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It seems manga - cartoon drawings are very popular and its popularity is always increasing.

The reason may be that manga and cartoon style is very versatile and can be applied  to many different areas, not only art.

While you browse through the Manga Drawings Gallery, you'll notice that every visitor has a different drawing style and a different level of drawing skill.

This is not a competition site nor it is for comparing which drawing is good or bad.

I want to thank you all my drawing friends for your courage and willingness to share your artwork here.

You are inspiration for others.

If you are a total beginner you may get a lot of ideas and encouragement. You may say that not all drawings are perfect or up to par, yet they are all very nice.

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My first digial art

It's just a manga girl, with an over-sized head, lol.

My drawing :)

I have draw anime about 8years:), and I am 16 now. I really enjoy drawing manga:D.

And this is my CG done:DDD

My Anime girl Drawing

I've just wanted to draw an anime girl. Like I had cold, I've wanted to draw a character with comfortable clothes....even she wear a short...

Red haired Hime chan

So this is my sketched character for my manga ,and I'd like to post here ,because I want to inspire other art lover there ,waiting for their turn to shine. This character sketch was originally my drawing and idea (not copyright).

Wendy Marvel & Carla Drawing

Just , I've wanted to draw , but I didn't hope that I would draw Wendy and Carla . I've found an amazing image of them on internet and then I've wanted to draw them right away❤

My second drawing of Erza of Fairy Tail

I watched an episode of Fairy Tail and saw Erza Scarlet, she was beautiful! I made the video on pause and drew her.

Erza Scarlett Drawing

I drew Erza of Fairy Tail. Of course I'm a big fan of this anime! Si I've tried tout draw one of my favorite characters

Blurr my OC

I have been gone yes but I did not leave just got busy but had time to draw my OC Blurr!

You may not be able to tell but one eye is blue and the other one is pink

My owl sketches

I wanted to draw a bird so I did a random bird generator and got owl so I drew it.

pokemon drawings

in my relaxing time i draw the drawings of pokemons

Anime cute girl

Out of style

Hello everyone,hi Ivan. Welcome in my second post. Firstly, I wanna thank Ivan on such a beautiful review given by him that inspired me a lot. So, I decided to check my skills and drew something out of my style. This style is,what I think it is, the American style of drawing characters. This style is very unique cuz it contains such easy strokes and a very much simplified sketch and still having that much dimensions to it which make this style very good and pleasing to eyes. After seeing a lot of artists what I could summarize is that they always tell to "trace drawings"... Cuz Tracing helps in governing you hands about how should the stroke go. It usually happens that what stroke we imagine to draw doesn't always comes on the paper. Tracing will help curing this problem. I drew these "men" from real photo reference and I found out that I've still got a long way to go.

All I can say is we have to keep practicing...
There's not a single day in a life of an artist when he can say that "Yes, I have learnt everything about drawing"...
OMG....I WROTE A LOT(¯―¯٥)...
I wonder if anyone is going to read this till end... Hehehe(^_^;)...
So, I conclude this here ....(^^)v
See ya my next post....(^o^)丿

Random Anime Girl Drawing

I was practicing drawing one day after school. I researched ways to draw anime and after all that learning, this was my end result. I hope you like it.

My first anime drawing

This is my first drawing that I drew after discovering that I'm an otaku. I thought that this girl is cute and must be drawn. I I don't remember the anime though....Hehehe... but maybe that anime was the first anime I saw. That anime left a great impact on me that seriously changed my track towards becoming an anime artist and I have been working hard since then...

Colorful animated sketch

I love to sketch animated cartoons

A boy crying

The story behind this picture is that a boy is crying usually boys don't cry and people say that it is awkward when a boy cry... But in this picture the boy cannot hold his sadness and he breakdown into tears. It's ok if boys cry they are human beings too

sketch of the incredibles

i love the sketches of my favorite characters

Naruto sketch

I made this as a gift for someone special !

My fourth Anime

A girl named Diana, who is an orphan. She is 16....


I used this Victini as an entry for an art contest on Wattpad. The theme was Pokemon so I thought why not draw one of my favorite pokemon, Victini. They yin yang single in the background represents Reshram and Zekrom. Also I could only use colored pencils since it was the only thing I had at the time.


Anime 2

A girl

I like to make drawings so its my first drawing that i submit on internet

Cartoon Corner 1

Cartoon Corner

Sometimes I really love to draw Cartoon Characters


This is my first best drawing I have. (^///^)

Spiritpact - Tanmoku Ki

I love drawing fan art for my favorite anime, here's a character i absolutely love

Owari no Seraph - Shuu & Mikaela

I drew this after watching the series. You know when the inspiration hits you like a brick :). ENjoy

Sakura Haruno

Sakura Haruno from Naruto Shippuden

High School Gag

One shot manga chapter

High School Gag follows the lives of three high school kids (Coco, Let, and Jay) whom share the interest of belonging to the Gag club. With limitless potential and aspirations, these kids try to enjoy high school life as much as they can, and in a way find the best out of a boring and ordinary life.

Genre: Slice of Life, Comedy, School, Romance, etc.

Ouma "SHOE"

Well, i had no fancy colors so i used color pencils..12 shades..Whaddya think

My first full ink drawing

I worked this for a whole night o.o I think i drew this last year.

Please stay away

The picture basically centers around a girl who is forced to work for this circus, she was kidnapped as a child and sometimes she has to kidnap others to work for the circus. She doesn't like it and those little signs are the things she tries to tell people when they stay to meet the circus performers, cause if they stay after the show, they aren't ever going to leave. I got inspiration from the song "Carnival of rust" by Poets of the fall

Chibi Ash

I decided to draw a Chibi version of me :)

Cute Flying Witch

Cute witch flying along with her cute little skeleton companions


I hope u like this i'm not a good artist

My Hero

He is just a normal kid with no powers or anything and he wanted to be a hero to protect the mankind until he goes on an adventure to seek the power of his, and until he saw it and he became the greatest hero.

