Mahendran's Drawing

Welcome to Mahendran’s pencil portrait gallery. The following sketches of real people are very well captured.

Some people may say that they look a little misty, which is probably true, but the artwork is overall very nicely done.

Look at the “Dream Girl” drawing. The face expression of this female portrait is awesomely well done. Her hairstyle and the tenderness in her eyes makes her look very feminine and very attractive. But also notice, she obviously is a very confident person.

Try to observe as many details as possible on each portrait and do a little analysis, just play with it a little. You will find many hidden characteristics in each Mahendran’s pencil portrait.

Enjoy Mahendran’s Drawings

My Greatest Inspiration

This is our Former President Dr.A.P.J ABDUL KALAM sir... He passed away this Monday due to heart attack... He love children very much and he always supports and boost up youngsters... He always meets children of different school and encourage them a lot... He is also known as " MISSILE MAN "... Though he left us we will surely follow his golden words... We Love you lot KALAM sir forever... May your soul rest in peace... Hello Ivan... I wish to tell you something... Our KALAM sir will always encourage youngsters likewise you too encourage many people through this portal... Thanks a lot... You're doing such an awesome job... Love you too Ivan....

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Traditional Beauty

Every women in our world are most beauties t angels... Every men have their own dream girls but..... This drawing shows how my future partner will be... Even though if she is not like this drawing...I would Love Her Forever... Because... Love's not beauty... Love=Caring + Sharing + Understanding + Motivating... Where ever my future partner is I dedicate this to her...

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True Love’s Kiss

It shows the feel of true love's first kiss like a fairy tale...

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Guess Me ?

Guess me in this pic... I have seen your photo in your portal but i guess you don't know me... Actually you have inspired me in many-ways so i thought to visualize my photo to you... I was little busy with my work so i drew this pic at midnight... This is me and my friend, can you guess me????

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My Beloved Friend

Everyone in this world have their friends for sharing, chatting, playing , caring, understanding each other...Our Life is faced with Happy & Sad part...Likewise...She enjoys with me when i am happy... and she won't leave me alone when i am sad...She motivated me in many ways and made me shine in this society...She never crushed my dreams but changed impossible things into possible ones...We should not miss wonderful friends in our life.. such a friend often comes by chance in your life, when he/she comes, you should seize, hold, grasp and imprison them in your heart. Such a one is MY BELOVED FRIEND... and I salute her and like to say..." May She Live Long !"

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Leonardo Di Caprio

The hardest thing is to get started, but the really hardest thing is to finish.... so i'm sorry Ivan if i have missed something in this pic....

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My Dream Girl

I thought of my dream girl while drawing this picture:) I just closed my eyes in search of a beauty, automatically my hands drew this picture :)

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