet, no noise nor heavy wind. With a lake, some bushes near, on the right, some hills and mountains. Light is strong so …

Coin De Mire Island, Mauritius 
I decided to put some simple imaginary clouds with a light blue sky.So here is the complete and small artwork where Coin De Mire island has been observed …

Still in progress 
It's good to share the in-progress photos of an artwork.

Imaginary art in progress 
With ballpoint pens. So a place with full of trees and hilly.

Imaginary art with ballpens. 
A peaceful and quiet imaginary place. Sea, bushes, trees, house, mountains.

Bras D'eau beach of Mauritius 
This art is still incomplete because I have to put details in the sea and it will be done by mind. Ballpoint pens art, Bras D'eau is a quiet and popular …

Quadriple imaginary exposure 
So here is my first trial of imaginary art with pens, when it comes to various exposures in term of views. I intended quadriple exposure here. A good …

Imaginary art with ballpens. 
In this quick imaginary rough, its just an idea I had since several months. So number 1 shows a mountain and sea. This same sea is the sky in number …

Imaginary art 
Done with ballpoint pen then watercolor added

Imaginary art 
Done with ballpoint pen then colored with watercolor. Am giving both version: before coloration and after coloration.

Semi imaginary art 
Ballpoint pens

Semi imaginary art 
With ballpoint pens Nataraj

Imaginary art with ballpens. 
In a brutal world full of corruption and fraud, sometimes its good to live in our own imagination where there is no violence. So here is an imaginary …

Imaginary art with watercolor 
I shared my imaginary art I made with ballpoint pens and gel ink pens. So here is my first imaginary art made with watercolor, that am sharing.

Imaginary art with ballpen 
So here is an imaginary art with ballpoint pens and where there are 5 simple imaginary views. Together with some decor.

Imaginary art with ballpen 
Using only ballpoint pens

Moonlight drawing 
There is a couple where the moonlight is there. Pencil shading

The lone explorer 
I have been on a bit of a journey the last few months and keep feeling more seperated from my piers this is probably the story that i couldn't put down …

My daughter asked me to draw for her the Smallville barn and the tractor but got a whole lot more. She was very happy with the final product.

The house and the Tree landscape 
I have used the fine art pencils to draw the landscape and the fine qualities of the cotton buds is used to shade the drawing and to give it realistic …

Northern Lights 
One of the most spectacular, natural wonders you will ever see, if you’re lucky, are the Aurora Borealis or Northern Lights. I was lucky enough to see …

landscape drawing 

The Crawler 
How did the Space Shuttle, 2 external rocket boosters and the main fuel tank (weighing 4.4 million pounds) get to the launch pad? They were transported …

International Space Station 
The International Space Station (ISS) is a joint venture between Canada, Europe, Japan, Russia and the United States. The first component was set up in …

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Sun and Planets 
I remember looking at pictures of The Solar System as a kid (I'm now 65!)It never grows old. From left to right: Sun, Mercury, Venus, Earth, Moon, Jupiter, …

My first landscape 
A simple farmland with couple of ducks in small pond.

Imaginary art with gel ink pens Tuzoo 
Despite imaginary but yet, time consuming.

Imaginary art with ballpens Nataraj. 
May be this is my best imaginary view I have done till now. It has some sense of realism despite imaginary.

Imaginative aerial view with blue ballpen. 
This time I decided to make an imaginative work but aerial view. And I think it worked well. This type of hilly area with full of plantations is common …

Imaginary art with ballpen. 
Blue ballpen. I like this type of views.

Imaginary art with ballpens. 
So here is an imaginary artwork with ballpens Nataraj. Ivan even before asking the work in color, I already did it yesterday but decided to share it today. …

Imaginary art with ballpen. 
So here is another imaginative tree. More highlights than that of the previous work. A good practice because I can use it in an imaginative view where …

Imaginary art with blue ballpen 
With the very ballpen on the photo. A practice where focus on trunk is emphasized.

Watercolor painting 
This was my first watercolor was not too good but i do hard work for making it.and i love it.

Imaginary art, ballpoint pens, still in progress 
Still in progress. Imaginary view of a village with colorful trees and hilly location.