Mystical Shark of The Sea

This artwork was specially made for Mermay event month of May. This character hasn't any name but you can call it Mystical Shark. It wears a squid-like hoodie with yellow eyes on its face, along its waist is a shark tail. It holding a trident. I draw this character by using Adobe Photoshop CS6.

Gray Fullbuster of Fairy Tail

Well, I love the Manga/Anime Fairy tail, and Gray is my favorite. I just love him, so I decided to draw him.

4 drawings over time

I want to improve my drawing style and drew 4 pictures. Any tips or tricks for me?


There was a girl named Jamie.she intact used to get bullied everyday at school,people used to treat her like she was not a human at all.the thing was people often used to underestimate her because she wasn't good at doing things like studying, playing etc.she was going her choice like if she wanted to end up her life or maybe continue it,wait for something good to happen what so ever.her mom saw and ask her baby you look sad.she said its nothing mom.Mom often know what she is thinking.her mom said baby the world is cruel and the best thing is that never give up on your life because one day you will become a great person.Then Jamie smiled.during the final exams she brought higher marks in the class.the students feel shame on their own .they all became her friends because they knew that underestimate people is not the option, guiding the correct way is option.

Christmas Sweater

He likes festive sweaters because he looks good in them. 잘생겼다~

Kakashi Hatake

Member of the ANBU black ops...

My main oc character kastro he's a straight beast

My favorite character i've came up with i draw him a lot. When i get better at drawing im goin to put him in a comic.


My Haruno Sakura Drawing

actually this is the best drawing i've drawn and i wanted to share it here and show you it ,this was hard to draw and it took me 2 hours ,hope you like and appreciate all opinions :)

Lilo and stitch

First lilo and stitch and wanted some feedback :)

Girl skeleton portrait

My first skeleton drawing, and just wanted some feedback.

A drawing of a girl I drew with reference from Google

I'm a ten year old who loves drawing.I taught myself how to draw since nobody I knew really liked to draw.Drawing has been my hobby since a long time.This is a drawing I drew with reference from google.

Midoro and Ninetails

I am not really fluent in English, so excuse me if you find some little mistakes. I am really interested in drawing all of the 48 fiends of Tezuka Osamu’s Dororo animated series and video game. In this drawing we can see the fiend Midoro, one of the 48 fiends who had stolen Hyakimaru’s body parts. The father of this sword-man, Kagemitsu Daigo, sold his baby before his birth to the 48 fiends as they were seeking freedom. Those demons were cursed by the angels and transformed into statues. Unfortunately, these fiends found an obsessed man who was ready to sacrifice his son for power and kingdom, so he made a pact with the 48 fiends! When the baby Hyakimaru was born, his dad Daigo was so excited that he forgot his agreement with the fiends! Suddenly a black sphere of dark light appeared in the sky near the real sun! That moment fiends were finally released! And the body parts of the newborn started to disappear! Ashamed, Daigo decided to throw the rest of his baby’s body in the river... and as promised, fiends granted Daigo the power to conquer the world and spread the fiends curse to defeat the angels. One day, a smart doctor named Jukai, was collecting useful herbs when he suddenly found a box! floating near the river side! It was actually Hyakimaru’s remainings! Impressed, Jukai went home and started thinking of his findings! Suddenly, a voice started communicating with Jukai! “ feed me... feed me” the voice was saying... when Jukai approached the baby, he found that the malformed body was asking for food! Then Angels told Jukai Hymakimaru’s story and that he’s the only one who can defeat the 48 fiends! Jukai did his best and used all his knowledge to create artificial but strong body parts to help Hyamkimaru! Hyakimaru is now able to defeat the 48 fiends with his built in attacking techniques! But the fiends made a human creation Dororo with Hyakimru’s body parts to maintain the quality of the organs and therefore their lives! The did so because angels are not allowed to destroy human beings, and cannot contro evil power! But if Hyakimaru slams Dororo he could get all his body parts back! He will also meet Dororo who will be his companion, his brother Tahumaru, and will discover that his father tainted by the fiends is an evil lord who is trying to unify the country using oppression and corruption! And here begins the journey of Hyakimaru! I hope that you’ll enjoy watching the series!

Midoro is the fiend horse of Daigo and Saborotta( a heartless human created by the fiends to destroy Hyakimaru; they promised him to give him a heart if he successfully slams Hyakimaru). Midoro has the right eye of Hyakimaru!!

Ninetails is the fiend who stole the heart of Hyakimaru! Ninetails is eventually powerful and full of anger against Hyakimaru, because he killed her two sisters Threetails and Sixtails!! Hyakimaru appears in this drawing trying to defeat Ninetails with a built sword in the two arms !!

My first Snoopy drawing

I watched a video on how to draw Snoopy and changed it a little bit. Turned out great!

Saitamas face when he is disgusted :D

I dont know why i drew this but i think it looks cool and wanna post more stuff like this :D

Don't stare too much!!!

Well this is my first time posting or shared my drawing in the internet, I hope you guys like it.

From : popo! 「ポポ」

~Sad Girl~

This is a sad girl who's cat is murdered. but nobody gives her hugs

Mason's brawl

It's one of my characters powering up a fire attack. Gets into a brawl.

Battleship Iowa

Iowa from Kantai Collection wearing the fan design outfit which I prefer over her original one. She is an American battleship the USS Iowa BB-61 of the Iowa class of Battleship with a total of 4 ships that were made including her and those are the USS Missouri, USS New Jersey and USS Wisconsin.

