Learn How To Draw

We are very attracted to handmade drawings or paintings, aren’t we?

How to draw various stuff like:

  • animals
  • flowers
  • roses
  • angel wings
  • birds
  • manga and cartoon

just to name a few, are skills that everyone can learn to draw following the simple techniques I am about to show you on this website. If you are a total beginner or have no confidence or feel any kind of difficulty, let me help you:

Download your free eBook and begin drawing and doodling the exercises.

We feel peaceful and relaxed when watching a simple pencil drawing picture. The same is with painting. Why is that?
In our digital age, we have access to all sorts of high-tech gadgets to create stunning pictures, yet we often prefer something handmade.

Handmade stuff is often inaccurate in its shape or maybe resemblance, yet more than often it feels so good when watching such handmade picture for seemingly no rational reason. I guess there must be something in it…

  • Visual art is a very important part in our life.
  • We humans need and must have beauty around us in order to feel good.
  • Beauty has tremendous power. 
  • Beauty helps us to become better beings. 
  • Beauty helps this world to become a better place to live. 

Your own drawings will be your own custom made beauty when you practice these tutorials.

Let's Learn How to Draw

Imagine yourself illustrating your own journal! Illustration drawings could just be a simple flower or some cartoon creature or an animal sketch. 

Any drawing can add an extraordinary value to the plain text. Wouldn’t be that cool if you have such skill? Absolutely YES! I can already sense a big smile on your face.

Castle Sketch

On these tutorials I show you how to draw and sketch so that you will be able to draw and sketch whatever you want. 

When you draw your own stuff, it will have your personal imprint in it. Your real“YOU” is there.

Butterfly Drawing

It has a spirit because the part of your soul is in the picture. 

Suddenly your drawing becomes something that is alive and it speaks to you and everyone. I call that real magic. That is the beauty of art.

Lotus Flower Drawing

I know it sounds bizarre but this is how we all feel about drawings or paintings. More and more people are looking for alternative ways to replace photos whenever they can. 

I would say, all visual art works this way. Colors have a huge impact on our mental state.You can learn sketching and drawing in surprisingly short time by simply practicing the methods I describe here.

You can print them out and copy them, as you like. In flowers section I show you how to draw a rose easily and effortlessly.

Bald Eagle Pencil Drawing

We will practice a variety of themes such as flowers, cartoon, manga, animals, dragons and more. 

In Japan, where I live, you can find the best variety and resources for manga related stuff. They are so good and in such huge selection that it is often jaw-dropping. Japanese manga is a huge industry.

Pink Rose Drawing

As this website theme suggests I naturally created most of the content simply in pencil in order to teach you how to draw. Some of the drawings are made in color pencil.

If you are a beginner you may want to start from flowers or any other non-animal (or human) related objects. Drawing flowers or plants allows you to leave slight mistakes unnoticed.

Demon Pencil Drawing

Besides, it often gives your picture an artistic feel and that is what I love. 

That is important because when you made your first couple of drawings you’ll get more confidence and courage.

Hibiscus Flower Drawing

And please post your drawings here. Show us how you made your drawing or sketch or painting. No one of us is perfect so relax and upload your drawings freely.

Here we love to see each other’s work and it doesn’t matter how skillful or not skillful you are. This is art. 

Before you begin sketching or drawing, please visit the warm up section. It will give you a couple of useful ideas on how to quiet your mind, relax, and concentrate better. 

Then your brain automatically switches from left-brain to the right brain activity. There you’ll receive creative ideas and all the good stuff.

ENJOY This Exciting - How To Draw - Journey!

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