Tree Roots 
Trying something new with a new nature subject.

Imaginary art with colored ballpens 
Here is another imaginary view with ballpens Nataraj. Except the pure yellow on the sky which is with a gel ink pen Tuzoo. This is because the yellow …

So here is an imaginary artwork with ballpens Nataraj. Some houses, trees and reflection on a lake nearby. I like this type of view. So even in the …

Ballpens Nataraj. So here is an imaginary art which children may love. I have an idea to publish a small book for children where many of my imaginary artworks …

Done with a ballpen of 1.0 mm.

CN Workhorse 
I don't have the ability, as many do, of putting pencil to paper but at the age of 65 I have discovered a love of "computer drawing" and have submitted …

Its a Nataraj ballpen of 0.7mm. Imaginary art ressembling towns in Mauritius in the central plateau.

With gel ink pen Nataraj

Its very enjoyable to work with gel ink pen Nataraj

Its gel ink pen Nataraj.

I have not been so serious with this artwork but made it quite quickly. So here its ballpoint pens and not gel ink pens. Again, like the previous gel …

So I have placed a ballpen above the artwork to give an idea about its precise size. Stuart, one member here, wanted to know the size. ;)

No black gel pen was used in this imaginary art. Because pure direct black makes things appear "flat". Afterall, we dont see pure black in nature, normally …

Click here to write your own.

Am actually doing one art by using a reference photo and which will take lot of time, may be several weeks. But as I cannot constantly remain in it, so …

The Last Tree 
Nutre is getting destroyed ...we are cutting trees....the picture shows how the last tree tries to survive in the midst of strong cold wind This is …

Here is another imaginary work.

Here there is more highlight on the mountain

I decided to make it in blue. The pen on the photo is the one used for making this art. So you can know the precise size of this work

With ballpoint pens Nataraj. Here I decided to do imaginary colored composition with many houses.

This one is imaginative. As usual, usage of colored ballpens Nataraj. I do not find other colored sets of ballpens like Pilot, Bic, Steadler etc. I …

So here is the completed work. Done with colored ballpoint pens Nataraj and on bristol paper.

Deer sunset 
The world is full of beauty and nurture. Come and feel it with all of us.

Its quite time consuming and still in progress. With colored ball-pens Nataraj 1.0mm. This art shows that not only portraits, but even realistic views, …

This one was also done with Nataraj colored ballpens. I have not gone too seriously with it but I enjoyed it however. I decided not to put transparent …

Done with colored ballpens. It's good to do some simple practice and gets ideas. In this way it will be a good preparation for the serious art we wish …

Duck/Fishing Pond with trees

Evening time natural...

So only the blue sky was made with a light blue ballpoint pen Nataraj. While the other things were done with colored gel ink pens Tuzoo. As said earlier, …

Not yet completed. But I think its good to share the uncompleted work first so that people can have an idea. We can make interesting artwork with gel …

The black part is with ballpen and the colors with gel ink pens. This one is simple. Its very fun to make such type of art. Those who dont like watercolor, …

Done with the black ballpoint pen which is on the right. I have gone directly with the drawing with that pen without any plan with a pencil. Its not …

Done with the ballpoint pen below it. Nothing serious. Its just a practice.

As I shared this imaginative art earlier and which was monocrome, today, I decided to color it and still with ballpoint pens Nataraj. So its a pure ballpoint …

I decided to make it simple and still with ballpoint pens. Its not necessary to frame the landscape because the whiteness of the paper surrounding it, …

Its with Nataraj colored ballpoint pens 1.0mm. I wrote "semi imaginary" because I have observed several real photos and took parts of it and included …

I am of the opinion that an artwork can be; ***either something completely from observation ***either something completety from imagination; of things …

When it comes to painting nature, am not skilled in it so much. But my love for it pushes me to make such thing. Here its not paper. I used oil painting, …

Gel pen is smooth and am at ease with it when I make imaginary art.

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I like the ellipse form because its more attractive than that of rectangular or square as curve form is not common.

So here we have hand lettering, decor and a pleasant scene

I like the colonial period of Mauritius. So here I made an imaginary art which depicts a colonial house together with trees.

