basic and simple roses

by avekshadutta

hi i m aveksha ,, i made tht sketch myself . and firstly i just scan my roses sketches nd then i convert into my computer and then i do some changes by photoshop .

yes i made my sketches myself but i do little changes in my sketch by photoshop .

the title of my sketch Make ur beauty more wonderful .bz u can see in tht sketch three roses but i will explain the story of three roses . the three roses is related to our daily life .
bz u can see one rose which completely nt grown bt they try to grown , if u cn see deeply tht rose were nm so tense and craze to grown.

but after some day u can see tht same rose which was nt completely grown in first scene bt they suddenly grown and try to become more grown and look shiny

then some days tht rose grown and look so nice and beautifully
so the story tell us God give us beauty so we have to make tht beauty more beautiful . same as like rose

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