Out of style

by Gaurav
(Delhi, India )

Out of style

Out of style

Hello everyone,hi Ivan. Welcome in my second post. Firstly, I wanna thank Ivan on such a beautiful review given by him that inspired me a lot. So, I decided to check my skills and drew something out of my style. This style is,what I think it is, the American style of drawing characters. This style is very uniques cuz it contains such easy strokes and a very much simplified sketch and still having that much dimensions to it which make this style very good and pleasing to eyes. After seeing a lot of artists what I could summarize is that they always tell to "trace drawings"... Cuz Tracing helps in governing you hands about how should the stroke go. It usually happens that what stroke we imagine to draw doesn't always comes on the paper. Tracing will help curing this problem. I drew these "men" from real photo reference and I found out that I've still got a long way to go.

All I can say is we have to keep practicing...
There's not a single day in a life of an artist when he can say that "Yes, I have learnt everything about drawing"...
OMG....I WROTE A LOT(¯―¯٥)...
I wonder if anyone is going to read this till end... Hehehe(^_^;)...
So, I conclude this here ....(^^)v
See ya ...in my next post....(^o^)丿

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to Gaurav
by: Ivan

Awesome sketches :) yes it is as you say, tracing is an awesome technique that is very often underestimated and dismissed as "not drawing". All artists use tracing because there is a reason for that. Please keep on doodling as much as you can, you have a great artistic sense :)

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