Its a village surrounded by hills and mountains. Very quiet place with beautiful landscapes. Here its with ballpoint pen and with hand lettering

This was done with black gel pen which I think is an excellent tool for drawing nature and building. This art is an imaginative one.

After observing trees, hills and mountains in my surroundings in Mauritius, I decided last year to draw an imaginative landscape with trees, hills etc …

Here is a work done purely with gel pen Tuzoo. It is autumn. May be many people have not realized that we can do serious arts with just the usage of gel …

eye pencil sketch 
I’ve done this eye using a 6B , 3H graphite pencils.

Watch out it’s coming 😁... 13 years ago I Painted this lovley leopard using pastel colors.

autumn forest 
It is my first wall mural , i had a lot of fun painting it , hopping i could get the chance to do another mural some day ...

My first landscape pencil drawing  
I’ve seen this drawing in a book and liked the tecnique of hatching that been used and wanted to try to enlarge it in my sketch book and focus on the tree …

Mandala Art 
My second mandala art.

My fisrt Landscape Mandala Drawing 
This is my first landscape mandala art which is totally created my me. You will not find this mandala art concept anywhere. Loved to draw it...

Wonderful scenes of nature 
Nature has a mystery it brings happiness when i feel sad then i used to spend my time with it

Day at the beach 
It was a very long winter and I was thinking of the beach

In the valley  
Day dreaming and came up with this

Bake sale 
Just bored so I drew people walking to a bake sale at a church

Natures beauty 
Its a natural beauty

Starry Night 
I am an art enthusiast. If I see something and like it, I just pick up a pencil and draw it or paint. I love using colors. Lots and lots of colors. …

Nature's beauty 
We need to find God, and he cannot be found in noise and restlessness. God is the friend of silence. See how nature – trees, flowers, grass – grows in …

I am a 10 year old kid. My drawing shows beautiful nature view.

nature beauty: by Harsimar 
My drawing on nature beauty which is getting destroyed day by day....we should love the nature...

as you all can see this scenario looks peaceful,full of beautiful real life having a house like this would be amazing

my drawing scenery 
My drawing ....

Click here to write your own.

Landscape Drawing  
Its a drawing of a night scene beauty of a landscape at night.... ❤❤

Dark nature  
A forest at night shows its real beauty... With its shadow and moon shade. 😍😍

human eye 
I made this human eye as a project

Village scene sketch 
Indian Village Scene. Person going with cows and sheeps for grazing and a women filling water


Nature scene rangoli art 
Rangoli art is a Indian traditional art.

Spring in the forest2 
I sent the wrong drawing before, one I sent last year sorry, this is the right one. I drew this from a photo I took, was more interested in color then …

Spring in the woods 
I painted this from a photo I took. More about color then exact detail.

Beauty of nature 
I love nature painting

Scenery painting  
Scenery painting sun setting

son and mother deer 
It shows the love between mother and child

Sailing boats 
The photo that I used had its main focus on the sky/clouds, but in my drawing I could not capture thats so my sea/reflection came out looking better then …

Searching Fox 
First time I tried drawing from a real photo using Acrylic paint, its hard to get fine detail, but I think its about generalizing detail to make it look …

sea side! 
Just for fun

Palm tree  
Drawing with colouring pencils is hard, the colour is only good for shading that's why there is not so much of it in art places

my brother's scenery drawing 
my brother always likes to draw scenery .I was so surprised by his drawings because he was studying in 3rd standard.

beauty of a village 
I likes to draw landscape . it is very interesting to draw village.

Sailing Boat and Nature Scene 
Hi this is my 84 year old grandmothers paintings .her name is usha .she did this painting recently. She has not got …

nature scenes 
I love drawings n i love winters.

the snow fall  
I love the winter and snow fall. I love nature drawings. I get a lot of inspiration from your site.

the calm blue skies n the trees 
This is a beautiful painting of the calm blue skies and the trees it gives us a piece of mind and the flowing blue river has too its own beauty

Mountains in landscape 
I love sketching landscapes and painting them. This is one of many.

