Imaginary art: lot of trees

by Shehbaaz Baurtally
(Port-Louis, Mauritius)

Here the art is with a ballpen. However, instead of applying oil or orange pen on it,I shaded it lighly with a pencil. Thus, we can now clearly see the difference between applying orange ballpen, oil or pencil. But I think the oiled one is more realistic...

So it is good to try different things in our art, for personal experiment. Sometimes we can discover fantastic techniques.
This is not only a form of self expressionism but also the legitimate one, for, there is skill/discipline/standard. Compared to just showing a toilet vase in a gallery and call it super modern art of personal expression.
It is fake to claim that people dont know art just because they dont like a blank canvas or a urinal in a gallery. Else we will be indirectly claiming that Leonardo Da Vinci or Rembrandt were also those who didnt know art. Because these genuine artists were not exposing blank canvas or urinals and calling it art of personal expression. Art has now been diminished to just mere personal expression where there is exaggeration.
Leonardo Da Vinci made "Mona Lisa", Rembrandt made "The Man In A Room",but today we can even see human excrements conserved in cans and being labelled as art....

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Jun 13, 2020
by: Anonymous

That the point...there are things which cannot be considered as art...good saying Ivan

Jun 13, 2020
to Shehbaaz Baurtally
by: Ivan

...hmmm, in my opinion not everything in modern art has anything to do with art...

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