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Many people don’t like finishing their drawings all only in pencil.

Using pastels, pen, watercolor, acrylics or oil makes more sense to many of us.

I fully agree and that is why I created this page just for you.

The best of all would be a short story that goes with your drawing.

It is always very inspiring to read our experiences.

We’d love to see your work.

Using various media for drawings and paintings is often very inspiring and if you already have some...don’t wait, share them?

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Other Visitors Artwork

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Just for fun 1 
Like drawing cartoons

As you sow, so shall you reap 
As you sow, so shall you reap.

Say no to frustration 
Say no to frustration- listen to the bird and pay no heed to the danger.

Lamborghini Aventador 
I like Lamborghini’s because they are very cool.

Never give up hope 
Never give up hope.

Wrist watch 
Time is not measured by clocks but by moments...

Nature of water glass 
Sise ka glass takra jane k baad pani girne laga wo chalakta hua pani ki khubsurti

Petrol culture 
Petrol culture

A Rolling Stone Gathers No Moss 
A Rolling Stone Gathers No Moss

Pride Goes Before Fall 
Pride Goes Before Fall

Current Crisis 
Doctors getting infected with corona virus while treating covid patients.

Calculus Affair 
Landscape and scenery.

Serene Buddha 
Buddha drawing with dot painting incorporated in it which takes us to a world of serenity😊

Landscape art.

Raksha bandhan 
An Indian festival

Dynamite Harry 
Traditional landscape and scenery.

While cutting a tree...a woodcutter discovered an invisible guy was cutting him up from he threw his axe...

Mandala drawing 
Each person's life is like a mandala – a vast, limitless circle.

A Footballer 
every individual is a footballer in real life...

Donate blood 
Remember that the happiest people are not those getting more, but those giving more....Donate blood and be the reason of smile to many...!!Give a gift …

Prisoner Of Pandemic 
Man pouring water to cool his head, his body parts shout for free movement....

Warli Art with Lord Ganesha 
My favorite Warli art... where we can always see group of people with some celebrations and happiness which carries an important message that unity always …

African tribal masks 
I have tried to draw African tribal masks with charcoal. I think tribal mask is very interesting thing to draw.

Stop Domestic Violence 
Stop Domestic Violence

Click here to write your own.

Still Life sketch 
This is a still life with soft charcoal. Before this I have never used charcoal in my artwork.

Lord Adiyogi  
Painting of Lord Adiyogi

A portrait of pain 
Death in the grip of a bad omen called COVID

Still Life sketch  
This is my first attempt to sketch a still life. I think it is very interesting because of light and shadow. I have tried to show highlighted portion of …

My fruits sketch 
I think I'm not so good at a pencil sketch. Perhaps my lack of knowledge about it. But, I think art means not only perfection but beyond perfection. It …

Urban fantasy drawing 
How my mind works sometimes when I'm juggling too many projects...

Madhubani painting of a peacock  
Madhubani painting is a special style of painting in India. It's a folk painting of Mithila in India. This is very colourful and attractive. Different …

flow of the fish is restricted, hence freedom...

Mother Bengal 
Mother Bengal

Corona virus 
Nothing lasts forever. Not even the coronavirus. So wear mask, stay safe and fight hard.


"The Canadian Queen", Kimberley Ford 
Drawing that I did a while back of former Miss Calgary, nurse, and wrestler... "The Canadian Queen" Kimberley Ford.

The Anti-Diva, PAIGE 
First drawing that I have of the outspoken, "Anti-Diva" PAIGE. She has a presence, personality, and moveset that makes her different from other female …

TJ Perkins 
Drawing of wrestler and gamer, the "Fil-Am Flash" TJ Perkins.

1st drawing of RICOCHET 
This is my first documented drawing of one of my favorite wrestlers and a role model of mine, the "One And Only" Ricochet. I LOVE drawing this guy. He …

The VIRTUOSA, Deonna Purrazzo 
This is the first drawing(that I have saved), of wrestler Deonna Purrazzo. It's a very important drawing and it's the first in a long line of many drawings …

The One And Only RICOCHET 
I'm a huge fan of wrestling and superheroes, so I decided to combine the two! Ricochet is the very first wrestler who I put my spin on, and turned into …

The Interview Queen, Alicia Atout 
This is Alicia Atout. In real life, she's an interviewer who covers wrestling, music, and bodybuilding. She also does this in the animated world too, …


Modern lady 
Modern art :)

The Hand 
It is a hand, that involves a couple of emotions while I was drawing it. And those are happy, but lonley. :)

African tribal masks 
African tribal mask represents tribal culture and mythology to us.It is very close to nature and also interesting. These tribal community believe that …

Handmade day 
Didn't like the way this landscape was going and just started adding some off the wall stuff. 24x20 graphite acrylic watercolor on canvas


Messy shape art 
It’s all circles

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Collage painting of a bird 
This is my second collage painting. Here I have tried to make a collage of a little Bird.

