Drawings an Paintings by
Aiswariya Pramod

Let me introduce you to Aiswariya Pramod from Ernakulam in Kerala, India. She has been displaying her artwork for some time and I am sure you will like her drawings and paintings. I am very happy having this opportunity to open her personal gallery.

I like her imagination and original ideas. Look at the “funny drawing”, a leaf like thing with face. Would suit perfectly as an illustration for a fairy tale.

Symbolic composition of portrait drawing of Abdul Kalam is really cool. I guess she depicted the scientist’s work and life on this one single drawing. Great work Aiswariya!

Painting of a woman as she walks in the garden is just so nice! Walking among the flowers with the basket dressed in red (or is it Sari?) makes such a great color contrast with the greenery background. Did you notice this cool color contrast?

Simple drawing of beauty of a village makes a very relaxed atmosphere. Time, as if slowed down, river or lake makes a great scenery accent in the middle of the picture.

I believe you’ll find many hidden details and a lot of inspiration for your own drawings.

Thank you Aiswariya Pramod for your effort and courage!

Enjoy The Drawings and Paintings from Aiswariya Pramod

My Funny Drawing

this is my funny creative drawings with poster color

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Pencil Drawing

Drawing is my favorite Hobby. this is my creative pencil drawing

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My Brother’s Scenery Drawing

my brother always likes to draw scenery. I was so surprised by his drawings because he was studying in 3rd standard.

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Portrait Drawing of Mahatma Gandhi

this is my portrait of Mahatma Gandhi the father of our nation.

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Flower in a Transparent Glass

this is my first pencil drawing of flower in a transparent glass. I hope it is good.

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My People Drawings

these are two sketches of humans at different expression

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Portrait Drawing of Abdul Kalam


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Woman in Garden

this is my poster painting with a colorful background.

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Creative Drawing

This is one of my creative drawing

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Beauty of a Village

I like to draw landscape. it is very interesting to draw village.

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My First Still Life Oil Painting

actually I don't have any stories related to my painting but according to me my paintings itself had a story

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Girl with Umbrella

I draw this when I was sitting idle and it was raining outside so it was so cool time to draw this.

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I just simply draw this pic when I was sitting idly. I used pencil shading for this.

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Monochromatic Painting

this is my monochromatic painting with my favorite color.

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