Bart Simpson

I found it easy I just copied a picture and then it came out amazing!!!

Vegito Drawing

I love Vegito. No story

Kid of story's

As you see in the picture, I used to and still do love cartoons, manga & so much more. The funny part is I never had a T.V as a kid, only thing I had as was my imagination also being very enthusiastic. when my mother walked me to school i seen these images i said "mother what are those pictures everyone has?" she said its from imagination...hard work...and a dream. that's how the kid story was made, thats how my story was made.

My first captain America

I am a big fan of superheroes when I was 8 years old. I made a no. Of superheroes paintings and still updating them. Still I am trying to make superheroes just they look like in their films.

Kaneki from Tokyo Ghoul

I really like this character and his style......

The amazing Heroes

I just have a passion to draw. These cartoon heroes save lives and I would like to share my drawings to the world.

Really need to know what u think

Love to draw... Please rate

3d of Dragon Ball Z

here is the 3d drawing of goku by me..this is completely made by colour pencils. along with shadings to look it realistic..hope you like it..

nothing special but a hobby

I started drawing with sketch pens and paints but after few years I realized that pencil shading and sketching are really my forte.Hope you like them!

Debbie Valentine sitting pretty

She is part of an inhuman Alien race with the power of a Phoenix her home planet was destroyed by her fathers best friend whom was really a spy she was little when her and siblings we:re sent to earth to live with her grand pa who raised them taught them combat from their planet and earth combat and customs as well on earth they find their not the only one of their kind living here a Phoenix rescued her as a child and whispered these words to her we are all connected and that leaves her with more questions than answers as they live on earth they discover their true purpose and find many enemies and allies shes called Solar Phoenix


My own anime character.

I imagined of a big ice cream in front of the character

my first devil drawing post

i actually just made this character of mine, using different steps that i learn this past years...

Here is an older drawing, which i found accidentally in comp and wanted to share it with you

Well, as you can see on the picture, the guy is so damn bored, that he is barely clicking his mouse.

Just want to show someone :v

Cute Female Chibi

I decided to create another Chibi character~ I mostly draw characters, still learning poses and backgrounds. <3


this is my manga project im working on tell me what you think so far?
(im not an artist so the drawings are bad)

fire and water

Tenchee and Teimichi Touma

Well i'm planning to make my own game art, and i want to get better, i want it to be a anime and a video game, its just some things i got to show off that no one can claim them self. (well because i have it in proof)and i like to see what others think.


Scooby Doo

I just like drawing cartoons , especially from the 90's .

I just finish these drawings

Basically I love drawing and so keep drawing whatever i can by my hand or on my pc ..........
I wish I can draw more better like a pro.

"Arpona Aki No Suka"

Hi!!oh my gosh!!this is my 1st time sharing my drawing nor do i expect people to like them...I just like drawing and I just wanted to share it...

Aki-No-Suka is a warrior or you could say a ninja of the modern times. She is good at fighting with or without knives. She is really good at combats...and she likes sweets much to her stern stares.. that's all!! thank you for reading...oh and yes i drew her and many other anime characters of my own...kalangan

my first " kawaii girl " drawing tutorial ^^

so this is my first tutorial video, i know its simple but i think its really cute ;p

My first anime drawing

As I was interested in drawing since childhood but couldn't draw properly. One day I was just googling pencil sketches and found anime drawing I thought I should try this out so I tried and yea so happy with the way it turned out and it created my interest in drawing more and better and better with increasing days :)

Girlz'Dreamz : Japan + USA Loading...

A young American-Japanese moves out to promote Western Music in Japan. Her dream? To make the Fantasy Combo of Rock and J-Pop. But what she doesn't know is how far she will go to accomplish her dreams. Will she gain support? Or people will shot her a blind eye?

Middle School Popular Girl Mitsuki "Anna" Adams doesn't know if Japan is ready for her or not.

Little does she knows that what she is doing would create a new wave among the J-Pop industry.

Anna doesn't want to rob her motherland's culture.

She wants to combine her fatherland and motherland together into a new blend of music.

Mitsuki Anna questions herself — "Is my biggest dream... very wrong?"

The Cat's World

Melody of Death : the scythe meister

I was watching one of my favorite animes , Soul Eater, and i thought would would happen to the next generation of weapons and meisters . So I'm Writing an on going story about the children of Maka & Soul , Death the kid & Liz and BlackStar and Tsubaki.

Tokyo Ghoul Touka

i love Tokyo Ghoul and drawing so I drew Touka.

It might suck but I'm 12, don't blame me
(My page ripped when I was doing her mouth)

One of my all time favourites

So first of all, just wanted to say that I am new to this site. Why am I mentioning it?......Just felt like saying it :D

Anyways, even if there's quite a bit I could tell about the story behind this drawing, I'll try to keep it short.

First of all, this is my original design or as they say, OC. The first design of it came....maybe 3 or even more years back. So very long time ago. And if anyone will be interested I will post it as well. But anyways, this is the second latest design of her's. The last one is practically the same, the hair is just a little bit different but the reason why I posted this one is because it's colored a little bit.
As mentioned in the title, this is one of my all time favorite drawings I have ever done and after plenty of remakes of the character, I have finally gone to the point where I'm very satisfied with the way she looks.

And hopefully, in a far away future, she will not only be a character only known to a few people, but will be recognized in a much wider spectrum as I have planned to include her in a story I just may write one day. Or I should just say manga, not just the text format.

And that's about it in a nutshell.

Besides that, just wanted to say that all type of comments will be much appreciated ,and if I will feel like it, I just may upload some other works of mine;)

The Friendships Goals :D

Its all about Friends :)

Elsword - Infinity Sword Drawing

If you know the Online game: Elsword. You'd know this characters class. I know i'm just uploading this but i did this months ago and i really improved a lot after this, Tell me what you think please. I hope it's not that bad for a beginner.


