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Imaginary Art 
With a black ballpen and some gel ink pens.

Caped Crusader..Batman 
6ft tall x 5ft wide on a wall my house. Done with charcoal and eraser.

Imaginary art with ballpen 
With a ballpoint pen of 0.7mm. Another purely imaginative art with a pen of 0.7mm. Again, I decided to go directly with the pen and no usage of pencil. …

Imaginary art with ballpen 
I went directly with the pen so no use of pencil and eraser. I have not done this type of art since several weeks. So yesterday I decided to do one.

Neoma Traditional Drawing 
This is my artwork of a character I had created. Her name is Neoma, which means "new moon" since she lives on a large moon. She is a Zebonite, an alien …

Character Pencil Drawings 
A few poses of a character I have just created. This was done by using 2B and HB pencils and I wanted to do the poses and emotions different from each …

Megamix and Melody CLEANING 
My drawing of Megamix cleaning up for his adopted little sister Melody while she is drinking her chocolate milk.

The Godfather goes to Rome 
Large wall sized of The Godfather book jacket as seen coming through the ruins of ancient Rome with a view of the Colosseum in the distance. Done with …

Megamix and Melody CHASING A BUTTERFLY 
This is my pencil sketch of Megamix is trying to restrain his little adopted sister Melody from trying to catch a harmless butterfly. I have decided …

Waldo and Betsy TNT 
My artwork of the twin siblings being surrounded by TNT. I have changed the names as Waldo (the blue alien) and Betsy (the pink alien) to keep things simple. …

Spaced Out 
I have created two alien creatures that are twin siblings. They imagine themselves on what it would be like to be in outer space. Their names are inspired …

Love the scene from tried to draw it!:)

Jack And The Beanstalk 
I had so much fun drawing my “Elephant Bathing” that I decided to try another fantasy drawing. What better subject than Jack and the Beanstalk! Fantasy …

With gel ink pen 
No ruler nor pencil was used. I went directly with the pen

Imaginary decor with ballpen 
So here is another quick one.

Again with left hand 
Gel ink pen.

Imaginary art with ballpen 
Here is one done today.

Two decors with gel ink pen 
These two art done with gel ink pen, I made it with my left hand instead of right hand which I am accustomed with. Since childhood, I write and eat with …

Another work 
So we have decor, helicopter, control tower, revolver and canon.

Human Brain 
Just a random drawing..

Imaginary art with ballpen 
Here its the name "Khritish"

Two imaginary art. 
One with black ballpoint pen and one with a blue one.

The unkown water 
Tears from our eyes come from our eyes because of feelings we had on the heated or liked people.....we don't know who opens the tap and my …

Two imaginary art. 
One with black ballpen and one with blue ballpen.

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Whale calling her Dad to say Love you  
Whale comes out of water and calls out 'Daddy' to say I love you and smiles like Cheese by blinking her eye :)

Easter Wishes on hand  
My 7 yr old daughter wanted to show how creatively we can fantasise Easter Eggs in Easter Garden while conveying Easter Day wishes. If we try to combine …

Complete work of Ace of Spades 
This is my own Ace of Spades I made with a ballpoint pen. I decided to put in it the oldest colonial house of Mauritius, the Chateau de La Villebague. …

The dancing girl 
The dancing girl expresses her culture and is a classical dance

Just Keep Looking 
It Is What It Is

Here there are hand lettering, decors and also three small imaginary views upward. Done with Nataraj ballpens and Tuzoo gel ink pens.

Harley Quinn 
I love Harley is a drawing of her

Persian Market 
Viking Travelers.

My art 

My art 2 
A few more


My art 
A few of my flower tangles

Green elf monster <3 
I just wanted to draw something that isn't real and came up with this

I used colored gel ink pens Tuzoo and also colored ballpoint pens Nataraj.

Done with the pen on the right. Its a blue gel ink pen Tuzoo.

The previous work but with some more details.

Done with the ballpen below it. 0.7mm.

Colored gel ink pens and ballpens were used. Due to limited time, I decided to make it a quite simple art work.

