Pencil Portraits by Evan

Welcome to the Evan’s pencil portrait drawings gallery. Very nicely captured the essence of each celebrity portrait. If you observe the eyes on every portrait, all are very well done. The personality of each celebrity is well captured. Hope you can find a lot of inspiration here for your own portrait drawings.

Also, I used to repeat many times that drawing portraits can be a real challenge if you are not trained well enough. Drawing human portraits is probably one of the most difficult category in art, I would say.

Evan obviously did his best to show us his portrait drawings. I am sure he learned a lot and at the same time watching his drawings gives us a lot of inspiration and ideas for our own drawings….and, this is the most important point. Seeing other’s drawings and artwork, get inspiration and learn from them.

You can go through any drawing in the entire gallery and find thousands of mistakes and criticize them. At the same time, you can find thousands of great techniques and ideas thinking they are nice.

All drawings in entire visitors gallery, regardless of their perfection or imperfection, contain at least a couple of visible details that you can learn from. Please observe well.

George Clooney rendering is nice, and I like it in sepia which was a cool idea.

Shading on each face is very good and gives a very good impression. Anyone who is just learning how to make the shadings on portraits - faces should look at these.

Have a good time observing these portrait drawings from Evan. I believe you will find inspiration and some ideas for your own drawings to show us here.

Enjoy Evan’s Portrait Gallery

George Clooney

Just decided to draw George. Drawing is pencil; picture is in Sepia

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Trying to find a style that works best

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Robert Mitchum

from the 60's, I think.

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Kevin James

Drew this one for a friend...

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Daniel Craig

My interpretation of a still from "Quantum of Solace".

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A Friend With His Game Face On…

Drew this for a buddy.

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Ron Burgundy

One of Will Ferrell's funniest characters.

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Angel Eyes

Lee Van Cleef portrayed the villian "Angel Eyes" in "the good, the bad and the ugly" of my favorite movies as a kid.

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Sean Connery (007)

The best Bond

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Charlie Sheen

I just happened to see a copy of Rolling Stone with Charlie Sheen on the cover and thought it would be fun to draw.

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Sandra Bullock

I drew this one in a hurry over a couple of days...

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