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Latest Visitor's Drawings

  1. Chateau Val Ory of Mauritius

    Aug 13, 22 05:25 AM

    Château de Val Ory, at Moka, in Mauritius. It is a direct pen art and was done quickly. So the accuracy will never be perfect. And no literal interpretation

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  2. Chateau de Benares in Mauritius

    Aug 13, 22 05:15 AM

    This is Chateau de Bénarès in the south of Mauritius.Built in the 1800s. Secondary residence of Sir Virgil Naz (1825 – 1901 - Lawyer and planter). Located

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  3. Chateau de Bel Ombre, Mauritius

    Aug 13, 22 05:13 AM

    Done with pen.This chateau/mansion is situated in the south of Mauritius. The architecture is a mixture of British and Indian I think.

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  4. Imaginary art showing old building

    Aug 13, 22 05:08 AM

    This type of place is normally considered creepy for many people. However, it is rich in history.

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  5. Pink Square Tiara and Silver Square

    Aug 09, 22 04:40 AM

    This is my drawing of the female duo Pink Square Tiara and Silver Square from the fake Nickelodeon animated show Shapers on Microsoft Paint. Silver Square

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  6. Let the dogs bark, but the caravan goes on

    Aug 09, 22 04:32 AM

    Let the dogs bark, but the caravan goes on.

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  7. Wall Building

    Aug 01, 22 08:55 PM

    Wall Building: Rome was not built in a day Or Perseverance brings success.

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  8. Big McTriangle

    Aug 01, 22 08:54 PM

    This is my drawing of Big McTriangle from the fake Nickelodeon animated show Shapers on Microsoft Paint. He's curious, feeble-minded, enthusiastic and

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  9. Like a Doll

    Aug 01, 22 08:40 PM

    This is my first sketch that I made but it is not as I thought.

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  10. My favourite piece

    Jul 30, 22 09:48 PM

    I do a lot of headshot commissions of dogs and horses. Recently I had such a busy period, so much so drawing became mundane and I found myself in a rut.

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  11. Another sibling

    Jul 29, 22 07:22 AM

    A drawing of my big sister

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  12. Another celebrity portrait

    Jul 29, 22 07:18 AM

    When l started this drawing I knew it would be difficult. Could be better but of course I'm never satisfied with my drawings.

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  13. Mother and her daughter with same dressed

    Jul 29, 22 07:13 AM

    Mother is second name of world . I hope you like my work ☺️

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  14. My first drawing which I am sharing 😊

    Jul 29, 22 07:12 AM

    I have nothing to tell you 🤣

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  15. Pokemon Champion Cynthia and Garchomp

    Jul 25, 22 04:44 AM

    My hand made manga drawing and painted draw to the Champion Cynthia, Shirona and her Garchomp, Gaburias from Sinnoh region of Pokemon Diamond and Pearl

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