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Individual visitors gallery is a selected collection of drawings, sketches, and other artwork submitted by you, my dear friends. All your drawings are collected in one place so that you and everyone else can enjoy your artwork.

This way I want to THANK YOU for being so courageous, patient, diligent, hardworking, and uploading your drawings, sketches, or doodles.

Visitors gallery pageDraw cute animals

It is truly an honor for me to have this opportunity to create your gallery pages, my friends.

When you browse through the selected visitors' gallery pages and see the drawings please consider, that all of us are on a very different technical level of drawing skill. The theme of this website is about learning how to draw and if possible, display our work here afterward.

We must admit, many drawings look stunningly awesome, like professional work, indeed. Others may not appear so professional yet and maybe need some improvement here and there from the perspective-drawing point of view, proportions, or shading techniques.

Whatever the drawing skill level may be, one thing is true that all pictures are submitted by drawing enthusiasts, people like you and me. Every drawing in the visitors' gallery contains a very warm and hearty message – regardless of the drawing skill of the author.

In my eyes, you, who do not hesitate and show your work to everyone are my heroes! You are getting better with each drawing you submit. Your drawings can best document your progress.

visitors drawings gallerydrawing flowers

I believe that everyone arrives here to learn something new - to learn a new skill of drawing. Learn how to draw e.g.: angel wings, learn how to draw animals, learn how to draw flowers, and more.

 Just look at these personal gallery pages! They are a true inspiration. If you observe every drawing very carefully, you may find many cool details and many inaccuracies or mistakes as well. All that is OK. Every drawing - every single picture can teach us something.

Every Master Was Once a Beginner

visitors drawings gallerydrawings of birds

Some of us have a natural ability and inclination for art and have been drawing since our early childhood. Some of us just want to see the visitors' gallery because the art of drawing was always very attractive, but we did not draw at all or only a very little and would love to learn how to draw now.

The reasons may be various. Important point is that you are here and are interested in learning how to draw. Today is your day!

Here are many of you who are very capable. Many are without much formal training (art school, etc.) and can draw or paint stunningly beautiful pictures. Whatever your skill level is, let’s learn from each other and let’s respect each other.

visitors drawings gallerydrawings of animals

A very popular theme here is the drawing of animals. Let’s talk about dog portrait drawings for instance. The same as it is with other animals, these dog portraits are truly made from the heart.
Drawing animal portraits, namely dog portraits contains at least the same level of difficulty as drawing human portraits. Sounds unlikely? Try to draw one :)

This is not only about the dog breed. Every dog has its unique face and that is very clearly recognizable among other dogs of the same breed. If you are a happy dog owner, you know what I mean.

Every animal has a very specific individuality, character or personality so to speak. That is the reason why every animal behaves differently and that is why every animal has different facial expressions and different individuality. Check out the dog portraits in the visitors' gallery for a better picture.

visitors drawings gallerylandscape drawings

If a dog or a cat or an elephant does not speak our human language, it does not mean they do not feel or think anything. On the contrary. I believe animals generally are often much clever than us, human beings.

I believe you will get a lot of inspiration while browsing these visitors' galleries. Some of the drawings you may like instantly, some of them may be not so much which is perfectly alright.

Chose those you like and write your thoughts, comments, suggestions, or constructive critique to the author. You’ll find the comment link under every picture. Good, constructive critique can be very supportive and good critique always has a great value for the author.

Encouragement and Mental Support

Everybody needs encouragement. No exception. Mutual mental support and encouragement keep us energized and keep us going. Encouragement keeps us creating and evolving as human beings.

If we are encouraged, we feel energized and motivated and can do the impossible. That’s exactly what is this site is about – to do the impossible or seemingly impossible.

Encouragement Always Works!

  • Let’s share our drawings, sketches and doodles :)
  • Let’s encourage each other :)
  • Let’s inspire and help each other :)
  • Please stretch yourself a bit and give your best shot when you submit your drawings.

    I understand you may not be fully satisfied with your very first drawing. But submitting your work regularly once a month or once a week, etc. will give you an overview of your progress in drawing.

    Let’s show and share each other’s progress in our artistic endeavors on Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, and other social platforms. Our visitors' gallery is constantly growing and you are always welcome to come back and see what's new.

    Please always keep in mind that we are all here to learn from each other. We all have an artistic soul that is yearning for beauty and artistic expression in a visual form.
    Hand-made drawings, paintings, and other visual artwork have tremendous power and influence. Browsing through the visitors' gallery we just cannot stop gazing…and almost always forgetting about time. Such power is hidden in human artwork. It is truly amazing!