Lonely Path 
Hi Ivan. Hope everyone is well for the coming holiday:) I have a few unfinished drawings and hope i could have them done soon for your viewing. Meanwhile …

sea painting 
I did try this and love it

I Love Nature 
Thinking of what's my impression when i hear the word art and and i came to an idea of drawing this kind of nature and this is my first drawing in humanity …

Feeling bored,thought of doing smthng so After a long time tried drawing something :p

POO pics 
happy days

Landscape 1 
Finally I managed to upload my drawing. Well, this drawing is the result of driving home late, great music and fantastic memory, :) . Its a quick drawing …

Drawing nature 
I was doing a homework project about dissecting a flower and I had to the different parts,so then and there I decided that I would love my career to be …

Old Mailbox 
hi. This is a pencil drawing of an old mailbox. I did a quick rough sketch of it while on holiday years ago but only managed to redo it recently. I changed …

Birds getting into birdhouse 
I drew this from something and uploaded it.

evening senary 
Hii , I have drawn this painting because i love painting and i want to laern all type of painting so im trying my best to do well as i dont know this painting …

Stand By Me 
Once upon the time. There were two dolphin who live in different world. One dolphin wasn't lucky to get what he wanted. Another dolphin who was very lucky. …

Comment on Oak Tree 
I photographed that tree. It's called Emancipation Oak. It is were slaves learned to read.

My second drawing is a boat but having a crazy night mare.

Animal Drawing 
My pick of animal is the most beauitful country. I drew a horse. I love country things.

Experimenting With Trees 
I have drawn one or two decent trees in the past, but I thought that I would try different styles of trees after reading the how to draw a tree. The one …

colourful scenery 
this is a very colourful and beautiful scenery with lots of details.i hope u will like it :)

Alaska wildflowers  
Just learning how to paint draw mysef tuaght

Boats at dock 
Sketched with HB pencil, then colored with color pencils. Finally turned into an oil sketch with a computer program.


random sketches 
was for some one special a good friend that is what inspired me to sketch again

Pacific Ocean Rock 
Used HB pencil and Art program on the computer.

My First Bird drawing.... 
Well, there is not really a story behind this. I was just feeling like I wanted to learn to draw, found this website and started to follow along on the …

the beach 

hi this is Amit A. Waghmare.. ths time i tried smething new.. i hope u like it..

what do you think about this? :)

I drew this for my friend :) A3, soft pastels

Floating Islands 
Cedar Tree - pencil

Click here to write your own.

I drew this with soft pastels, it was my first time using them and here is the result :)

Santorini scenery 
I was in Santorini with the hubby last year and stood at this very was so romantic! As usual though when u get home and back to work you forget....recently …

my paint,,,my passion 
this pic has done wen i actually saw a waterfall.....d air d nature and d whether,,,everythng inspired me to paint this picture...... i hope it might …

iTS Not DoNe as i ExPeCtEd Bt I lIk iT 
i LOVE d sUnsEt piCtUrEs tHeY inSpIrE mE a lOOt:)

trees (#2 pencil sketch) 
Country scene (sketch using a number 2 pencil)

My Bazillionth Sea Painting :D 
Well, this picture was meant to show noise pollution - an assignment in my school. But I think I got a F on that ~_~ I still like this painting though. …

Little Tweety with Heart 
i made ths drwng for my little niece (Pihhu Rana).....


lake, bridge and trees 
i was bored so i drew this, it´s nothing major, just simple lake, bridge and some trees :)

sad nature 
cuz am sad

made this drawing with lots of sadness 
this is my first nature drawing......


Salt marsh 
I live near the salt marshes and love the wildlife it attracts.

Peaceful Waters 
I love this picture because it makes me feel like I am in a storybook.

Sunset View 
This is one of the first drawings in my portfolio. it is Pastel and Charcoal.

The Lighthouse 
I tried drawing the sea view with colored pencils but it wasn't good so I added graphite to make shadows and I think it looked better.