This was done today during lunch time at work. Its small. I took half of an A4 paper and made this on it. The pen on the right is the one which was …

Here is another one which I made today. Here its better than the previous decor since most places were made with pencil first. The pen in the photo is …

I went directly with pen and no plan with pencil because its just a rough work. This type of decor was popular in the past. Here is my own version.

Dot Mandala Art 
Day and night dot mandala art. My new concept.

Tired soldier 
War... War never changes. When you understand that there are other ways to gain your interests. That killing is never an option. That war ends nothing. …

This was done in March 1998 with normal fine ball pen Redleaf. No pencil was used for plan but I went directly with pen. Normally this type of art will …

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Dragon on black paper 
Decided to have a go drawing with white pencil on black paper

Its in fact a hand lettering as we can see. But in the form of copperplate calligraphy and with decors in the thicknesses. This type of art can be very …

At first when we look even at simple gothic calligraphy, it will seem complexe and as if difficult to learn. But once you learn its basics, then it become …

We normally write in copperplate while going in the right direction and its best at 52 degrees. Here is a trial of copperplate at the left instead of …

Normally when we write in spencerian, then we apply pressure in pointed pen when going down stroke. Here in this work, am showing what happens if we apply …

The name Nadeem is in Copperplate and the imaginary decor up and down are same. This type of decor will go very well in an imaginary drawing of landscape …

Normally for symmetry we use ruler or having a pen or pencil on both hands. But here its different. I just used my right hand and no ruler. So mental …

I had a friend who is a big supporter of Barcelona football club. So I decided in 2016 to make a "certificate" for him to show his love for this football …

Hand lettering and decor

This type of presentation will go well in a certificate on top. I think

This was done in 2016. Circular decor has its beauty. I like ellipse and circular forms.

I am sharing the art before coloration and after coloration. Both has its beauty on its own even though with colors its more attractive

Hand lettering and decor together with colors application

Very popular in the past, now its rare I think not only in Mauritius but in most part of the world

Hand lettering and decor

Hand lettering and decor.

Hand lettering and decor

Done with ballpoint pen. This type of decor is good to be displayed below a drawing of landscape, portrait etc by putting it double and symmetrical

Hand lettering with decor

Hand lettering and decor

Hand lettering and decor

Hand lettering with decor

Hand lettering and decor

On top is Urdu. Middle is black letter and at the bottom is spencerian but hand lettering ( only spencerian one)

Here is the handlettering of name Deepty and with some decor

Click here to write your own.

Here is a hand lettering with decor of name Daniel together with colors.

Here is a hand lettering with decor of the name Waseem.

Charcoal dragon 
Did this 2 years ago

Hey this is my first jute art. I was trying to do something different. Loved to draw it.

Half page Mandala Art 
No story... Have done it

Full page Mandala 
My mandala art...

Surya mandala 
Wanted to do some creative work... So...

Mandala Art 
Yesterday i was bored so....

Folk Mandala 
This is one of the best Mandala art of mine. This concept is totally mine. You won't find this concept anywhere else.

Warli Art "Radhe-Krishna" 
This is my first Warli Art.

Symbol of Love-" RadheKrishna" 
According to Hindu myth Lord Radhe-Krishna are the symbol of love. I have tried to show their love through my art.

Vikings spinoff.

A t-shirt 
A t-shirt that got tired of being worn. So it got free, but needed glasses to see. And now happiness is a guarantee.

shattered dimension 
I do not really have a story. It just came to me after i saw a competition on autodesk sketchbook.

Witches castle 
Just a doodle

Easy pencil sketch  
Easy pencil sketch By Champaneri Shivani

vanitha painting 
Its water color painting about Christmas Santa

the all u need is love picture I drew 
I just drew the love heart and copies it from the pic u guys showed and I used pencil and it's neat than I expected I went to arts collage in Brooklyn …

Picture Perfect Pegasus 
So, I was babysitting this girl and I was reading her Disney's book, Hercules. So, she wanted to know how to draw a pegasus, so I showed her how to. This …

Blackbeards Flag 
I love this flag:D

Sunny moon 
The moon in the dark forest with the sun in the greeny garden, describing nature's beauty.

Emotional tree 
The picture shows that the tree is crying due to draught and the tears has broken its heart resulting in blood stains. And a girl in it.