Angel Memories

So I got bored and decided to try drawing some anime characters. I chose to sketch Kanade Tachibana from Angel Beats as well as Isla from Plastic Memories (Hence the title of the sketch). I've used the software Mypaint. I've also added my first sketch, only representing Kanade.

Since I'm not good with colours, I couldn't add any on this. I will try to improve myself, but for the moment I need some feedback on these.

Gore Combat COLDWAR

Set somewhere in the midst of ancient-medieval lands of kings and queens, dragons and fairies, Rebellious Daughter of a Samurai and an old friend of hers. As the Great War rages on, kindness, compassion, love are all becoming much sacred in this world. Will this couple be able to stand before their dreadful Enemies... Or will their bond would be consumed by the Hatred itself..??

Golden freeza untouched Vs. Goku SSG SS warmed up Vegeta Tag in

Well i drew freeza yesterday may/24/2016 and couldnt figure out what to do with him, my wife noticed its been quite some time since i drawn a picture of anything and saw i still got it inking detailing shade etc, she asked whats the line for i said he's going up against goku or vegeta she said well on namek vegeta got his ass handed to him so i assume you mean resurrection F Vegeta why not both?? Currently sitting in starbucks the next day everyone amazed and taking pictures and video recordings of me while drawing goku and vegeta.

All one pencil and one sharpie pen
Lips colored wuth sharpie eyes as well and lining, pencil for shade.

No you will not find this on a website

Although i looked on google there is something similar but goke vs freeza from the movie

Kinda was getting tired didnt want to do a background for freeza.

School Walls Love Music!

Two best friends who are very different from each other love the same kind of MUSIC!

Me and my friends

i luv drawng me n my frns in anime character so i drew it.... The left one is matsuri, the middle one is me and the right one is kimiko....... We are BFF forever!!!!!

Absalon under the 4 king

Read my web comic on if you guy's like to

lovey dovey picture for my wife to be

This is my first attempt at drawing in over 20years as ive been too busy traveling the world ,now i have time i decided to give it another go so please tell me what you think it took about 38hours to do after my misses asked me to draw it. its 12xA4 pieces and was only supposed to be about 4 max but got carried away please comment and let me know what you think ....Mikey B oh yeh its zelda and his misses hahaha

Bird on branch

i don't have a story but ok like? share? comment?

My own little Alice

I don't really have a story about my drawing i just really like the Manga "Are you Alice" so I was inspired to draw my own Alice. Hope you like it. And i'd be happy if you comment.

First iPad Chibi drawing!

This is Miss Kitten-cat, she is an accomplished business woman but must hide herself from people because of those who want to rid the world of half breeds like herself.

She teams up with other half breeds in a battle against the CHBA (Counter Half Breed Association), one a snake, one a wolf, one a dragon and two twins - the dolphins!

Find out more on Wattpad @DragonTamer7302

Cartoon drawings galore

I have been drawing and painting a lot of cartoons. Here is 3 or 4 to show.



I love drawing anime characters ;)

Mixed-Feeling Do Nothing

I always have mixed-feelings like happy,sad,lonely or bored, so I draw my own manga character to express my emotion. Its not perfect drawing, but through it I can release the hidden feeling inside me.

Absalon new hero

The new hero of gear city.

First Manga Drawing

Well i've been watching Anime and reading manga since i was young and always secretly wanted to be a mangaka, so recently i decided to learn how to draw. Even how bad it is i still feel that i have accomplished something with this drawing. -Ryuuka

My drawing and the real one

As i was browsing i saw Nagi's pic so felt like drawing and took my pencil and started to came out nice!!!!!

thought and drewthought and drew

i was just making different hairstyles ......i came up wit this one and felt like it would be good on anime character so i drew and it really turn out to be good!!!!

First Isuzu Drawing :3

Well, I picked up a pencil and drew. Not one care in the world mattered. I was determined on finishing and this was the result of this long span of time. Enjoy! :3

Goku SSJ6

Before drawing this sketch, I watched dbz and decided to try something new I mean nobody have seen the ssj6 form of goku so. I just got a pencil and a paper and started drawing imagining how would goku look in ssj6 form... This is what it came. Out.

Frist Digital Chibi

Just,,,Decided to draw a chibi so i can put it as my facebook profile pic

Aph Russia Sketch

I got bored and felt like drawing my favorite anime character xD

I drew him on

Meruem =D From HXH

nothing.. i just want someone to recognize me and offer me a study about drawing and sketching, because i want to create manga one day XD

Onee Chan Ga Kita

Ive Suddenly Bored And I Decide To Draw Somethin..

Pooh and Gang's snowman

I love to draw cartoon characters.


Arab Anime :D

Love Anime drawings :D <3

Marmalade boy drawing

LOve YUu matsura and miki <3


In a world that has begin to develop superpowers,a young kid called kibo is working at a facility to better research these powers,only to find out that he is beginning to develop these powers as well.

my 1st drawings

i really love drawing anime characters .... but for being poor I cant learn in any association......
I just wanna keep my drawing.....


Yay my first mascotte character is done. Im so happy :D

Manga Drawing 1

i have been trying to find a website where i can post my manga drawings


one of own creation.. for some more sketch check out my instagram-gaurav.sunil

Akaba Reira from YGO

I just add some bue color to it hope u guys like it(´・ω・`)

Monster Highs

I love monster highs. Do you?

Summer for Luna and Ace by Anabel Ebulubu

Well this is a drawing of my original characters Luna and Ace which i posted on my instagram account @peachu.dumplings.