Done by (Faber Castell) colored pencils, the original drawing is done by Lee Hammond.

my first drawing 
i draw it first time and it ruined but i made it again

Little Point Sable Lighthouse 
This lighthouse is located within 15 minutes of where I live. Little Point Sable Lighthouse near Silver Lake Mi. This piece was done in watercolor wash …

The Forgotten Cottage 
This is a picture of a old highland cottage that no one lives in now and sadly is long since forgotten about left to rot and decay open to the ellimnets, …

Sun and Stars 
I submitted a drawing earlier called Sun and Planets and was disappointed that in order to fit all the planets on the drawing I had to make the sun very …

The first two drawings of landscape 
I have been drawing flowers and birds but then I wanted to sketch something different, so I 'googled'simple landscape drawings and liked these two and …

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A pencil sketch. Not rated yet
A natural scene.

Boat Not rated yet
I lived near a sea shore for about 12 years and now shifted to a new place. So I sketch a scene which reminds me of those days.

In Nature's palm Not rated yet
I live in a place away from city so I used that as the theme of my sketch.

My seascape Drawing Not rated yet
I really like beaches and Palm trees, so I drew it

Desert Not rated yet
This is a drawing i made of the desert

A walk in the fall season Not rated yet
I was in high school and they had a drawing competition so I entered. But they wanted more of a colorful drawing so this drawing was not a finalist but …

My first Peacock Feather Not rated yet
My sister wanted a peacock feather tattoo and told me to draw it for her so she can always remember me when she gets it tattooed on her.

Road to "Somewhere" Not rated yet
A sunny day in 2005, & I began "Doodling". No particular subject in mind....Some hills, then a road, (I thought about adding a vehicle, or some stock), …

(imaginary) Fire Scene. Not rated yet
Back in 2005, relaxing in sunshine, I began "doodling". The result was an (imaginary) Fire Scene.(still needs finishing).

seaview Not rated yet
always love the sea view.

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    Apr 07, 20 03:40 AM

    Operation successful in this imaginary art in progress. Title: old administrative building. Colored ballpens. The only delicate thing remaining is a

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  2. Landscape drawing

    Apr 07, 20 03:21 AM

    The beautifulness of the nature which swiftly draws abundance of life with living animals and creates a harmonious composition. The mountains in the background

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  3. Imaginary art, trees, mist and light

    Apr 07, 20 03:19 AM

    A place of strong light.

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  4. Joker

    Apr 07, 20 03:13 AM

    Tried to draw all the version of joker from movies except Jared leto

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  5. Happy Cat

    Apr 07, 20 03:11 AM

    Happy Cat is a character from my own comic book series Angry Dog. I made the first comic book at Co-op Academy Southfield Bradford because I was inspired

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  6. Patrick Star

    Apr 07, 20 03:08 AM

    Patrick Star is a SpongeBob SquarePants character who lives under the rock in Bikini Bottom. He is dumb, confused and friendly but rather intelligent.

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  7. Completed imaginary work with ballpens

    Apr 06, 20 03:34 AM

    So here is the completed imaginary artwork with ballpoint pens. A scene of a small, old and abandoned medical ward. Now its home for rodents and white

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  8. Imaginary art in progress

    Apr 06, 20 03:29 AM

    Imaginary art with colored ballpoint pens in progress. The idea came to my mind in the morning. So the scene here will be a small and old abandoned and

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  9. Imaginary art: industrial zone

    Apr 04, 20 07:19 PM

    So here is imaginary art with ballpoint pens. A scene of industrial zones with pollution.

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  10. Light and clouds

    Apr 04, 20 07:16 PM

    Simple imaginary art with a pen. Playing with light in the sky when clouds are there. And its reaction in the sea, mountains. And some boats.

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  11. Indian greatest artist M.F Hussain recreation

    Apr 04, 20 07:00 AM

    I thought of recreate art of Hussain sir with colour pencil I am not great artist but tried . This is one among 30 controversial art of Hussain #

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  12. Abstract art

    Apr 04, 20 06:21 AM

    I imagined colours together n tried

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  13. Portrait Sketch

    Apr 04, 20 06:18 AM

    Just love the Art

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  14. Imaginary art.

    Apr 04, 20 06:16 AM

    Imaginary art with a blue ballpoint pen. I went directly with the pen thus no plan with a pencil. I started with the eyebrow on the right of this portrait

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  15. Sally slime-Zilla drawing

    Apr 04, 20 06:13 AM

    This is an original drawing I drew her name is sally but because she is a slime monster people call her slime-Zilla people treat her nasty because she

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