by anna

fairy dream

fairy dream

i have been iterested with fairies because you no there fairies there just so pretty.but i saw this one in my dream which was kind of crazy. i went to a dream interprator ang asked her about it.before i left i skeched the fairy and she told me that my imagination was so amazing and creative. she told me my dream was about how im going to have a once in a life time chance and that i will make a discovery.it hasnt happened yet but you no life takes time and being 14 theres a lot of time on my hands.on the other hand your drawlings are amazing and when im older i wish to be an artist/potographer.

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Dec 16, 2012
to anna
by: ivan

:) beautiful :) really :) i love fairies too although I have not yet see any but i know they exist :) ...i used to interpret my dreams on this website: http://www.dreammoods.com/ ...and yes, I wish you all all the best to become a fantastic artist and photographer :)

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