There was a serious heatwave around where live which made everyone feel like melting XD so i just decided to draw how my characters would feel in the same situation. I hope you like it because i'm only 14 years old but ever since i can remember i have dreamt of becoming a character designer or animator so I've been practicing and trying to perfect my art style.

Best friends

We'll my friend told me to draw something for him so I drew this ^-^

Of course on my iPad it took ages but it's ok I guess :3


I like her hair. :)  This was fun to draw

From Rokka no Yuusha

Drawing anime characters whenever I feel motivated, but what I'd really like to do is to create my own manga. The hardest part is drawing from imagination, it's much much different than drawing while having something to help. Do you think combining specific elements of characters to create your own character and his poses is good? Is it actually effective thing to do in order to learn drawing clearly by yourself? Thanks and best wishes!

Princess and prince

I guess everybody has ever dreamed about being a princess and finding a prince.. so do i. So i made this drawing to show my imagination about being a princess.. and getting a prince  Follow my Instagram for more pics: @dionedaniela

Side by Side

Akira Sashami is a normal high-school girl with a mysterious past. She doesn't remember anything about her childhood days. But then, she still live normally with her "real" family. One day, a guy named Shotaru suddenly appeared in her life. That guy says that he was Akira's girlfriend. Is he nuts? How can she believed him while she doesn't even remember her past. How can she live normally now in Shini High with a weirdo guy. What would happened to her?

#2 SAKURA & TWEETY BIRD 08/06/15



She's being sexy and charming <3


Took 45 minutes....for whole....30 minutes for drawing and 15 minutes to color. though m not good in coloring....

Anime boy

It took me 30 minutes to do this sketch. i love animes....

Yuno Gasai

I recently finished watching Mirai Nikki and I wanted to try draw Yuno, since she's my favorite character.

love at first sight.. i think

Made this because of boredom that strike me on holiday.. Hahaha.. Btw follow my IG it's @dionedaniela :)


this drawing was dedicated for my little sister.

Card soldiers ❤

I started off bye watching sailor moon and they have inspired me to create card soldiers took me a very long time soo i hope u guys like them


I just want to improve ..

Cross Dressing Pair

There's not much happening in Mio's ordinary everyday life...that is until she met Ten. The typical shoujo manga, except both Mio and Ten...crossdresses...and it suits them both just too well...
Btw, both those were done under ten minutes! Am very proud of them!

Girl in normal outfit

See s.o else's drawings and fell inspired

My Ragyo outift

Just bored but in love with ragyo's outfit

A gurl

Never Let u go

I will not let you go.....


I've always loved anime and manga. They're stories filled with emotion, warmth and the joys as well as the sorrows of life.. Although some manga and anime have begun to present a few stereotypes, every so often (and I do mean often enough), I find an anime/manga that changes my every day life. I run home from school just to catch a glimpse of a new episode, I stay up late just so I can finish another and I daydream of being part of it because when I watch it, I really feel like I could be. They make me laugh, the make me cry and they make me smile in ways that no one has ever seen me do before! They are very special to me. This is why I started drawing. I don't know if I'm any good and I've seen what some people out there are doing (it's amazing o.o)... So far, I'm just copying pictures.. I don't think I'm ready to draw without a guideline.. Miketsukami-kun, the nine tailed fox, is one of my many favorite characters. He's brave and kind but he's also very easily hurt and hides beneath an arrogant façade to avoid facing the people who can hurt him. I love when he transforms. Hopefully, it's drawn well enough to see how awesome this scene is :D If not, just go check it out for yourself and draw your own version of the transformation :3 I'd love to see some more drawings of Miketsukami-kun :)

My team of comic characters:)

These characters are a team of my original characters and they come from a comic "upon two worlds" I made in my spare time. I also used this picture for my graphics project lol. I hope you like it and please tell me how I can improve and whether you would like to see more of them in the future. Thanks.


She looks like a gym girl with that outfit and hairstyle. I named her Jessy. Is she cute???

A distant couple

A sad distant couple. I named them as Amy(girl) and Kazuo(boy). I tried hard to make them both look cute. Hard to believe my first water color painting !!!! HOPE u like it. ^-^

iris (shaded)

Ichimaru Gin & Kurosaki Ichigo. My First Art With A Pen.

Okay. I know the title sounds a bit weird, but yeah. This is the first time I've actually done something on an A-4 size sheet using a black pen. Usually, I draw random stuff on normal papers. I don't imagine and do much. Most of my art, I've drawn by looking at the picture and making an exact copy of it.

This right here is the character named Ichimaru Gin (my first art), and the main protagonist, Kurosaki Ichigo (my second), from the famous manga/anime, Bleach. I don't know much about these characters myself, 'cause I just started reading Bleach and I really really loved it. I usually draw Dragon Ball and Naruto characters, but this first Bleach arts, I think is my best.

Anyways, these pics may/may not look perfect, but I personally think there are flaws. I would really love to have an honest opinion from you about these pics. Any comments, good, bad, improving suggestions, are humbly accepted.

Thank You for taking your precious time on this art of mine.


My daughter is Megan she is 12 yrs old she is a great artist I just want everybody to see and appreciate her talent the way I do.

Chibi flower girl

A chibi girl in one of my favorite colors ^-^

Comissions for Jasmiine

A drawing for a friend :3

The protector

It's my creation. I always wanted to show you my anime character. I would be very happy if you like it.

Kawaii Lolita girl

There is no real "story"...just a chibi Lolita girl in pastel colors^-^

Realistic manga girl

My Drawing doesn't really have a Story xD

I just doodled and this Girl came out.  Hope you like it :)

Semi-realistic Sketch

It's just a quick sketch that I used to love. Now I think it's okay but her right eye is a bit off.  It is too big and should be placed a bit more left. And sorry for my english, I'm not a native speaker.