    I would like to invite you to submit your drawings, sketches, and doodles. Show your work. Give your best shot and share them on your social network. Let’s spread the joy of each other’s artwork.

    Visitors Personal Gallery Pages

    Please see and enjoy the following collection of personal galleries. We all believe you will have a lot of fun. Observing others’ artwork is always, always very inspirational. You may get some new ideas for your own drawings.

    Portraits of Dogs by Lynn

    Realistic Portraits by Andy Leslie

    Portrait Drawings by Lela Stankovic

    Various Drawings by Betty Chavis

    Original sketches by Nadia Velasquez

    Beautiful Artwork by Bill Richards

    Cute Drawings by Christie

    Manga Drawings by Chi

    Portrait Drawings by Evan

    Various Drawings by Sabariah

    Various Drawings by Sunnu Golwalla

    Various Drawings by Amberlynn

    Various Drawings by Anne Burgoyne

    Various Drawings by Carly

    Portrait Drawings by Bud Norris

    Portrait Drawings by Mahendran

    Scenery Drawings by Phil Edmondson

    Portrait Drawings by Stacey

    Manga and Fantasy by Lee Henrik

    Manga Sketches by Paul Rowan

    Various Drawings by D. Fox

    Original Pokemons by Johan

    Original Manga by Grace

    Cute Little Sketches by Gwen

    Creative Anime by Celia

    Various Drawings by Taylor Sligowski

    Various Sketches by Amanda

    Fantasy Drawings by Melissa

    Various Drawings by Steven Chesley

    Various Drawings by Maciej Michalak

    Various Drawings by Aiswariya Pramod

    Manga Drawings by Andrea

    Original Artwork by Richa Kotriwala

    Various Drawings by Sandy Lange

    Cartoon Drawings by Dipanjan Dey

    Cartoon Drawings by Dhrubo2002

    Ballpen Drawings by Shehbaaz Baurtally

    Emma Adams Cartoon Sketches Gallery

    Sonali Ghosh Illustrations Gallery

    Rupshya Dilipraj Artwork Gallery

    Theme Based Visitors Galleries

    The following Theme Based Galleries are a collection of selected drawings from various authors based on a certain theme. I would like you to get as much inspiration as possible for your own drawings.

      And Now It's Your Turn

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    Latest Visitor's Drawings

    1. Flower select you will love

      Jan 22, 23 09:02 PM

      I love to drawing

      see the drawings

    2. Imaginary art showing lake

      Jan 20, 23 02:04 AM

      resembles the areas of reservoirs in Mauritius.

      see the drawings

    3. Imaginary art showing misty garden

      Jan 20, 23 02:02 AM

      Typical Mauritius.

      see the drawings

    4. Imaginary art

      Jan 20, 23 02:01 AM

      The two whitish zone are in fact roofs of two buildings. However it appears as whiteness of a lake.

      see the drawings

    5. Small imaginary art

      Jan 20, 23 01:58 AM

      Showing typical Mauritius.

      see the drawings

    6. More details added in imaginary art

      Jan 20, 23 01:55 AM

      A scene of abandoned place.

      see the drawings

    7. Small imaginary art

      Jan 20, 23 01:54 AM

      Done directly with pen. Thus, in little space we can show lot of things. Ballpoint pen is a dynamic medium.

      see the drawings

    8. Angry Young Man

      Jan 20, 23 01:44 AM

      Angry Young Man

      see the drawings

    9. Pink Rectangle gets enraged

      Jan 20, 23 01:30 AM

      This is my drawing of the angry Pink Rectangle on Microsoft Paint. Whenever White Square or Orange Rectangle breaks her Pinky promise, Pink Rectangle

      see the drawings

    10. Family Tree

      Jan 19, 23 07:56 PM

      Family Tree

      see the drawings

    11. Imaginary art

      Jan 19, 23 08:55 AM

      Showing old building, I like this type of place.

      see the drawings

    12. Imaginary art inspired by a place

      Jan 19, 23 01:46 AM

      I was watching a video from India and a place attracted me. So I decided to make an imaginary art showing same atmosphere which was actually there. In

      see the drawings

    13. Imaginary art showing factory

      Jan 19, 23 01:43 AM

      I love this type of historical place.

      see the drawings

    14. Sally Clegg

      Jan 19, 23 01:40 AM

      This is my drawing of Sally Clegg on Microsoft Paint. She works for Bradford Council at Britannia House and also a coordinator for School of Rock Media

      see the drawings

    15. Diverse Human Mind

      Jan 19, 23 01:38 AM

      Diverse Human Mind

      see the drawings