Tears in the eyes show the pain in heart

Sketch of a bronze sculpture 
There are so many bronze sculptures we can find in South India which are very valuable for Indian culture and heritage. Here I have tried to draw such …

My first collage painting  
Collage painting is very interesting to me.I like it very much. Here I try to make a collage painting of a lady.

Candle eyes 
After melting a little a candle turns in the shape of human eyes with tears

A divine hug 
Sri Ram and Lord Hanuman

Cute little brooming girl  
Ana is a cute little girl. She lives with her grandmother. She helps her grandmother to do house core.

Lord Ganesha 
Vinayagar, my favourite god...

Fashion Models 
It's my first pencil sketch. There are two models with full of confidence.

Indian Milkm 
Milkmen are very important part for our society. They deliver milk at early morning.

Girls skipping  
There are two girls skipping in this painting. They're happy and cheerfull.

Wine pot 
This is an old fashioned wine pot and a glass. My 3rd still life painting.

Bushfire at night painting 
This is a painting on my canvas I did a few months ago I love the warm colours I almost ran out of red paint when I painted it I was very fun to do .

My 2nd still life painting  
This is a simple flower pot which is full with green leaves.

My first still life painting  
This painting is a combination of various colourful fruits in a basket.

Something different to draw

Tough times never last

Mysterious light 
This is the drawing I saw in my dream . I remember it very clear. The next day in the morning I tried making it as close as possible to the one I saw in …

Good Friday Art 
Jesus die for sinners. He saved our life. Who ever shall believe in him shall have everlasting life. Amen 🙏

Indian greatest artist M.F Hussain recreation  
I thought of recreate art of Hussain sir with colour pencil I am not great artist but tried . This is one among 30 controversial art of Hussain #

Abstract art 
I imagined colours together n tried

Mask Of Hunger 
Mask Of Hunger

Man and Music 
Man and Music

Nature Can Heal Ones Sadnes... 
a girl who tries to ran away from the jungle of concrete and high raised buildings and finally she find her inner peace beneath a tree....the nature mother …

My favourite hero "hrithik Roshan as a krissh" 
I like to draw from childhood but after 7th class I take part in many competition and also won so this increases my potential but I stop drawing after …

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World Vs Corona 
People are fighting a third world war against corona, the dragon, which is as merciless as Hitler.

Drawings things I hate drawing  
I love to draw and decided to do a challenge of drawing things I find hard to draw but with no pencil or rubber I only used a red and blue ballpoint pen …

Corruption is headless and have a belly full of notes.

Bharat Mata 
Goddess Bharat or India.

Save Tree. Save Life. 
This is not a sketch but a message.

Stockholm Invasion

Human Rights 
A person is being deprived of sitting in the chair. He is sitting on the floor.

Sree Ganesha 
One of my favourite god is Ganesha.

Starship. It wasn't until Star Trek came along that we first heard the term "Starship" having simply referred to space vehicles as "space ships" previously. …

My iPod edit 
I edit a picture of a girl in a Japanese dress on my iPod her name is lily

Michelangelo upsized 
Reproduction and up size of a Michelangelo from a 8 by 10 to a 5' x 4.5 feet. The large column I added to the original. The original is just the two male …

Painting of Lord Ganesha  
This painting of lord Ganesha i had drawn in my school for competition but it was not selected .... please help me and tell me what mistake i had done …

tour intenstion creates the reality 
This drawing is made by my daughter need to see her drawing in the newspaper she will be so happy.

Indian Bride 
Women look their prettiest on the day of their wedding. So here's one such pretty Indian bride.