My First OC :3

I'm still working on the face,hand and below the knee part >.<

I tried to put some clothing folds ^-^ I know this doesn't worth any praises yet, but I will keep practicing to improve my drawing skills.

Sorry if I have a bad English it isn't my primary language.

Ene of Mekaku City Actors

I copied it from the net ^-^

it's raining

Well, I've been fan of anime, manga and comics for a long time, and wrote my own stories since I was a kid.. Well..

This drawing is about this guy, who's father was killed by his best friend when both of them were just teenagers.
He spent part of his life with no path of his life until he decides to form part in the police department as a detective, just as his father was....
The story goes through many cases, and lot of the cases he resolved led him to were his ex best friend is... But then he met a girl, and somehow he felt he should protect her, a blind girl that formed part of a disastrous event...

My lil wolf


This character is Oliviar "The Rapacious Orc King of the North"

A running victim

I was running through the woods when I saw a man in a mask bearing goods under an oak tree. When he looked at me and shouted for his men to run , I ran till my legs stiffened and my ankles gave way I slipped and plunged into a pit. There I laid, the thieves ran past the pit and I was safe.

Shy anime girl

I found this picture on the internet so I decided to try and draw it as well... I tried and tried and I finally drew it.

one of my favorite drawing

a story where a man and woman love each other but it cannot be.

Kaneki from Tokyo Ghoul

I've never saw the anime Tokyo Ghoul, but only looking at Kaneki makes me shudder! I decided to draw him and so here he is!

Anime Dracula/ My version

I'm thinking about drawing old monsters in manga style

art work only use pen

Art is my life & I very like it's drawing . And all drawing I using for only pen.

My Hero Drawings

Just some drawings I did with markers and pencils.

Sakura Niña

It was hundreds of years ago, that a young lady with pink-colored hair walked along the streets of Kyoto. Trees on the streets sides were filled with Sakura. Days by days passed until the season changed. And the Sakura flowers disappeared, so did the young lady.


I love to drawing cartoons....

Missing Doll

A girl who missed most out of life ..

Manga Devil

I sketched Manga While during visiting this website....

Blane " orginization dead"

He is the character for the manga that I am making, if the story does get published, I would be more then happy if you read it, this is blane chibi version

Ban The Fox's Sin of Greed

So from the title you see that it is Ban from the Seven deadly sins ^^ I rly like him so i wanted to draw him and here he is, i hope you like it :D
It was not so hard to draw him cause i love to draw and i think he looks fine but i want your opinion :3

Window Shattered

A little girl waiting for something special to happen...

Rezza Dianne Luciana

Rezza Dianne Luciana merupakan seorang anggota band wanita yang bernama G'TOPa.


Midnight Fire is lost in the forest and all her friends are mad at her

Sinon from SAO2

I've been watching both seasons of SAO for a few days now. So i took a shot at drawing Sinon Acaba. She's a complete bada#% in the Virtual world, but kind and sweet in the real world. Hope you like it.

Cute Anime girl

My hot nerd

" calculate ur steps to be ahead of the game"

one of my recent manga sketches

nothing much story to tell.. i was a little inspired by some of the mangas i read, particularly the girls, the hot ones.. so here's my own manga girl

Freckled Beauty

Just a simple doodle of a lovely gal with freckles.

Dancing with the Stars

I always admire the light and tranquility the constellations profess. The unlimited power of beauty and peace it can give to an individual. Imagining yourself, dancing and moving around as it sparkles, as if the stars are carrying you in the space of unlimited time. Inner beauty, inner peace

cartoons, a dream should become true

This is buuke and maru maro the cartoon charecater from blue dragon animation, drawn by hamza from algeria by manga studio ex 4, please comment. Thank you


Suit and tie, just because.


Just wanted to draw those hands that were always shown in some mangas, and I ended up drawing a whole picture XD


I have always loved these little guys, so I thought I've give it a shot at drawing them, and they turned out pretty good,

Original character for my manga

I have 1 year of drawing exp

Menma from Anohana

Anohana is at my top three anime. It's extremely inspiring and simply amazing

A Song For You

Cover page of my manga (a song for you)

Royal Couple

I was bored when I drew this.I finished it at school, but then one of my friends just had to 'play' with the marker -__- I tried to cover it by putting a boarder with the same marker used XD

FACE family fun (Hetalia)

I just like the FACE family, so I decided to make a drawing.

upAshI's drawings

-credits to upAshI <3 (PHILIPPINES)

Trunks dragon ball z

I'm been told if been able to draw bye a lot if people and I think I'm not bad myself thats all thank you

Wendy of FairyTail by upAshI <3

I'm just always using only an old fashion pencil i think  it's Monggol #2 and #3 and also the Cotton and Eraser hahaha here it is :)  hope you like it

You can Share it or Spread it to the world if you want and i will happy if you do that ^_^ just use my codename ^_^ "upAshI <3"

Ganta of Deadman Wonderland

I just try to use charcoal but i realized i'm not really good in using that ahahaha

but i like what i have done :) here it is :)  hope you like it.

You can Share it or Spread it to the world if you want and i will happy if you do that ^_^ just use my codename ^_^ "upAshI <3"


The story about a girl living a normal life with her family, but she is under kidnapped while returning from school by a group of men who are trying to rape her but she escape from them and running in some house to hide. Trying to find out what If there is anyone in the house but she discovers that the house master is criminal who has many dangerous weapons but the house master catch her and threatens to eliminate them if they do not implement what he wants . And started begin a new life far from calm

Demonic Angel Volume I Cover

Irie Shoichi is a normal teenage boy who lives his normal life. On his way to school, the train the he is riding on caught up in an accident. When he wokes up, he learned that he is the only survivor of it. A few weeks had passed, while getting ready to go home, a girl suddenly approached him and requested to talk to him. Irie's normal life has really began to change when the innocent girl suddenly stab him and declared to take his soul.

