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Awesome Roses Gallery - is the only name I can think of. These are not just some drawings. These are Rose Drawings. If you ever wanted to draw a rose, you probably did for some special reason. Roses have a special place among flowers. A kind of nobleness and elegance.

Roses have many colors and each color represents different meaning. Let’s just mention a few.

Red Rose is for love and passion. Red is probably the most commonly associated color with roses. When you think of a rose, you probably automatically imagine a red rose.

  • Lilac Rose Color is also used as the expression of love at first sight.

  • Pink Rose means gratitude and admiration.

  • White Rose means innocence and humility.

  • Yellow Rose is for joy and friendship.

  • Orange Rose is for enthusiasm and desire.

  • When I see all your awesome effort and enthusiasm you put into your rose drawings, my dear friend, I am blown away, literally. Every single drawing is so personal, made with such love.

    You’ve surely made your rose drawing for someone special. That’s why your drawing is special :)

    I am not sure what else can I say or comment on these beautiful personalized rose drawings.

    The best would be if you scroll down and see yourself the variety of ideas, techniques and reasons why each picture was created. Read the accompanying stories with these drawings. If you like some of them, please write a comment to the author.

    Perfection or reality resemblance of these roses is completely unimportant. The most important is the reason and the accompanying story coming with each rose.

    I believe you will find many interesting ideas and hints for your own rose drawings. If you have some rose drawings ready, please upload, we would love to see them.

    Enjoy the Roses Gallery from our Visitors


    What you think, you become. What you feel, you attract. What you imagine, you create...

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    Godwin rose drawing

    Creative drawing

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    Rose for my mom

    How much i love my mom for all so do and done

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    rose drawing

    I have no story for this drawing, I just wanted to draw it

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    Easy pencil sketch of rose

    Easy to draw

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    vanitha painting 1&2

    Water color painting of rose and rose with butterfly.

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    My first rose from this tutorial!

    This is the rose i drew and colored based on the instruction from this tutorial. Thank you!

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    Rose for my love

    his is the first time I have attempted to draw a rose. I feel I did pretty well. I decided to add a little shadow and that made it a lot better

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    rose drawing

    best rose i have ever drawn...

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    My Rose Painting

    This work is just a hobby. But it is beautiful

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    Beautiful Rose

    Seeing beutiful roses in my garden. I thought to pluck but then I thought that after few days it will wither.

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    My Colorful Rose

    I am a 17 year old single mom who loves to draw so i drew this rose and colored it multiple colors and each color has its own meaning which represents my life you see the red on the rose represents love and romance which stands for the love i have for my son and the romance i once had with his father, the blue on the rose represents mysterious which stands for how mysterious i can be and how people try to figure me out, the yellow on the rose represents joy, good health, and friendship which stands for the joy i have to still be here, the friendship i share with my best friend, how healthy my son was born, the purple on the rose represents loyalty and enchantment which stands for my loyalty for God and how he enchanted my soul and life, the orange represents enthusiasm and passion which stands for my passion to draw and the enthusiasm i have while drawing, and lastly the pink on the rose represents gratitude and appreciation which stands for how appreciated i am to have this gift and my gratitude for never giving up and keep pushing forward and that's my story and of how it affects and represent my life.

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    Rose Stamp

    This is a resubmission of my original one because it was too small.

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    Happy Forever

    I wanted to draw some thing for my mom for Christmas and I knew the right thing would be a rose because me and my mom enjoy looking at them and drawing them so that's the thing I did.

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    rose drawing

    I love this flower...

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    my roses

    Roses are hard to me. Don't do them much but love the beauty they have

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    My first flowers sketching

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    best rose

    I've been having a really rough time with various aspects of life and remembered that drawing used to help with my stress, anxiety, etc. While at the store today I bought some much-needed colored pencils and a sketch pad. The only rose I seemed to pick up on and actually draw decently was one from this site. So, I pulled up the tutorial and got started. Best. Therapy. Ever! I actually let go of the stress and focused solely on the lines and colors. Not only do I feel a lot better, but I have a really pretty rose to show for it.

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    My first flower sketching

    in my leisure time i try this

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    My First Rose For My Wife

    pyar mein sb aasan hota h

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    Rose Sketch

    First attempt without help

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    My colorful rose

    I had a homework to make 5 pictures and shade them. So I thought for a while and I started making rose and now its finally done "Share Your Rose Drawings Here" I was amazed. It was my time to show my talent. Thank you "Share Your Rose Drawings Here".

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    I drew this at a friends house. It was about 7am and I haven't been asleep once so its I wonder I drew at all, but it was cloudy out and I felt really upset and a thought popped into my head to sketch something cuz it would take my mind off things so I drew this. Took an hour maybe a little over.

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    My First Rose

    This is a picture of a sketch of my first rose. I've recently began drawing/sketching. Since Valentine's Day was near, I thought my first sketch of a rose, should appropriately be given to my sweet husband. He is my best friend.

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    Heart and Roses

    It like on valentines day. when you can't figure out whether or not you want to give your girl a rose or a heart. so i came up with a picture that has both raped up in one.

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    My First Rose Drawing

    I felt like drawing something and I decided to draw a rose. So I went on this website and followed the instructions of how to draw a rose head. It was the best drawing I have done so far.

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    Daddy’s Rose

    I don't have alot to say about the rose.

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    Roses That Never Die

    The first thing my Dad ever drew for me was a rose. I've always loved drawing them ever since!

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