Pencil Drawings of Dogs
and other Animals
by Lynn


Let me introduce you to Lynn from St. Simmons Island. She has been drawing awesome pencil drawings of dogs and other animals. Her passion for drawing dogs is really shining from these pictures.

A brief self-introduction by Lynn:

Drawing is my hobby and animals are my passion. I began drawing in 2010 with simple flowers and slowly progressed to animals. I would search the internet for any tips on the right pencils, paper and shading techniques.

Looking back at drawings from the beginning to now, it’s amazing to see the change in detail and overall composition. A true testimony of practice, practice, practice!

I have always had a love of animals and being able to give something so positive to people is a great joy. Striving to bring the personality and love out of the drawing is true art to me. Putting life on paper is a great accomplishment and I hope to continue to improve with each drawing for many years to come.

Enjoy Lynn’s Pencil Drawings


What a sweet boy! He looks so happy and fun loving. I really enjoyed drawing him.

Shelter in place


Was asked to draw this sweet girl for her grandmother. She graduates this year. I’m sure her family is very proud.

Unusual Pair

Feebee a pitbull and Daisy a yorkie are best friends. An unusual pair to see playing together! Funny thing is Daisy is the one in charge!

Two peas in a pod

2 adorable babies so fun to draw! I love Shih tsu pups. Have one myself!

Girl and her dog

Here I go again branching out to more subjects! A dear friend asked me to draw this from a photo of her granddaughter. Still out of my comfort zone of furry friends but I think it’s OK.


Here it is! My first real portrait. Did this for my mom for mother’s day. Now I just have to keep it a secret till then!

Colton - Poodle

Poodles are cute! Colton is solid black and not the easiest to draw. The photo looked like a furry blob with a shiny nose!

Luna - Pitbull mix

What a fun drawing! Luna is sweet, fun, adorable plus so many other great adjectives. You can tell she’s a little happy!

Paris & Lexie - A Yorkie Pair

I was asked to draw these two adorable sisters for a friend. I was told they were very far along in age. I wanted to bring out the youthful spirit I could see in them. I hope I captured it! I was sad to hear that Lexie crossed the bridge before I could deliver the drawings, but the owner was very happy to have this special memory of her.

My First Human Figure Drawings

I usually draw animals but a good friend begged me to draw this for him. Not only did I have to draw a person, but I had to draw a motorcycle too! I struggled, stressed and gave up many times! I know that if you don't challenge yourself, you can't improve. I'm calling this finished. I hope he likes it and I really hope his friends don't call me! Hahaha

Loggerhead Sea Turtle Hatchling

We have a sea turtle rescue and rehab near where I live. I was inspired to draw this little hatchling after a recent release of now healthy sea turtles. This one is going to hang in my home!

Sea Horse

Request from someone who doesn't have a dog or cat. Very fun to draw!

Sweet Sheba

Sheba has a look of pure love. So gentle and cuddly!

A Trio of Furriness

Whew! Fur, fur and more fur! This was a lot of fun and great practice on negative drawing. I bet this house is non-stop entertainment!

Gentle Giant

This is CW. He's a big boxer with a bigger heart. A gentle giant who only knows how to wiggle and give very wet kisses!

Fisherman’s Favorite

I have a friend who has requested many drawings of dogs from me. This time he requested his favorite types of fish he likes to catch. I was a little hesitant at first because I am in no way a fishing person! After a little internet research, I came up with this little group drawing. He was very pleased.

Trio - Sadie, Gypsy, Opal

A gift for a friend. It was fun drawing the different poses.

Two Buddies

Did this one for my daughter.

Rebel Horse Drawing

Drew this for a charity event. This is Rebel. He's 29 years old. He's been with his owner since he was 4.

I had some difficulty with the muzzle and depth. This was my 2nd horse drawing.

Black Jack Boston Terrier

I had such a good time drawing this little guy. My first Boston Terrier. Couldn't help but smile every time I looked at the reference photo. He seems like such a fun little guy :)

Diesel Pit Mix

Here's Diesel. He's a real good-looking guy. Great personality too!

