My team of comic characters:)

by Sharon

The comic characters I created

The comic characters I created

These characters are a team of my original characters and they come from a comic "upon two worlds" I made in my spare time. I also used this picture for my graphics project lol. I hope you like it and please tell me how I can improve and whether you would like to see more of them in the future. Thanks.

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to Sharon
by: Ivan

:) these are really awesome :) i love every kind of original work and yours is just so cool :) i don't see any big issue with your drawings now, maybe you should make them in color, because coloring will give you some new ideas and besides, the whole scene will absolutely get a totally new impression and impact on the viewer :) i would love to see your characters in color, maybe submitting one by one would be the best :) overall, you are very creative and have a great talent, please keep on polishing your skill by drawing every character's enlarged details, for example: draw only the heads, or only the upper half body, or only the eyes, etc. such exercise will make you improve dramatically :)

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