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  1. Clown fish

    Dec 15, 18 08:30 PM

    Adorable colored clown fish

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  2. Château de Caumont, France

    Dec 15, 18 08:27 PM

    This is an old castle, where one of the main personnages of 'La Dame de Monsoreau' by Dumas-father, Jean Louis de Nogaret de La Valette, really lived.

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  3. king of the jungle

    Dec 15, 18 08:27 AM

    this drawing done using paint brush

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  4. "Goldie"

    Dec 15, 18 08:25 AM

    Mickey Goldie Goldsmith, was a well known face around the East end of England's London...A much loved character and well deserved capturing in portraiture

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  5. My art

    Dec 14, 18 03:42 AM


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    Dec 14, 18 03:35 AM

    This one was also done with Nataraj colored ballpens. I have not gone too seriously with it but I enjoyed it however. I decided not to put transparent

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  7. Dylan circa 1970

    Dec 14, 18 03:32 AM

    Just an excuse to draw something i hold sacred from my past...i find i can fit everything dylan in the drawing!

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  8. Sky Flower

    Dec 13, 18 08:53 AM

    Fictional,traditional flower

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  9. My art 2

    Dec 13, 18 08:51 AM

    A few more

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  10. My art

    Dec 13, 18 08:44 AM

    A few of my flower tangles

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