by Shehbaaz Baurtally
(Port Louis, Mauritius)



The black part is with ballpen and the colors with gel ink pens. This one is simple. Its very fun to make such type of art. Those who dont like watercolor, oil or acrylic or any other medium, with which they do not feel at ease, especially when it comes to trees and nature in general, then this type of art can be beneficial for them, who knows.

May be they will not only find ease and comfort but also rapid progressing. And they can start making serious art. Its my philosophy to use techniques which I feel at ease to do and where there is great scope for making advanced art.

We can also use different mediums, for eg on a paper we use water color, gel ink, ballpen ink etc. People will normally be interested with the final work. And no matter what mediums we are using, what counts is that we are able to show what we desired.

That is why I said in another post about not limiting ourself to a particular technique or branch of art. Its not an obligation. But do what you desire. Your paper, canvas etc is your own world. Art remains not only a great hobby for me, but also a mean to fight against hyper stress.

Another positive thinking is not to care about whether others like your art or not. What is most important is self satisfaction,especially when we are amateurs. People have indeed the right not to like our art but we also have the right to ignore them.


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Oct 26, 2018
to Shehbaaz Baurtally
by: Ivan

very nice :) I cannot agree more with your comment not to mind what others might be thinking about "my art", because every art has its audience and fans, and the rest will become an audience and fans for another type of art :)

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