Flower Sketches

It is sometimes difficult to distinguish exactly flower sketches from flower drawings.
When you sketch a flower or any other object, you are usually just quickly laying out a basic outline. Good example is Poinsettia Flower Sketch, where you simply outline only the shape of the leaves first.

You don’t go too much into details, but at least, the sketch should picture and give you or your visitor a clear idea what the object is.

When you sketch, you do not mind making mistakes. You do not mind if the strokes aren't exactly as you wish they supposed to be, because it simply does not matter at all.

That is how I perceive the meaning of sketching.

So, naturally you should first practice sketches of flowers before flower drawings. Sketching is a kind of study.

Every great artist you have heard about did countless sketches and studies before they made the final drawing or painting.

By sketching flowers first, you learn and memorize their shape and contours better. You feel less stressed and less pressure and less expectations of how the final picture might look like. It simply doesn't matter at this stage.

When you sketch often, you will be able to capture the correct proportions of the flower or any other object.

That's how it works.

We humans are very peculiar beings. We often are “absolutely sure” that we are not able to do something...unless...we do it and see that we are able to do it.

And then, watching our own piece of art, we are amazed how did we do it...yet still can’t believe it.

I encourage you to just do it. Grab your pen or whatever writing instrument you have handy and sketch, or draw.

Although I do not recommend starting to learn to sketch flowers from roses…yet, I would like to lure you, to tempt you to try out this rose sketch.

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Tips For Beginners

  • chose simple flowers
  • if possible, avoid sketching roses in the very beginning
  • Roses are one of the most beautiful flowers, but they also look quite complex. A simple sketch of a rose can be done in fact very easily, you only need a little practice first.
  • print out any of the sketches or drawings on this website and copy them as you like
  • buy a set of A4-sized tracing papers and copy-trace any flower from books or magazines
  • It is one of the best ways to learn and quickly memorize the shapes and proportions of any kind of object.
  • HB pencil will work well for any kind of sketching.
  • be patient with yourself

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