Three Times The Fun

A trio of Maltese. How much furry fun can one stand! These three are pure entertainment!

Mattie And Friends

This is my first attempt adding a person to my usual pet drawings. Animals are certainly easier for me! I'll keep practicing and hopefully this will be the first of many to come :)

Karter Weimaraner

Christmas gift for a friend. This is Karter.

Boxer Dallas

This is a memorial drawing for a friend. Dallas was 8 years old when she crossed the bridge. She was loved by many.


This is a practice drawing. The greyhound has very different features from other dogs. Trying to keep the gentle feel with the powerful speed of this great breed. I hope I've captured both.


Drew this for a good friend. George is small but is king of the house! He gets the royal treatment for sure!

Baby Bunny

Just wanted to draw this for fun. Makes me think of spring!

Jack Russell Mix

My daughter's dog. He was rescued while trying to find food in a dumpster. He has such a big heart and is very sweet.

Hummingbird And Flowers

My second drawing of a hummingbird. A different approach with the wings.

Boykin Spaniel Lacey

This is Lacey. A beautiful Boykin Spaniel. This breed is from South Carolina and used for bird hunting. Lacey has a sweet gentle face.

Rayne Jack Russell Mix

My best friend's buddy Rayne. Jack Russell mix. Full of energy!

Princess Bichon Frise

This is Princess. She wears her name very well. She is soft and white just like a cloud. She lives in Minnesota where it's very cold, but she doesn't worry about that because she's always nice and cozy in her home.

Two For Christmas

Drew this for a friend's boss as a gift. It was a challenge to pose them on the paper since they are so different in size. It's 11x14 so couldn't get all on the scanner.

Best Friends Leila And Dora

These two sweethearts are inseparable. Leila is a lab pit mix and Dora is a pug. Drew this for a good friend. Dora is 15 years old. Leila takes good care of her.


Sweet Haley was dropped off in front of my office 14 years ago. A solid black tiny fluff of fur. I brought her in and we all fell in love.

My coworker gave Haley a forever home. Haley lived a wonderful adventurous life. Full of hiking, camping and a lot of road trips.

Haley has now gone to the rainbow bridge to run and play. She will always have a special place in my heart.

Caesar Cocker Spaniel

Caesar is a Cocker Spaniel who truly thinks he is the king of his castle! He has taught his humans exactly what treats he likes and when it's time to go out on the boat!

Calico Cat

Drew this for a friend. Learned something new. Most Calico cats are female.

Bull Mastif

This is Nala a Bull Mastif. She belongs to a couple of my best friends. Nala may look tough, but she's very sweet.

This drawing was from a photograph of her sitting in a canoe. It was her first canoe ride and I hope I captured her expression of concern!

Nala has been hiking all over the US and British Columbia. She's a very lucky girl to live with people who take her everywhere they go.

Practicing Negative Drawing and Backgrounds

I was asked to draw this little boy for a gift. I knew I would need a background since he's all white. It was good practice drawing in negative too. That can be tricky!


Molly lives in the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains. She has lots of places to roam and explore. I enjoyed drawing such a happy girl.

Peregrine Falcon

I drew this to go with an article written by a historical author. The topic is "Shakespeare's Falconry".

The Peregrine Falcon was one of Shakespeare's favorites. A majestic hunter.

Keyla Boxer

Drawn by request. Keyla is a sweet girl who is very much loved and maybe a little spoiled. I love drawing dogs with such personality in their face! She looks as if she needs a halo over her head. Haha!

Boyd The Siamese Cat

Drew this for a friend who when you first meet him you would never think he was such a mush when it comes to his cat Boyd. This big brawny law enforcement man melts when you even mention Boyd's name. From the looks of this majestic Siamese, I think Boyd enforces the laws in his house!


Saw a photo of this guy on a social media site. He belongs to one of my cousins. Very interesting drawing subject. The fur on the head looks almost prickly and the fur on the body is longer.

I never noticed before that a Pugs face is not symmetrical. Nostrils, muzzle, eyes don't exactly match. It was a fun and challenging draw. Hope you like it :)

Raven-Australian Shepard

This beautiful girl is "Raven". She is a total Mama's girl! Very sweet and loving. I was asked to draw her as a gift for her "Mom".

