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Other Visitors Rose Drawings and Sketches

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What you think, you become. What you feel, you attract. What you imagine, you create.... 😍😍😍😘😘😘

Godwin rose drawing 
Creative drawing

To my mom 
How much i love my mom for all so do and done

One of my rose drawings 
I have no story for this drawing, I just wanted to draw it

The creativity of the mind.

Easy pencil sketch of rose 
Easy to draw Easy pencil sketch Beautiful flowers

vanitha painting  
Water color painting of rose and rose with butterfly.

My first rose from this tutorial! 
This is the rose i drew and coloured based on the instruction from this tutorial. Thank you!

For my love 
This is the first time I have attempted to draw a rose. I feel I did pretty well. I decided to add a little shadow and that made it a lot better. ❤️

best rose i have ever drawn...

my love  
express my love towards my soulmate(ros)

Happy forever  
I wanted to draw some thing for my mom for Christmas and I new the right thing a roes because me and my mom enjoy looking at them and drawing them so that's …

Rose Stamp 
This is a resubmission of my original one because it was too small. My friend sent me some stamps and I thought they were so pretty I wanted to draw …

I enjoy drwing

Beautiful Rose 
Seeing beutiful roses in my garden. I thought to pluck but then I thought that after few days it will wither. So I thought l will keep it with me forever. …

my colorful rose 
Im a 17 year old single mom who loves to draw so i drew this rose and colored it multiple colors and each color has its on meaning which represents my …

My rose painting 
This work is just a hobby.But it is beautiful

Heart in a bottle

My first flowers sketching

One of the best roses I've drawn 
I've been having a really rough time with various aspects of life and remembered that drawing used to help with my stress, anxiety, etc. While at the store …

my first flower sketching 
in my leisure time i try this

My SKETCH flower  
simple but meaningful ...

I love this flower...

my roses 
Roses are hard to me. Don't do them much but love the beauty they have

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Here goes.... 
First attempt without help.

my colorful rose 
I had a homework to make 5 pictures and shade them. So I thought for a while and I started making rose and now its finally done "Share Your Rose Drawings …

I drew this at a friends house. It was about 7am an I haven't been asleep once so its I wonder I drew at all, but it was cloudy out and I felt really upset …

my first rose for my wife 
pyar mein sb aasan hota h

My first rose 
This is a picture of a sketch of my first rose. I've recently began drawing/sketching. Since Valentine's Day was near, I thought my first sketch of a rose, …

heart and roses 
It like on valentines day. when you can't figure out wether or not you want to give your girl a rose or a heart. so i came up with a picture that has both …

My First Rose Drawing 
I felt like drawing something and I decided to draw a rose. So I went on this website and followed the instructions of how to draw a rose head. It was …

daddy's RoSe 
I don't have alot to say about the rose. Exept that when I drew it it reminded me of when my dad thought was the best experience ever...but as …

Roses that never die 
The first thing my Dad ever drew for me was a rose. I've always loved drawing them ever since!

my first rose 
i havent been drawing long and i wanted to have a go at drawing a rose .......this is it....

Rose drawing 
Well, it was a bit of difficult, and in the beginning I literally thought; no. This can't be a rose right? But eventually, it turned out so amazing! …

My first rose 
I made this to give as a gift to my husband on our anniversary

for a friend 
it is to a friend whome i drew this picture for but when i drew it,it gave me the will to go on it took me about 3 hours to draw this pic when i finished …

Pencil rose drawing 
I love drawing since I was little kid but I never had the chance to attended any drawing session :( ... I wanted to share some of my drawing to see your …

My first rose drawing, august 27, 2011 
Hello, Im ShyAne, and i love to draw. I love the idea of tattoos and all of which i choose to get will be drawn by myself. I play around with tattoo ideas …

drawing of a rose  
I just got bored (:

The First Purple Rose 
Before I found this amazing source, I had never attempted to draw a rose in my life. Drawing a rose seemed way too intimidating. This is a gift to my amazing …

My First Rose Sketch 
First of all, the rose is the one that they show you how to sketch here on this site. And plus, it has some mistakes, but i'm usually not a very good artist …

full of shades...!! 
it took me soo much time to give few small detailing and took a loot of work:)

My first attempt drawing a rose ( in pen ) 
I thought i'd give this a go and show everyone my efforts :D

My Rose 
This is the first sketch iv ever done, and I decided to draw a rose.

ma first sketch 
i m done wid ma exms n waiting for ws really boring weekend....n while surfing i got dis wonderful site.... n jst started …

what do you think? :)

Rose Sketch 
i drew this at school :)

From me to my Love:) 
it's my first drawing. I hv bigun drawing today. Really I love drawing. Finaly I could start Drawing. I m Happy:):):)@};-

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Contour rose drawing :) 
I got a new sketch pad just the other day and of course you gotta put it use, so I drew a rose :P I love roses. ENJOY ! PS: It may look hard, …

my rose from this site 
this site helped me to draw a rose so i wanted to share the end product with u guys. thanks xx

my rose flower ... 
This was that i drawed and i will try to make some thing better than that ... hope you liked ... thanks

My first rose(in pen) 
I did this flower 2day cuz i really wanted 2 draw bt i couldnt find my pencils so used a little pen that berly worked:-(bt at least i finished!!!:-)♥ …

My new rose 
hope you like it :)

The Wild Rose 
This is a wild flower in spring.