True love is always strong.

Drawing of my trip 
I am a kid of 7 years old ,I am in Goa beach doing parasailing and about to jump in the water in my skin colorectal costume I love to swim ,Come u wil …

Just one next look 
I have painted my just one as you have Suggested that it would be good if so... Thank you Ivan... It's looking Good..

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Spiderman in a snowball battle 
I first drew a boy throwing a snowball at YOU. Then I thought how would the superheros like to play in the snow too??

Just one 
No more to say... Just a simple draw to take a look..

Drawing of queen mysterious 
This woman is mysterious as a queen. She has much more secrets and dangers she faces. She might even have powers.

no two sides same  
every time we have bad luck but accept it, to have a huge gift of lesson because none can show you practical lesson than our life

I want to paint a drawing that will be hung in a bathroom, so i used lots of white and blue color in painting and I will frame it in a white frame, it …

Would look good as a Medallion or a Pendant

The Illusion 
If you tilt your head sideways while looking at the picture the lines and flats seem to change direction

Makes me think of big goonie eyes staring and following me

A friend of mine was describing the dragon he had imagined, so I noted the details down and drew it.

NO title 
This designs basic pattern was inspired by a book of Islamic Geometric Patterns by Eric Broug, the rest was imagination

No real story just started drawing and this was the result

Swan made of cotton

Arijit Singh 
I am the biggest fan of Arijit Singh... I was just listening to his songs with a pencil in my hand...I googled his image and started drawing him...It was …

passionate touch 
its shows the passionate love towards the child by father and and way he take care of child to lead a head


The Amazing Spider-man  
with great power comes great free time to draw great drawings and well, Spider-Man in this case ...because who doesn't love a superhero in red and blue …

Dream car!! 
I love cars ... and so i love drawing crazy car pictures..

I don't know but I have very sad too draw My drawing bcoz My grandfather off this Time its I love My grandfather ok

I love to make cartoons!!

I Drew this ariel Mermaid for my Daughter as she. loves mermaids my first attempt

Dark Souls 
I was trying to practice.

Drawing of a Cartoon. Dragon  
I Drew this for my husband. Dragons are his favorite mythical creatures.

I was feeling bored so was just doodling...late night insomniac work :D

Lovely couple 
The boy who is the best lover of the girl.They are expressing their love by their silence...The girl is feeling happy to be with his lover...

The Desire To Evolve ( fragment ) 
A tiny piece from full drawing.I want you to have your own version of this story. You can see the whole picture on: …

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love fantasy 
One day I was just sitting in my room and thinking about my would be. I imagine that we are visiting a place and enjoining nature's beauty and feeling …

Visiting the Country side 
It's easier to draw people from far.

It is a cross

my funny drawing 
this is my funny creative drawings with poster color

pencil drawing 
drawing is my favorite Hobie. this is my creative pencil drawing

swinging girl 
Girl swinging down the tree

Wild Wolves 
I love drawing Wolves.

rose skull 
I drew this when I was bored

drawing of star with dice and flames 
this is one of my most best drawings of all i have never drawn this before.

Markiplier Drawing 
This drawing is my favorite youtuber! He's an awesome and accepting person, like me! Hope you enjoyed my drawing!

Skeleton w/ Wings 
I drew this a long time ago. I hope you enjoy my drawing. My drawing was for my friend Samantha but she past away on 2007. R.I.P Samantha!!~! :)

Robert dewney jr. 
.Sketch of my favorite actor... R.D.Jr

Christmas angel 
I have a good friend who loves angels so I drew this for her.

To show the bond between lovers..

deep sea world 
Dont know why i have a great obsession with the sea and the deep sea creatures.... although i am water phobic :P but it just fantasizes me..... anyway …

Lapis Lazuli (Steven Universe) 
This is Lapis Lazuli. Why does she have the white mirror eyes? you may ask. Well.. She was trapped inside a mirror..

flying witch! 
flying witches are awesome creatures. i always wished to see them :p

A fairy. 
I love fairies .... i just love to draw them!!