Red pen snow white 
I drew snow in red pen

Finally finished after 2 hours... feeling pain in my back😴😴 Used Abode Photoshop, Artflow For it Quite happy with it 🙂

Abstract one line woman drawing 
Was trying to draw something by using only one line...and finally it came out

Imaginary drawing of radha 
This is an Imaginary drawing of radha she is waiting for krishna to come. I had coloured this drawing to make it more naturalistic. Radha is excited to …


Nature's beauty  
This is a drawing of nature when it is the evening time.It is a simple drawing. The sky has become orange colour and the birds are going to their home …

The long hair girl  
This is a portrait of a girl who has long hair.she is wearing a big necklace in her neck .she is looking sad .Her face tells us that there is something …

The street dog 
This is a drawing of a street dog with a kind man.The dog seems to be happy with this man because he is showing care towards the dog

pencil sketch of devasena  
This is a sketch of devasena.The sharp eye's shows the anger and how brave she is to fight for truth.

Naughty baby krishna  
This is another drawing of little krishna who is very naughty. In this drawing krishna had broken the pot and having fun with his friend little cow The …


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little krishna enjoying with his mother  
This was my second drawing of baby krishna. In this drawing baby krishna is enjoying with his mother.Baby krishna is very much happy with his mother. I …

My Collection 
My sample collection

Conceptual Art.

Arboga Beer & WWII Eastern Front 
Swedish Extra Strong Beer & WWII Eastern Front Art.

My First Sketch 
I am going to upload my first sketch, this is my feeking which i explained on the paper.... It should be published in the article... Hope everyone gonna …

I, Ajai Kumar Sahu, whenever feel free start making drawings of various things viz. drawings of God, drawings of cars, drawings of cricketers, etc. I will …

Hand drawing 
First attempt to draw portrait...

With normal ballpoint pen. This aircraft is for me the most beautiful one ever made. So a combination of speed, power, masterpiece of engineering and …

With Bic pen 1.6mm black

Its with normal ballpoint pen and on paper. However it appears like scratchboard art but of course not in reality

Its with water color and aquarelle

Its with normal fine ballpoint pen Redleaf

Its a work done purely with ballpoint pen Nataraj 1.0mm. And I also made some imaginary decor as you can see. Thanks to Ivan who is giving us opportunity …

Deep meaning painting 
Especially the country like is not save for women at all. Where use to heard about the bad news every day murder of a women, abuse and rapping of a women. …

Sort Of A Bubble....My Attempt To Draw Something 
To be honest...I was not really interested in drawing...But suddenly I got an urge to learn to draw! This is my first attempt...Please, don't be harsh! …

Nature of world 
I had draw a nature of art.I just want to share my drawings.

First birds  
56 years old drawing for as long as I can remember retired now spending a lot of time drawing like pastels and nature

Saw this online a decided to see if I could draw it

Realistic hands 
It was just another try of making another realistic drawings. Hope you all will like it!

First time using color on a drawing like this

No Story, Just felt like drawing this.


Creative drawing 
This is one of my creative drawing

Landscape Painting 
This is my first landscape painting I have only just started out painting and in time hope to get better at it

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pvpd sri harsha - an artist 

pvpd sri harsha-ART 

Don't forget to dream. 
Trancending moments are what life's about.

I just simply draw this pic when I was sitting idly.I used pencil shading for this.

Lazy canal days 
drawn from a photograph whilst visiting York Canal recently. Playing with needs work!

women in garden 
this is my poster painting with a colorful background.

monochromatic painting 
this is my monochromatic painting with my favorite color.

cool nah! 
these all are my fav things

made by me 
all are simple & complex

All Figure 
made by me

still life painting 
This is still life painting

Glass painting 
It was painting it.

my first still life oil painting 
actually I don't have any stories related to my painting but according to me my paintings itself had a story

pencil drawings  
the face is very difficult to make of everything

I just love to draw, it makes me happy.

A budding artist 
Well ders no story behind dis painting... I haven't learn painting m doing by myself ...coz no one is supportive in my family.. Its not DAT gud BT still …

An eye 
No story.Lol Just felt like drawing an eye

Christmas fireplace painted 
A Christmas drawing. I always find a fireplace cozy at Christmas

“Art is the lie that enables us to realize the truth"

new paintings 
Had lots of time and love painting

palm tree 
Not sure I got this right I think the trunk is lacking something. Any suggestions would be helpful.

leaning about the horasen  
Busy leaning about the horasin and coulers the basick its more diffecult but am trying

sleeping lady 
Had a lot of time on this and en yo it took me 3 days never wanted it to be finish enyo it too much

Click here to write your own.

