Girlz'Dreamz : Japan + USA Loading...

by イシス
(Away from Japan )



A young American-Japanese moves out to promote Western Music in Japan. Her dream? To make the Fantasy Combo of Rock and J-Pop. But what she doesn't know is how far she will go to accomplish her dreams. Will she gain support? Or people will shot her a blind eye?

Middle School Popular Girl Mitsuki "Anna" Adams doesn't know if Japan is ready for her or not.

Little does she knows that what she is doing would create a new wave among the J-Pop industry.

Anna doesn't want to rob her motherland's culture.

She wants to combine her fatherland and motherland together into a new blend of music.

Mitsuki Anna questions herself — "Is my biggest dream... very wrong?"

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by: イシス

Anna:Ariggatou, Ivan-sama. Thanks to you, I'll try even harder to conquer my Dream.

to イシス
by: Ivan

:) wow! :) awesome story! ...and I say to Anna: YES, your dream is absolutely perfect, the whole idea is perfect :) Go for it :) I love this!!!

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