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I’ve always felt I drew like a child even though I am now about 60, but I love to draw, and I always draw girls heads, I don’t know why, and none look alike. Since last year I’ve been using a Parker Fountain pen which my boss gave to me for a Christmas Present. I am in love with this pen, and then my son found the woman of his dreams, and I was looking for something one day, and I came across her drawings, in which I feel so inferior, she graduated from law school, but she’s a true artist inside. My picture is called Pretty and her picture is Angel.

The next submission is mine.

Thank you so much, I love your website.

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Mar 26, 2011
Pretty is an Angel.
by: Anonymous

I'm guessing your picture came up first, tho' it says "Angel" underneath. Everyone has something special to give, a talent that good people will see. What I see is this:
I agree that Indy is an accomplished artist...and an attorney to boot ??!!, Wow!
But I get two completely different feelings from these pictures. "Pretty" may seem simple, but it makes me smile to look at her. She is the girl next door, a cheerleader, enthusiastic, good to her parents and friends. She is a girl everyone loves because she is beautiful on the inside, not just the outside. I like her.
"Angel" for some reason gives me darker feelings. Feelings I don't really want to sit and ponder. She does not look evil or anything, but perhaps heavy hearted. If I could see one picture in the morning to start my day, it would be "Pretty".
I see something to be very happy with, not insecure of! Keep on drawing!

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