Demonic Angel Volume I Cover

by Zilch Saber


Irie Shoichi is a normal teenage boy who lives his normal life. On his way to school, the train the he is riding on caught up in an accident. When he wokes up, he learned that he is the only survivor of it. A few weeks had passed, while getting ready to go home, a girl suddenly approached him and requested to talk to him. Irie's normal life has really began to change when the innocent girl suddenly stab him and declared to take his soul.

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by: Zilch Saber

Uhmmm...actually, I already uploaded chapter 3 in these webcomic site:

You can read it here if you want ^_^

to Zilch Saber
by: ivan

:) wow, cool! :) i like this drawing and the story behind it :) it would be great if you can draw a series of these illustrated stories :)

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