Midoro and Ninetails

by Daniel Kamand
(Beirut, Lebanon)

Midoro and Ninetails1

Midoro and Ninetails1

Midoro and Ninetails1
Midoro and Ninetails2

I am not really fluent in English, so excuse me if you find some little mistakes. I am really interested in drawing all of the 48 fiends of Tezuka Osamu’s Dororo animated series and video game. In this drawing we can see the fiend Midoro, one of the 48 fiends who had stolen Hyakimaru’s body parts. The father of this sword-man, Kagemitsu Daigo, sold his baby before his birth to the 48 fiends as they were seeking freedom. Those demons were cursed by the angels and transformed into statues. Unfortunately, these fiends found an obsessed man who was ready to sacrifice his son for power and kingdom, so he made a pact with the 48 fiends! When the baby Hyakimaru was born, his dad Daigo was so excited that he forgot his agreement with the fiends! Suddenly a black sphere of dark light appeared in the sky near the real sun! That moment fiends were finally released! And the body parts of the newborn started to disappear! Ashamed, Daigo decided to throw the rest of his baby’s body in the river... and as promised, fiends granted Daigo the power to conquer the world and spread the fiends curse to defeat the angels. One day, a smart doctor named Jukai, was collecting useful herbs when he suddenly found a box! floating near the river side! It was actually Hyakimaru’s remainings! Impressed, Jukai went home and started thinking of his findings! Suddenly, a voice started communicating with Jukai! “ feed me... feed me” the voice was saying... when Jukai approached the baby, he found that the malformed body was asking for food! Then Angels told Jukai Hymakimaru’s story and that he’s the only one who can defeat the 48 fiends! Jukai did his best and used all his knowledge to create artificial but strong body parts to help Hyamkimaru! Hyakimaru is now able to defeat the 48 fiends with his built in attacking techniques! But the fiends made a human creation Dororo with Hyakimru’s body parts to maintain the quality of the organs and therefore their lives! The did so because angels are not allowed to destroy human beings, and cannot contro evil power! But if Hyakimaru slams Dororo he could get all his body parts back! He will also meet Dororo who will be his companion, his brother Tahumaru, and will discover that his father tainted by the fiends is an evil lord who is trying to unify the country using oppression and corruption! And here begins the journey of Hyakimaru! I hope that you’ll enjoy watching the series!

Midoro is the fiend horse of Daigo and Saborotta( a heartless human created by the fiends to destroy Hyakimaru; they promised him to give him a heart if he successfully slams Hyakimaru). Midoro has the right eye of Hyakimaru!!

Ninetails is the fiend who stole the heart of Hyakimaru! Ninetails is eventually powerful and full of anger against Hyakimaru, because he killed her two sisters Threetails and Sixtails!! Hyakimaru appears in this drawing trying to defeat Ninetails with a built sword in the two arms !!

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to Daniel Kamand
by: Ivan

Cool drawings! :) ...and don't worry about your English, no one is perfect :) keep on drawing :)

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