Demonic Angel Chronos II- Soul Eater Cover

The cover of the chapter 2 of Demonic Angel


Sinan Hero Fighter

I drawn this character because I am a fan of Hero Fighter game. Her name is Sinan and only she is a female who was join Phoenix Tribes.

I'm back. D:

Hey guys, sorry. 6th grade is like...A grade from you know were. I missed this site. ;-; No one probably remembers me. XD
So, here's a drawing a drew. This one is pretty old, I did this for my teacher 2 years ago. In a drawing contest. Memories. <3


anime girl


Ayaname my OC

pencil sketch


i painted it with poster colors and scanned it !!!

check out more of my artworks at

green red and blue


YEEEEEHAHAHAHAHA!!! xD hope ya like....

anime from the movies 2


anime from the movies 1

anime from the movies


It's snowing!

This is how I would feel if it was snowing, surprised and shocked. It has never snowed in Florida, am I right?

Kitty. <3

A little girl holding a cat, with love and care. Do you love cats, too? :)


Believe. If you believe, you can achieve the goal in your life. Toodles. ;) 

And yes I drew this. :O I just drew it on create.

Ayaname ( my oc)

this i Arashi Ayaname! he is kinda oc

Asano ( my OC)



Anime Besties

well I'm only 13 so if it doesn't look good I always draw chibi people and animal this is my firt tim drawing anime so yeah any way hope you like it my friends say it's ***** ( that's 5 stars not swearing just so you know )

Manga by Kortney Hayes

I Call Him Lucas!

This is my guy! I named him Lucas! I think he's okay, but his eye is a little lower than the other. Oops!

What do you guys think? I'm only 13 and this is my 2nd drawing of a person. I don't draw people much so I have to admit that I think it's okay. I don't think it's horrible, but If I push my self I think I can do better. Enjoy! :)

My attempt at a Manga Girl :)

We started drawing manga in school and I was really excited about trying it. It took a few tries before I was happy with this one :) I know it's not that good but I'm very proud of it. It actually looks better colored in, but I don't have a picture of a color one sorry :/  Hope you like it :) :D



me as manga

mah manga

Happey chibi

I stole it too (from YouTube)


I wanted to Draw something because I didn't for days , I stole it from YouTube video , wish you like it , thank you .

My first second, third, idk ;3 drawing :]

The first one I drew in the bath :]. Thats all you need to know, ok! I drew it when I was like 9 or something so please don't be too harsh! Please comment, xxxxxxxxx content deleted =x

Ryuku >:]

Miu :3 (manga girl)

Uhm... I'm working on a manga so..~ Well anyway she's my oc and her name is Miu Claville... Well I hope you like it ! :)

Ps: And if you like it check my DA :).

Ciel Phantomhive-like character (Black Butler)

At first, I wanted to draw Ciel. But after reading Kaori Yuki manga (Godchild), I felt like drawing something more like Kaori Yuki style. But I still wanted to draw Ciel. So, it became like this...I hope it's not that ugly to your eyes

Sasuke Uchiha

Bored one day so i thought i would attempt Sasuke. Not the best but i'm quite pleased with it.

my passion

I drew this cuz I felt like hugging or sticking my forehead like this, I was overflowed with romance lol

Catish Girl <3

this is my 1st time to draw a whole body ^^

leave a coment pls ^^ hope u like it <3


Kawaii ^^

this is one of my BEST i love this sketch alot <3 and shes really KAWAII <3<3

hope u like it

my 1st anime girl ^^

i love animes a lot <3 and i love drawing too, so i just though what if i draw an anime girl and this was my 1st anime ^^ hope u like it


manga with curly hair

she looks nice with curly hair

manga art by efa

my mangas name is m.a.s.k.s its is the name of an organization which deal with japan myth and ancients weapons ,a boy name val from the united states came over 2 look for his father only 2 find out dat is father was killed by the m.a.s.k organization ,in a way they got some awesome power from a god using it to rule japan now it is up to val to avenge his father by stopping them only to be possed by a demon

Tobi From Naruto xD

Its my first time to draw anime things i'm actually not good at it :d

First anime drawing

I was sitting on my bed bored, so I decided to draw something easy, this was easy, and It was my first time drawing anime, because im not a weeb. What makes me laugh is that iḿ 13 and this was easy.

My sketch of Frieza (1st Form) from Dragon Ball Z

I love drawing but sadly I am not very good at it. I thought this picture turned out OK and decided to share it with you.

My first attempt to draw without reference

I love to draw anime but i always had to have the original picture that I can copy from, and this is my first attempt to draw whithout any references :D.I had been trying to make it more ....shounen like but as you can see, I failed.... Anyway I think it turned out allright but still, please tell me what do you think.

My Crying Anime Boy

It's a anime boy that's crying because he has severe depression and social anxiety. This anime boy is my friend Alex that passed away on August the 10th on the year of 2015. R.I.P Alex!!

Aviur (Original Character for my Manga)

Aviur is a 15-year old boy. He is one of the 500,000 humans decided through a test to go to Mars to avoid the apocalypse that is about to hit Earth. The chosen 500,000 are ranked based on their usefulness and how much they can contribute to mankind's progress. He is my third original character. I've been drawing for almost 2 years, and his current design is a far cry from his old one. Miniature gift boxes are sent to 5,000 of the 500,000 people on Mars. Inside these boxes are shards filled with concentrated energy which can be manipulated. It has a default first form, however. Its form is decided by the wielder's frequency. The frequency is something unique to all humans. It is like a fingerprint, but is decided by the different brain waves and cranial patterns. The sender is unknown. He gets recruited by the head of the Technology and Logistics department to monitor the underground city which they live in at Mars in order to preserve the secret of the energy shards. Please don't copy without permission. Thank you for your understanding.