Drawing of music and flower 
Well it's a kind of black and white combination. The sketch symbolise the love for music and flowers and it is like frozen in our thoughts and fire in …


I was watching the images of Shree Krishna and thought to draw something related to Shree Krishna

naruto shippuden 
i was on holiday with my cousins, so when i came home they where my inspiration since i started missing them because its been almost 9 years last since …

It Shows a guardian angel giving its life (body) for us

bird in paradise! 
Its like am the bird flying between coulers and free .....! No problems every thing just perfect...

dream woman  
Want to look like her.....!

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Omar's Cross 
Hello Its me again x) Well this one drawing I did at my friends house. His name is Omar so I decided to put his name on my drawing x) I gave it to him …

Devil's Angel 
I love drawing!! Most of my drawings are cartoons or "anime" as others call it.... So I dicided to make a different drawing and this is what came up!! …

draw a scene 
When I am in early stage I see a drawing which I liked then I will draw that drawing with my best efforts I hope that u will also like that drawing

Heart with Key 
It was really fun to draw, I really like to draw hearts.

An Angel 
There is no story that goes with it but im sure whoever looks at it can make one that fits with the drawing... ;)

My loneliness made it ..... Noo extra story behind it ....

Just something 
.... I'm sorry I don't really have a story.... But I love drawing. I have never took an art class though I would like too.

Stick animals and man 
I drew this on the computer and colored it. Hope you like it.

Black Butler Sisters 
This is for my Friend for Christmas she loves Black Butler and we are sisters in the history of Black butler so I wanted to give this to her for Christmas …

drawing of fashion model 
I am a fashion freak so I decided to sketch some drawings of a model I added things and erased things then the sketch was perfect so i colored it and then …

they showed cloth

League of Legends Characters 
My own version of League of Legends Nidalee and Ahri.

Art designs 
it explains something like art drwaing ..ihope u'll like it

My crazy thoughts and emotions mixed together 
I had a crazy day an wasn't feeling the best but by the time I got done I was feeling better

True Love 
Hi everyone, I would like too share one off my pieces off work I have done. Many people think that art is just about grabbing a pencil and paper and just …

"I come Alive With You " 
"life With the Moon..."

My Dragon 
I'm 15 years old, found myself watching 'how to train your dragon's and got inspired to draw this.

Voices in my head 
when you get voices buzzing in your head.

a little bit of everything 
i wanted to draw something that has a little bit of everything ;) i hope you guys like it :)

i have been iterested with fairies because you no there fairies there just so pretty.but i saw this one in my dream which was kind of crazy. i went to …

art designs 
I love to draw whenever get time..

Drawing of crosses 
I love crosses and one night i decided to start drawing crosses...I really like how they turned out...

my luna and celestia drawing 
i wanted 2 draw Luna and Celestia together 4 once. i did it with sharpies, and it was alot of fun making! i hoooooooopeeeeeeee uuuuuuuu likeeeeeeee …

still emotion 
i had an art project due and i didn't know what to do so i got a similar drawing from google but added my own details to it. took me about 6 hours to finish …

Halloween 2 
I was bored at school...again :D

I was bored at school :D

The sad old lady 
It's a pic from my imagination of an old lady standing on a hill & looking at the stars , thinking of her past and children whom she haven't seen for a …

Flute soul! 
My boyfriend is learning flute n he always play for me after his class.. i love listening his flute with mah eyes closed n feeling the soul of the flute!so …

My friend's drawing 
Well I was talking to my friend and she said that she thought she was a bad drawer. I think she is wrong don't you?

Love Bears. 
its my first drawing with shadows, the lighting was from above

Far Away 
Spray painted

Evil Eye 
This isn't sketched or drawn, it is spray painted

An abstract drawing of a females face formed by lines and marker

Laugh Now Cry Later 
Theatrical faces

fairy girl... 
i got bored yesterday.. and ended up drawing this...

Superman sketch 
I have created in my leisure time. I love super heroes.

Random picture of a cute cartoon monster & a flower :) 
i was really bored and so i just grabbed some paper and a pencil and just drew! its what i call "free drawing" its where you just draw and you carn't …

drawing of Unicorn 
:) this unicorn has the power to shoot lightning.