Began with a dot at center, finally it has became "THE DOT". Upside down for 2nd view.

just. try flowers 
Seen n pic and try it my self

I don't know what this is....I just went with it!

The Wise Watcher 
I don't have much of a story to go along with this. I sketch to clear my head. Usually, I'll begin with a simple idea, the owl, in this case, then go from …

something diffrent 
Have something new I Tried From a pic a have seen hope its better than my last one

tried to paint  
Am painting on carton boxes because off a short on canvas and akriel but its so much fun and a just love to paint its my best every time am trying and …

hi ivan & everyone :). I have here 5 of my new and old work put together (in sepia) and hope you like the style too :). Those old are about 15 to 20 years. …

colored pencil drawing of Charlie Brown Christmas Tree 
Thought I'd do something simple, never seems to be enough time in the day. I could draw 24/7 if I could

3d chess 
Finally I have made it, it took 8 hours....looks beautiful

My Drawing 1 & 2 
Hello again :) here's more from me. I used ballpoint pen.

First Graffiti Drawing 
I live in a suburban town and I see graffiti a lot so i wanted to draw my own so I did and I think it kinda came out to my liking so I hop you like it. …

Harley Davidson drawing 
My first bike drawing.

My Wallpaper 1 
Hi, this is another one of my work. No story behind it, just another day without ideas what subject to draw so I ended up with this. But happy when I saw …

Its my drawing

I drew these angels. Hope you like them.

A fantacy......... 
I jux Draw it by my image .. i like to there like this place its just awsum .......

None I just wanted to draw

my pencil work 
A figure of a mans feet,having hopes that all is gonna be well some day,been patient and watching how nature takes him through life


my own style, bookmarks 
I learned to draw last year and love to do various styles, mostly donate them to charitable stuff in the recovery community

My designs  
My dream is too become a famous artist some day and take after my grandad, everyday I grap a piece off paper and just sit for hours drawing crazy doodles …

Bear playing music 
this picture was made for my friend and her little son for their small family celebration. i used colored pencils on paper for pastel.

Apples in a basket 
Saw this still life in a magazine and sketched it. Then coloed with color pencils and blended with q-tips.

Just an old farm truck. 
Used color pencils on rough canvas. Then used q-tips with mineral spirits to brighten the colors and imitate water painting.

Trying to find a style that works best

Drawing of a Unicorn 
I drew this one for my daughter, she loves unicorns...I really like it alot too...


British flag 
I love Englang :)

another boring day at school :D

what do you think? :)

My first Landscape Painting 
My first Landscape Painting

My dragon boat  
i drew this for my uncle :)

i drew this when i was 10, i was a big fan of diddl. My favourite one was Bibombl - the dog :)

My sketches 
these are few of my sketches, i guess i want my new room to look like this :) but of course it will be much prettier when you see it for real :)

Fashion Croquis 1 
I love fashion design and spend much of my evenings drawing and turning them into my ownline of greeting cards, complete with funny captions. Enjoy

My vase 
what do you think? :)

i drew this when i was 10 years old...what do you think about it? :)

My first sketch is femaus man whose name is 'mirza galib' 
When i was class 10th student i draw my first sketch by dot pen can u belive it. I was study i saw a newspaper which was the pothos of 'Mirza Galib' when …

My Hand 
I have played around with drawing off and on all my life (no classes sadly). In fact I love to draw but always find myself "to busy". Well,at 41 I have …

pumpkin sketch 
enjoy :)

???who wnt dis luxury car??? 
i jst luv cats nd bykes ..... so i hav made a simple sketch of a car

me and my classmates drawing (LOGO) 
well this was our project in school to draw our favorite commercial logo. and i really enjoyed drawing it ^_^ PS:i didn't drew that all just the red …

3d painting 
aweh i really dont know if i should put this drawing on various media drawings and im not sure XDD well one day when i was surfing the net I suddenly …

Green Apple attempt

The Musician 
This is a drawing of hands holding an acoustic guitar. I used pencil.

Twilight Cover :) 
sketched this while looking at the book. the book was right next to me. :)

MY first painting 
not interested

Down on the river 
This is a 5x7 inch on card painting in acrylics done to make a birthday card there is a bit of a fuzzy appearance due to there is an acetate cover on it …

Sterlite is an industry which emits more toxic gases which leads to cancer,So i can convey a message through my art.

