Learn How To Draw Manga

Wouldn’t be cool to know how to draw manga character or even better a couple of them? I was wondering what anime character to start from on the following pages.

Here in Japan, the selection and variety of manga and anime is just so huge that I do not even bother to learn all about it because that would be nearly impossible.

Manga and anime is a cultural thing in Japan and I can tell you that almost every child knows how to draw manga character.

I mean at least some simple one.

Maybe you have heard that Japan is a country of manga. It is very true indeed.

If you purchase let’s say an electrical appliance, the user’s manual is illustrated. That’s incredible and very easy to understand.

You can often see the similar thing in textbooks. Text combined with illustrations.

National TV broadcasting have some funny characters appearing here and then on the TV screen joining the conversation in some programs.

Many educational programs are prepared as anime manga. Very serious ones. You wouldn’t believe.

In Japan, you can buy books with serious content made in a form of manga. That was very surprising for me because I have never seen such books in Europe.

They are actually very easy to read.

The whole content of such book is derived into a written essence appearing as a conversation among manga characters.

The secondary content appears not in written but in manga form.

Let's Draw Manga

Things, which are usually explained and communicated in written form elsewhere, in Japan the same things are explained by single illustration. I think that is very powerful because all is conveyed at single sight and everyone understands.

Knowing how to draw anime or cartoon or manga has its great advantages. Let’s say you write a postcard to someone. Or you just write your daily entry to your journal or diary.

Wouldn’t be terrific to know how to draw a couple of manga characters just to be able to make a few sketches here and there in your personal notes?

Manga, anime, cartoon, illustrations, drawings or sketches, all are a certain form of universal language. You do not have to be specially educated to understand them and that is a great thing.

And that is also the reason why manga gains more and more popularity around the world.

I believe, that the best is yet to come. All practical potential of manga and anime is being gradually discovered.

How To Draw Manga Step by Step

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