Drawing a Spraycan 
This is easy. I done it in 5minutes Simple Level Profetionall

drawing of dragon 
yeah it was really hard to make but it is AWESOME

Dark angel 
this is my dark angel, i drew this when i was like 9 years old :)

Mickle Jackson 
Hard Labor

I did this drawing right now because my cousin wanted it but now that it is done i dont want 2 give it 2 going 2 get yelled at but who …

fairy girl 
this is a drawing of a fairy... i got this idea from a tutorial but it is mostly my work...

Flying unicorn 
This unicorn goto search his life partner...

vicious dragon 
Well, since I find school to be so boring and pointless I spend most of my time there drawing, so I was drawing some fish when my friend asked me to draw …

Jesus Lives! 
I was feeling very inspired when I drew this. The rose in the center indicates love, and the hidden cross indicates my confliction with my faith vs. my …

Pen drawings 
Pen drawings

Happy Peace sign flowers

drawing of a sun 
my input of a sun that is slowly dieing and will spill over the earth..

Drawing of a Girl 
:P with blue hair :D

Conan The Barbarian 
In 1987, I originally did this piece in Pencil and after 22 years, I thought to redo it. I hope you enjoy this version of "Conan The Barbarian". Drawn …

Drawing of Wizard 
This Wizard was drawn in 2003 with Prisma Coloring Pencils

Peace, Love, & Happiness 
One of my first drawings. It took me FOREVER to make.

The Little Mermaid 
My sister loves The Little Mermaid, so I made this drawing for her :)

Pegasus and a Full Moon 
I hadn't drawn in a long time and a 7 seven year old girl that I was a Nanny to, wanted me to show her how to draw a Pegasus which is my favorite. Once …

Dragon Mother & Son 
Dragons of the darkness age... Resting on top of a rocky mountain.

I’ve always felt I drew like a child even though I am now about 60, but I love to draw, and I always draw girls heads, I don’t know why, and none look …

crazy imagination 
basically i just draw what im thinking about hope you all like

My version of your Demon 
I've been drawing for about a month now. This is my try on the demon on this site. I think i got it to look decent but failed horrible to get the furry …

jack sparrow 
done this with a 2b pencil over 20 hours work

My dragon drawing 
i love drawing dragons, well i pretty much enjoy drawing just about anything.

A Dragon (with help from the site) 
I was searching for fun pictures to draw, when i stumbled across your site. I absolutely love the tutorials that accompany the projects and this is my …

A daydreaming fairy 
A daydreaming fairy from my sketchbook :-)


Brain Alien Monster 
A monster called 'Brain Alien'. A large brain on squids legs and lots of eyes too - scary arrgghh!!!! Sketched in pencil then drawn over with fine ink …

The Watcher 
An alien called 'The Watcher' or 'An Ancient' sketched in pencil then drawn over with a fine ink pen.

My first unicorn 
Winged unicorn in pencil

Mean warrior with axe and chain 
A mean warrior with big axe and chain in pencil

Drawing of a warriors head 
A warrior's head in pencil

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1st Fairy 
This is my 1st attempt at a fairy done in water colours size A4.

Monk Dilemma 
Portrait of myself on the right.

Drawing of a knight 
this is my first time drawing sorry if it has some major problem, but i had fun!.

My brave dragon!! :D 
I am not a professional, but I like drawing! :)

I drew this as a gift!


a silent women 
it was sudden idea of the sketch

drawing of kiss 
`first , i dont know how to draw a boy and girl kissing , but when i see how to draw it , i try and i make it perfect ...!:))

Sad girl 
a girl who is sad and lonely who never has friends because she is different...

Just had to be diffrent am still trying lol

Miss u Not rated yet
In this drawing im telling about the girl friend and boy friend

drawing of a boy Not rated yet
it's my first drawing so i love it so much.........

the butterfly dragon Not rated yet

Skull Drawing Not rated yet
I also had to draw this skull

Ruin Not rated yet
I got the inspiration for this drawing from out of nowhere it seems now that I think on it. I felt particularly keen to the darker parts of life at this …

fantasy Not rated yet

fantasy Not rated yet

Mahabharatha Not rated yet
This is from great epic Mahabharatham.Krishna is playing flute.Gopikas singing and playing instruments.

Bird by Ritesh Not rated yet
Started drawing after 15 years (after my school)...