I spent a lot of time pencil-coloring (idk what it's called) her

imagination :-)

Remebering my first kiss

There was this girl who i had a crush on. She liked me too but i didn't know. Anyway i asked her to homecoming. At the end of the night,i took her home. She didn't excpect a good bye kiss. This drawing shows the surprise and romance that accompanied that moment.

my 7th drawing jellal from fairy tail any advice

I love anime so much,and i saw people drawing it and it inspired me so i had a ago ive done 7 drawings in the space of 2 days when i first started drawing hoepfully i want to get better because my drawings are not that good . But yea i hope they improve would be really good fro some tips or tools to use like certain pencils or pens or markers


Bf4 support

If the support class in bf4 were a manga character i imagine he may look something like this

Adventure Time with Finn and Jake

I drew this on my iPod touch and I worked SO hard on it

Anime Finn

Ya... Kinda have an obsession with Adventure Time. But you know... I think it's pretty good

My first dbz draw

I really love this cartoon, i'm not really good At drawin so i'm im working on them to do a better job :)

my 1st anime

this is my first anime sketch..

my lovely manga sketches

i luv manga and anime
i keep on searching the photos of manga and anime nd watever pic i like i draw it...

My 2nd Anime Girl

this i smy 2nd anime girl i think she looks alike the girl that in spirited away ^^
hope u like it pls leave a coment

Dubstep girl

An anime girl who loves dubstep. x3 WUBWUBWUBWUBWUB

Yes, she has an evil look on her face, i know.

Lost in thoughts

Life goes on with non stop thinking, which hurts the most


sorry there isnt really one I just drew it >.<

My manga drawing CORE

Year 2013 the world destroyed by the 3th world war,because of the radiation after the war ppl had to be isolated in a place called Ai. Yet their memories were erased so almost none knows about the outside world now called Ground Zero. The M.C overhear a conversation about the outside world and start to search it. A strange character comes for him and takes him to G.Z tell him the truth,and start to train him (12 people have special power called core,they got them as the result of the failed mission of creating an element that is created by melting all elements into one). Now the M.C wants to destroy Ai so ppl can start to build a new Utopia.

Mon Cher Vampire

=w= Inspired from Vampire Knight~ Then I create a new manga about vampire too~ Feel free to read, just visit !

Don't mess with me!!

This drawing just pops into my mind. I really love drawing girls especially those who can kick some ass.


My wife

bored out of my skull trying to think of something to draw.
I looked up at my wife and it clicked, why not draw a portrait of her in manga style, so i did and this is how it turned out.

I hope you like it.

my manga drawing

U draw it just like it looks

The Chosen Goddess

The Chosen Goddess
Genre: Romance, Comedy, Fantasy, Supernatural, Action, (a little bit) School Life, (probably) Shoujo

Reisha Altaire lost her parents in an accident so she ended up living with her auntie. Life has been pretty normal for her, in short, your average teenage girl. Now the wheel of destiny starts to turn giving Reisha a responsibility she never thought of holding.

See how Reisha faces her new life and who or what she encounters next!

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Latest Visitor's Drawings

  1. Imaginary pen art on bristol paper

    Jun 22, 24 07:28 AM

    Imaginary pen art on bristol paper2
    Colourful nature done with ballpoint pens.

    see the drawings

  2. Imaginary pen art, beautiful nature

    Jun 22, 24 07:22 AM

    Imaginary pen art, beautiful nature
    Ballpoint pens art showing a peaceful place. The grass was made with light green pen and application of lemon yellow watercolour.

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  3. Old building in forest

    Jun 22, 24 07:20 AM

    Old building in forest
    Imaginary ballpoint pens art. An old building in a forest.

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  4. Typical Mauritius

    Jun 22, 24 07:19 AM

    Imaginary ballpoint pens art showing typical Mauritius.

    see the drawings

  5. Inspired by Mumbai city

    Jun 22, 24 07:16 AM

    Inspired by Mumbai city
    Some years back was watching a video about Mumbai city. Inspired by it, I decided to make an imaginary art showing the atmosphere of it.

    see the drawings

  6. Mollie King in denim jeans

    Jun 16, 24 10:15 AM

    Mollie King in denim jeans
    This is my drawing of Mollie King in denim jeans on Microsoft Paint. The 20-year old British girl is ready to hit the city lifestyle.

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  7. Tame the wild cat inside you

    Jun 16, 24 06:45 AM

    Tame the wild cat inside you
    Tame the wild cat inside you.

    see the drawings

  8. FEAR

    Jun 09, 24 07:40 AM

    FEAR Your shadow will always follow your utter existence but never be afraid of your shadow as it has no real existence.

    see the drawings

  9. Imaginary view with pens

    Jun 02, 24 09:03 AM

    First of all, lemon yellow watercolour was applied. Then ballpoint pens.

    see the drawings

  10. Johnny and Mollie spending quality time

    Jun 02, 24 08:24 AM

    Johnny and Mollie together
    This is my drawing of Johnny and Mollie spending quality time together on Microsoft Paint. Johnny and his girlfriend Mollie are enjoying themselves having

    see the drawings

  11. Only a child can tame an angry man

    Jun 02, 24 04:49 AM

    Only a child can tame an angry man.

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  12. Imaginary pen art

    May 30, 24 08:04 AM

    Old building in a forest.

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  13. Imaginary pen art

    May 27, 24 05:09 AM

    A forest with some walls still visible.

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  14. A witty monkey tames a wild tiger

    May 27, 24 05:03 AM

    A witty monkey tames a wild tiger.

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  15. Body Builder

    May 27, 24 05:02 AM

    Body Builder

    see the drawings