I knew I had it right when his bottom lip started to tremble as he looked it over. Love it when that happens.

Buddy The Basset Hound

Buddy the Basset Hound may look sad, but he's the life of the party! Those long ears and short legs can really liven things up!

Southern White Face Owl

I was asked to draw an owl for someone's daughter. At first I said "I don't draw cartoon animals". To my surprise, they wanted a more mature drawing. No specific owl, just an owl.

I picked the Southern white face owl because of it's eyes. They are so intense. I decided to add color to the eyes to relay the intensity in the drawing. Hopefully she will be happy with this.

Channel Catfish

Yes, catfish. Seemed like a strange request at the time, but wow, what fun it was to draw! I'm in no way an expert on catfish so I had to research and use reference photos.

Since the habitat for catfish is river bottoms, I had to research that too! I think it came out well. Hopefully the avid fisherman will think so too!

Abby 2016

Sweet Abby-girl. Drawn for a friend. Abby is a golden retriever with a golden heart. She rules her castle with love and kindness to all.


I drew this for a friend and mainly for practice. Feathers have a unique characteristic on the drawing table. You actually have to draw the shadow of the feather not the feather itself. To do that, you have to see the feather in your head before it's on the paper.

Charlie And Friends Redraw

I posted a drawing of these three previously. I decided to draw them again using a different technique for the poodle. I shaded his undercoat first then used a kneaded eraser to create the curls of his fur. I like this one much better.

Fluffy Cat

This was a practice drawing. Still have a lot of improvement to make on cats. So hard to get the proportions of the face right.

I've found drawing a cat that is looking at an angle is easier for me than one looking straight on.

Sweet Squirrel

I have a friend who at one time rescued a baby squirrel. She raised it until it was able to make it in the wild. Her story inspired me to draw this for her. Hope she likes it!

Stoli And Max

Stoli and Max are best buds. They go everywhere together. This drawing was for a charity event for a dog rescue shelter.

Yorkie Sadie

Sadie is so cute!! She may be tiny, but she's big on personality! I love drawing Yorkies. They have so much to say with that cute little face!

Havanese Cottonball With Legs

Drew this pretty girl for a friend's birthday. She's a cotton ball with legs! Solid white with a little dark in her ears. Had to add a background to get her to show up!

Chcolate Lab Kirra

Charity auction for animal rescue center. This is Kirra. A beautiful Chocolate Lab. Kirra went to the rainbow bridge at a young age due to cancer. Her family wanted a special remembrance of her.

Ellie And Jack

Talk about total opposites!! Sweet Ellie is quite and calm while Jack is doing anything he can to get all the attention!!


Coming from my inner child.... loved the stories of the brave warrior on his magnificent stallion riding in to save the princess from the evil queen...

The Crew Lui Vinny And Paulie

This is my crew. Lui is the Yorkie-Poodle. He's in charge. Vinny is the black cat. He's second in command. Then Paulie the Siamese. He's the youngest. These guys are the best! Always together looking for something to get in to.

Memorial To Moe Great Dane

I was asked to draw this beautiful boy as a memorial. This was my first at something so heartfelt. I went thru a lot of emotions while drawing him.

Almost as if he was guiding my hand. I hope the end result brings what his owner needs.

Fighting Buffalo

Wanted to draw something for an old friend who loves anything western. This drawing is of the older alpha buffalo training the young new bull.

Black Bear

Wanted to practice drawing something other than dogs or cats.

Kona American Pit Mix

This is Kona. A very sweet girl. She lives in Atlanta. I've known her since she was a little puppy. Very happy and loving.

American Bulldog Bobo

This was a challenge. Bobo's eyes were closed in the reference photo the owner gave me. Hope I captured his sweet disposition!

Shadow Labrador Retriever

Shadow belongs to a close friend who belongs to a Labrador Rescue group. Shadow has a brother named Moe that I've started drawing. Shadow is great being the "foster dad" for the rescues before they are adopted.