Drawing of a Chibi Unicorn Not rated yet
I just got bored and thought this would be something cute to draw :)

Illusion Illustration Not rated yet
Drew this in art class, it won an award. :) the color is a little screwed up but you get the idea

buetiful Not rated yet
my cusan told me to draw fantasy like tatoo so i did but she said it was to fantasy like . i told that i was o0nly elleven and to dell with it. IM NOT …

cross Not rated yet
well me and my cusan enterd a contest and i won so we enterd an evil cross contest . thank you so much

My labor story titled Heart Not rated yet
I also used many feeling the right to learn to draw and then I found your site and something learned, this drawing I draw a whole 3 days ..: D 1.I drew …

duck graffiti  Not rated yet

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Demon Mask Not rated yet
9B and H pencils used. Reference from japanese tattoo. Photo is slightly angled.

Ghost or Something Not rated yet
One of my later drawings. The Source is from a tattoo flash. I have fixed the slim part of his right hand. Not the best camera pic, soon I gotta …

Knight - Profile Not rated yet
Hand drawn and inked then scanned and coloured in photoshop.

Knight - front view Not rated yet
Hand drawn and inked then scanned and coloured in photoshop.

Mermaid Not rated yet
Thought I'd try drawing and colouring a mermaid with background too. Hand drawn and inked then scanned into photoshop and coloured.

drawing of goku ssj4 kamehameha Not rated yet
i got bored one day and decided to draw a picture of him and found this :D

dragon Not rated yet
i found a picture of a dragon and i drew it in my book.

Whats the Time? Not rated yet
This drawing really didn't have a story. I was just bored and i was watching the clock for a certain time. But time was going too slow so i just started …

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What's New

  1. My photo edit lion

    Oct 17, 19 08:38 AM

    I edited one of my toys to make it look more cartoony I really like it I wouldn’t say it’s my best work but I am on a working progress on my editing skills

    see the drawings

  2. Joker

    Oct 17, 19 04:47 AM

    Its the famous comic book villain the joker.i just tried to draw him with pencil.hope you will like it

    see the drawings

  3. free time pencil drawing

    Oct 16, 19 04:16 AM

    this is my drawing i drew when i have free time :)

    see the drawings

  4. Starship

    Oct 16, 19 04:03 AM

    Starship. It wasn't until Star Trek came along that we first heard the term Starship having simply referred to space vehicles as space ships previously.

    see the drawings

  5. Summit

    Oct 15, 19 06:12 PM

    Summit. Behold the world's fastest computer, IBM's Summit. My drawing shows some of it! Would you believe a Quintillion calculations per second (that's

    see the drawings

  6. My most detailed drawing of Garou (One Punch Man)

    Oct 15, 19 06:08 PM

    Garou is by far a favorite to me in the One Punch Man Anime / Manga / Series, just because of his goal, his abilities, his appearance, his personality,

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  7. Joker

    Oct 15, 19 05:59 PM

    Love the movie Joker So tried to draw him. Quick drawing:)

    see the drawings

  8. my first sketch ever

    Oct 15, 19 05:56 PM

    Its a long story

    see the drawings

  9. pencil drawing of free time

    Oct 15, 19 05:52 PM

    pencil drawing of free time

    see the drawings

  10. pencil drawing of free time

    Oct 15, 19 05:51 PM

    pencil drawing of free time

    see the drawings

  11. Elvis Presley Drawing No 31

    Oct 15, 19 05:45 PM

    latest drawing in my attempt to draw more realistic

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  12. Pelican Pete

    Oct 13, 19 07:02 PM

    Pelican Pete is our local “guard of the pier”. He’s been hanging out with us islanders for many years. We have a lot of fun watching the tourist try and

    see the drawings

  13. Imaginary art with blue ballpen.

    Oct 13, 19 06:58 PM

    With a 0.6mm blue ballpoint pen Nataraj.

    see the drawings

  14. Imaginary Art

    Oct 13, 19 06:55 PM

    With a black ballpen and some gel ink pens.

    see the drawings

  15. Marker drawing

    Oct 13, 19 06:50 PM

    Cold days make you appreciate hot coffee or tea

    see the drawings