Picture of Jesus I drew. Tried my best to capture features off a real face. 
Just was bored one Sunday, and decided to draw something. I'm really interested in the face and I like to draw faces. I especially like mysterious faces. …

Name I did for a friend 
Made this nameplate for sons friend

Well, lately I've seen how people begin to feel pesimistic about the world. They believe, they don't have any chance in this world. So with the time they …

my broken heart 
This is the drawing ive been trying to send for quite sometime....hope it finally made it.

My Moai Statues 
what do you think? :)

painting on canvas 
my painting is very tells the girl story.its about her thought.her vision to see the nature and then she paint on canvas.she loves nature her …

The Boat on the Loch 
This is my attempt at doing a mirror reflection and mist on water in the rear of the picture I did not do a lot to the background so not a lot of detail …

The dawn fisherman - The Herron 
This is a water colour A2 size using a limited palet of colours of a herron waiting on the bank above the river for breakfast to come along the early bird …

motherhood Not rated yet
Mother and Child

To Bushra (eyes): Not rated yet
hope this helps :)

The Head of Medusa Not rated yet
I'm really interested in Medusa and my favourite artist is Caravaggio who painted the original Medusa.

Cartoon Drawings Not rated yet
This is from Noddy.This is drawn by me and coloured by my daughter.

Black n White spongebob Not rated yet
I am 14 years old and I love drawing almost anything...people,plants,animal,thing and taking photos. This my black and white photo of Spongebob...i hope …

skulls and ribbons  Not rated yet
i love drawing skulls and dark things some times so i just drawn these .

born Not rated yet
i wanted to do something about me.

motorbike Not rated yet
my name is jake hitchens and i came across this pic in a book and decided to draw it down

Hand that plays the Veena ( an Indian musical instrument Not rated yet
I find poses of people playing musical instruments very exciting. I just started drawing recently. I made this sketch based on a photo I found on Google …

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Latest Visitor's Drawings

  1. Bossing

    May 12, 24 05:32 AM


    see the drawings

  2. Eat the food, not my head

    May 12, 24 05:31 AM

    Eat the food, not my head.

    see the drawings

  3. Imaginary pen art, forest

    Apr 28, 24 06:43 PM

    There is still room for more details and darkening of some zones, in this imaginary pen art. But at this level, it is already ok. Maybe for the personal

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  4. Please try to treat everyone equally

    Apr 25, 24 05:26 PM

    Please try to treat everyone equally.

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  5. Imaginary pen art

    Apr 23, 24 06:21 AM

    In this imaginary pen art, there is still room for more details and the darkening of some zones. But at this level, it is already ok. Maybe for a personal

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  6. Human Rights Vs Animal Rights

    Apr 21, 24 09:17 AM

    Human Rights Vs Animal Rights
    Human Rights Vs Animal Rights

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  7. Imaginary pens art

    Apr 20, 24 08:20 AM

    I think when it comes to colourful imaginary art with pens, then this is my best so far. However, it is still long path, as if a never-ending journey.

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  8. Imaginary pens art

    Apr 12, 24 05:41 AM

    It has been a while now that I have not made colourful imaginary art. So here is one.

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  9. Imaginary pens art in progress

    Apr 12, 24 05:40 AM

    Colourful place.

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  10. Just kick the obstacle

    Apr 12, 24 05:09 AM

    Just kick the obstacle
    Just kick the obstacle.

    see the drawings

  11. Johnny and Mollie spice up their relationship/marriage

    Apr 08, 24 05:38 PM

    Johnny and Mollie back together
    This is my drawing of Johnny Mills and Mollie Brennan getting back together on Microsoft Paint. It comes after Johnny had an affair with an Italian girl.

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  12. Handicapped is the body, never the mind

    Apr 05, 24 07:07 AM

    Handicapped is the body, never the mind.

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  13. Dental Surgery

    Mar 31, 24 03:30 AM

    Dental Surgery
    Dental Surgery

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  14. Goku black super saiyan rosē

    Mar 28, 24 06:00 PM

    Goku black super saiyan rosē
    Trying to upload my first anime drawing

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  15. Where there is life, there is hope

    Mar 24, 24 06:34 AM

    Where there is life, there is hope.

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