Colorful Rose 
I wanted to draw a rose to take a break from homework and this is the result... I found this site which was very helpful in giving clear pictures and step …

A tattoo artists drawing of a rose 
While in Tattoo school I was told to draw a rose... This is what I came up with.

My rose  
i drew this last year :)

My Rose. 
it just an ordinary rose what i drew for my gran.


Rose and Tulip flower 
These two flowers(the rose n the tulip) I dedicate to this website :) I know that they are not perfect, and I need a lot of improvement. I drew this …

My Black AND White Rose 
I am 14 and taking graphics for GCSE'S. So i was just practicing sketching... I LOVE drawing people,thing,flowers and so on. This is my First rose drawing. …

Yellow Roses 
I have been an artist for over 25 years, and have drawn everything from landscapes, still life, and portraits. These are various types of roses that I …

my sweet rose.........! 
for someone special

My First Rose Drawing 
Hi.. Really this is my first rose drawing. Of course, I did this from the way of your rose drawing method. Thanks for your perfect drawing teaching …

"A Rose by Another Name...." 
This artwork is really inspired by a girl I'm currently taking an interest in. Her middle name is Rose, and I thought maybe I can capture a sliver …

Trying Something New 
I usually draw cartoons or anime pictures and wanted to dabble in something different in an attempt to expand my skills... I dont think its bad at …

How to draw a rose (pt 1) happy about the way it came out. never did tutorials before. 
Soooo.... haven't drawn for a long long time now. Makes me even happier 'cause it came out well.. :) It took me about 5-6h with breaks. Was a looong …

Fast Rose 
I only draw to give people gifts, and I love how fast I can draw roses now. This is a 2x2 inch drawing, so it's not that great, but I love how simple it …

The Rose 
I saw this over net and was very attracted so I tried this on paper.The result is here.I think it could have been more grand.

my first rose I drew 
this is my first trying to draw a rose , i hope everybody will like it :).

The couples 
Simply I was trying to train my hand according to Your instructions; the result was this draw. The presence of two butterflies, two birds gives it the …

My rose 
I have been drawing for some time now but have never taken any course. This is just one try...

my rose 
i was bored and decided to draw a rose. lol

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A Random Rose In My Hand 
Was getting bored , thinking of making a rose , and made one ! =)

My First Roses 
This is something i saw in a book, tried to make my own version without just copying it...

black and white 
i decided to draw this because i was really upset, and the first thing that popped in my mind was a rose.

The Rose !!! 
Hi.. I just want to sketch a rose and ended up with this. It feels very nice to see a blooming flower....

My first rose , is it good ? 
Have a good life .

My version of your Rose 
This is one of my first rose drawings from my first and only sketchbook. Love drawing flowers it calms me down. I tried doing some "smudging" on this one, …

My 1st rose  
I used the guide to draw my very first rose, I was surprised at how easy it was. My next I hope will be better. I wanted to try and make it my own and …

Rose Drawing :-D 
I am trying to practice copying. (not tracing, where you put a paper over the drawing, but copying, where you look at the drawing and draw it on another.) …

my first rose but not last.... 
HUMMMMMMMMMM, it's my first rose sketch not matter how it's but i like to draw it. and, jo pehla rose mere hath se bana i share with u and, also who's …

my second rose drawing 
I felt happy because you liked my first rose drawing ... and this is my second drawing as you ask me ... I HOPE YOU LIKE IT TOO.^-^

I just decided to draw something new and here it was... a Rose!

Draw china rose 
I just love to draw flowers.

a pair of roses Not rated yet
hi. i am iniya.......i done this drawings using paint application in system...this is a gift 2 everyone

Drawing of a Rose Not rated yet
I had to draw this rose for school.

rose Not rated yet
what story to make up abt a rose that came to mind in a random manner ... so .. i just put it in a paper with a pencil !!!

My first colored rose Not rated yet
I read and followed the instruction on and able to make this drawing... Thanks!!!

My first drawing in 6 years! Not rated yet
First time I have drawn in 6 years! Tried some sketches of different roses from another how to draw website (cant remember which one!)started at the bottom …

My first Rose drawing. Not rated yet
Flowers seem to be the most easiest thing to sketch so I tried a rose.

rose is the rose Not rated yet
By seeing this we forgot the paining....................

Loving Someone Is Like A Rose Not rated yet
Kapag nag mahal ako.. akong parang bulaklak ng rosas... maraming tinik,,, na nagsisilbing proteksiyon para sa taong mahal ko... HAnda kong gawin lahat …

ROSE BOQUET Not rated yet
Copied from a magazine.

Pink Roses Not rated yet
I just was having a boring day, and I drew a whole "bunch" of flowers!

Red Roses Not rated yet
I just was having a boring day, and I drew a whole "bunch" of flowers! I have pink roses too.

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basic and simple roses  Not rated yet
hi i m aveksha ,, i made tht sketch myself . and firstly i just scan my roses sketches nd then i convert into my computer and then i do some changes by …

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