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A brief self introduction from Emma Adams in her own words:

I have graduated high school last year and I have a lot of spare time to do stuff and I love to draw.

I love to draw because it relishes stress and keeps me calm, also I don’t have many other talents.

I find drawing one thing that I can do to feel free to show emotions you can’t show in words on paper to express feeling and emotions. 

I was shy on my first day at high school so for a whole week of my first week of high school I just sat by myself and drew in my workbooks.

It wasn’t long until someone saw my drawing and liked it and after that everyone sat next to me asking for drawings so I drew them drawings so I had a lot of friends after that. I did art for every year of high school.

But there is one thing that still upsets me, from high school in art I drew a cartoonist melting clock in my sketchbook my friend who was sitting next to me saw it and took my sketchbook and outlined it in a black pen.

At that moment my art teacher saw her outline it and said to her that’s a great drawing you should make that a lino print.

My friend didn’t even say that I drew it, she just said yes, copied my art on to lino and printed her picture, went into the yearbook and I got no credit for it. I felt a little hurt and used but I got over it.

That’s all I can really say without making this story too long hope you liked it.

I love to draw simple cartoon drawings, hope this gallery inspires you.

Enjoy Emma Adams Artwork

My Winx club fan-art

With all the reboots the Winx club has gone though I still love the original my favourite character was bloom I loved her fiery red hair I loved The show when I was little so I decided to make a fan-art on my iPod her name is Maria . If you have any request on what I should draw next please let me know because I love a bit of a challenge . Thank you ❤️

Bush-fire at night painting

This is a painting on my canvas I did a few months ago. I love the warm colours and I almost ran out of red paint when I painted it I was very fun to do.

Victorian style girl

This is a drawing I drew when I was bored I love this dress style hope this inspires you to go wild to draw what you want be yourself and enjoy the life of art.

Stick figures romance

This is my art on my iPod with my finger. The story is that a girl has fallen in love with a handsome stick man but he doesn’t realize she has a crush on him. Maybe one day she will confess her feelings to him.

Pretty flower pattern

I drew this because I wanted to draw something I haven’t drawn in a while. I used Texas and a black ballpoint pen to draw it.

Drawings in different cartoon styles

I drew a girl in different cartoon styles in my sketchbook to see which style looks the best because I love drawing and this is a great way to come up with new styles.

Redrawing of Miranda

This is a redrawing of a drawing a drew a little while ago her name is Miranda she is my original character she loves bright colours and hanging out with her friends she is a little shy but she is very kind.

Sailor moon’s imposter

This is fan art I drew of a member of the dark moon dressed as sailor moon but you can tell this person is not usagi, because the imposter is wearing the black moon symbol which means evil. I was thinking of making this a little comic in my sketchbook as well.

Drawing of colourful animals

I drew some animals my style ... I drew a fire unicorn a dragon and a seahorse it was a lot of fun I used Texas , pencil and paper to draw it . :)

Sally Slime-Zilla drawing

This is an original drawing I drew her name is sally but because she is a slime monster people call her slime-Zilla people treat her nasty because she is a slime monster.

Sally is wearing a chain with a lock on it as a necklace because she wants to feel beautiful and loved even though society is cruel to her.

I drew this picture to remind people that we don’t have to all look the same and have a certain image of people we can all be ourselves and be kind to every no matter what.

My mermaid drawing

G’day mates . This is one of my favourite drawings from my notebook I drew her to look more like the legends style while also keeping her cartoon looks I also gave her a scaly crop top because it was a cartoon drawing not realistic and because I thought I was cute. I coloured her in ocean themed colours to match her habitat.

Kitty-corn drawing

This is a original art cat that I drew her name is kitty-corn because she is half cat and half unicorn if you zoom in you can see she is holding a heart the heart means she is friendly. Also your wondering if I am a cat or dog person I love both I have a pet cat and a dog at home I also have pet birds too. I drew the picture on paper with pen pencils And Texas.

My anime flower drawing

I drew a anime face on a flower

My anime princess

I drew a princess I couldn’t come up with a name please help me come up with a name starting with the letter A no reward just emoji.

My unicorn colouring “edit”

I edited a unicorn colouring on my iPod mates hope you like Frankenstein because I turned my unicorn into a Frankenstein. I didn’t colour the horn in because I wanted it to still like like a unicorn I used bright colours also to make it stand out.

Behind the make-up

Society is cruel they judge people on looks and style I grew up being told to my face that I am ugly I just find it hard to fit in when people run away from me because they think my face is too ugly I mean it is cruel so I made a art on my art works that shows how hard it is too look good in public eyes and what is behind the eye of a natural face.