Lui Yorkie Poodle

This is my sweet Lui. He's my heart, my little man with a big dose of courage. He LOVES every person, every dog, and cat. He raised two rescued kittens to be wonderful loving cats. He gives me such joy.

First Cat Drawing

This is my sweet boy Vinny. Rescued from a home of over 60 cats. He was tiny then! Now he's fat and happy :)

I found that cats are more difficult to draw than dogs. Giving depth to small facial features without losing proportions. Also, the direction of the fur is very important.

Shea Golden Retriever

This is Shay. He's a sweet BIG Goldie. He has no idea how big he is! He loves to fall at your feet and have his belly rubbed!

Gus Jack Russell Terrier

This one's for you Ivan! I know you like Jack Russells :) A very close and dear friend of mine (also my boss) from years ago had a Jack Russell named Gus. She would bring him to work and he would entertain us all day.

They lived in the country and Gus thought he could take on any creature of any size that came on the property. She would tell stories that would make you fall out of your chair laughing!

My friend has passed and Gus became her son's best buddy. They still live on the farm. It's been many years since I've seen Gus, but this is how I remember him. Hope you like it Ivan ;)

Tennessee Walker Coon Hound Buster

I'd actually never heard of this breed before. Kind of like an oversized Beagle. This is Buster. Drawn for a friend.

She says every time she gets the camera out, he strikes a pose! He must know how handsome he is.

German Shephard Jakkar

This beautiful guy belongs to a good friend. He's only a little spoiled (haha). This is my gift to her for winning her battle with cancer.

Miniature Schnauzer Harley

Here's Harley. He is 15 years old and belongs to one of my favorite Uncles. Harley is named after Harley Davidson (bet you couldn't have guessed that!)

My Uncle was an avid rider back in his hay day. Harley lays next to my Uncle in their favorite recliner and watches hockey all day :)

Tiger Maine Coon Cat

I'm venturing out from my comfort zone of drawing dogs. My neighbor has a Maine Coon Cat named Tiger. He lays outside either on the roof of my neighbor's house or in my driveway all day long.

No interest in the squirrels climbing all around or the birds fluttering about. Just lays and takes in all that is around him. What a great life :)

Legend Black And White Pomeranian

I drew this for someone who has dedicated her time to rescuing lost or unwanted furry friends. Legend is her most recent addition to her permanent residence.

She has just added a new rescue shelter to her property that will open this month.

Simone Collie

I'm always on the search for something new to draw. When I came across this beautiful collie, I just had to draw her!

Scout Boxer

This is Scout an American Boxer. Full of energy and curiosity. A great breed and friend

Golden Retriever Woods And Water

I wanted to draw this one in memory of my Dad. He loved to go hunting with his dogs. He would be so proud of his companions. This one's for you Dad!

Roxie Cocker Spaniel

A little girl watched as I finished up this drawing. I asked her "What should her name be?"

Her reply; "Roxie". I think it's a perfect name.

My First Wolf Drawing

I felt good drawing this one. It brought out feelings of my Native American heritage. Loyalty, trust and family.

German Shephard

Drew this in honor of our K-9 Law Enforcement. Brave and loyal.

Boykin Spaniel Jackson

This is Jackson. He's a Boykin Spaniel. He is loyal to his master and a regal hunter.

Yorkie Poodle Maltese Trio

This was a challenge for me. Doing 3 dogs on one sheet, each with very different characteristics.

It's on a 11x14 so I had a hard time getting it scanned :)

Buck Black Lab Mix

This is Buck. He lives in the beautiful mountains of North Carolina. He is a lab/pit mix and is so loving. His favorite hobby is watching squirrels in the trees.

Rescued Pit Bulls

Drew these for a friend. She and her husband rescued 3 Pit Bulls. Very sweet dogs.

Pomeranian Named Paris

Sweet gentile Paris. What a beautiful princess. She has the sweetest disposition and her name fits her so well.

Fancy Goldfish

This is really out of my area! Going from dogs and cats to fish was a big jump!

Salt Marsh

I live near the salt marshes and love the wildlife it attracts.

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