My cartoon ugly girl

This girl is named ebony she is worried about her appearance she wears a mask to hide her face she thinks she is ugly so she wrote I note that says ugly in Japanese because she is from Japan this drawing was meant to remind people that they don’t need to hide their face because they are already beautiful just the way they are.

My Disney style drawings

I drew a girl Disney style please help me come up with a name for her the winner will get a emoji commented to them

My anime edit

I edited an anime base girl her name is Hannah her hair is meant to be black ebony and her eyes are meant to be lavender purple.

Drawings things I hate drawing

I love to draw and decided to do a challenge of drawing things I find hard to draw but with no pencil or rubber I only used a red and blue ballpoint pen . I was really fun and it is great practice to learn to draw better than before :-)

iPod art

This is a little goth girl I made on my iPod her name is Linda she is meant to be a little girl she is so cute and I had a lot of fun making it . In my story that I am making everyone is scared of her because of her looks but she is really beautiful once they see her true self

Powder puff girls fanart

I made two little girls from the powderpuff girls fanart I don’t have names for them but I like how cute they look I made it on my ipod.

Llama corn

I coloured in a picture of a Llama corn on my iPod. I got the colouring in book for my birthday on October the 18th so I decided to colour it in it is so cute I am 18 years old but that’s not gonna stop me from having fun.

Drawing of EA

I drew a picture from a photo reference of myself in a straw hat I don’t actually have pink hair in real life but I thought my pixie cut hair would look better as pink instead of blonde also I didn’t colour my skin in because I have very pale white skin and I thought that if I coloured my skin orange I would look like an orange fruit but I still kept my blue eyes the same I didn’t give her a name because it is my original drawing so her name will be just my name ( Emma Adams). Sorry long story but I really love drawing

Ariel drawing

I drew a picture of Ariel because I am excited about the new live action the little mermaid ‍♀️

My favourite anime drawing

I drew this and i really like it I have recently brought some pens because you guys asked me to colour my drawings.

Messy anime girl

I drew this and I think I failed...

My Morgiana drawing

I drew a picture of Morgiana from the anime tv show magi the labyrinth of magic. Morgiana is my favourite female character in the show and I loved making this fan art of her . you can watch magi the labyrinth of magic on Netflix. Also season 2 of the show is called magi the kingdom of magic.

Fixing my old art

I redrew one of my favourite drawings my anime Greek girl this time I used a blue pen and pencils I liked how it turned out and this is still gonna be my favourite drawing I drew.

Plastic surgery girl

This is a drawing of a girl who didn’t like the way she look so she spent millions of dollars getting plastic surgery to look as unrealistic as possible until I point where she can’t even breath the picture meaning is that we are all beautiful and that we don’t need to change our look for attention because we are unique just the way we are the girl is the drawing my original character named penny and in my story she don’t survive the end of her plastic surgery because she had too much plastic surgery to herself.

Glitter galaxy

Glitter galaxy

I drew a girl, her name is glitter galaxy

Red pen snow white

I drew snow in red pen

My redrawing of my sad angel

I redrew a picture of a sad angel on paper . This was a drawing me and friend drew last year in high school before I graduated so to keep the memories of my old friend I decided to redraw our picture . When we first drew the angel we thought angel wings are the hardest thing for us to draw But we still drew it anyway I drew the hoop as well and add eyelashes to her eyes and she said she hates colouring in so I told her I will colour it in for her I showed her our drawing the next day and she really liked it I also outlined It in pen because it was first draw not in pen by us and wanted it to stand out . What’s a great story . I hope you like My redrawing of my sad angel . All credits go to me and my friend even though I graduated and can’t see her anymore . I also added my origami drawing we did together below.

Anime ghoul

I did another anime on my iPod I tried to add a little more details I don’t know if it is a win or a fail her name is Regina which means queen I chose that name because she is the queen of the pack of ghouls her hair is red because she it is her favourite colour and her hat helps her to blend in with humans her smile attracts her pray so she can hunt.

My photo edit lion

I edited one of my toys to make it look more cartoony I really like it I wouldn’t say it’s my best work but I am on a working progress on my editing skills my lion is named maple.

My iPod edit

I edit a picture of a girl in a Japanese dress on my iPod her name is Lily.

Drawing of coulrophobia

Fear of clowns is common when I was a kid I was terrified of clowns so now I decided to draw you fear on paper I really like the way it turned out in the end her name is coulrophobia.

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