Serena from Pokemon X and Y

by Roger Hoyt
(Florida, United States)

My journey in the drawing Manga/Anime character is one that I'm just beginning. I'm a newbie at this stuff, let alone drawing at this scale. As my goal is to travel to Japan, I've been trying to learn to speak the language, as well as read and write Kanji. However, Manga and Anime are an intricate part of Japan and its culture. You might even call me Otaku. I post my goals over at my website by the name of JEURATTICA Empire at So, if anyone wants to follow my progress as I work towards other goals, you can follow me there. I'll of course be sharing my Manga and Anime drawings here as well. I've been a fan of Pokemon for quite some time now, since season one aired on tv here in the United States. Yes, I've been following along for that long. At the time, I was like 17. That will tell you a little bit about my age. Hope you guys enjoy the drawing and feedback is welcome. I know that the hands are very difficult for me to draw at the moment. But the best way to get better at something, is to do more of it.

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to Roger Hoyt
by: Ivan

:) looks so cool :) as a beginner you may not be quite satisfied with it, but all i can say is that you are doing great job :) just pls keep on practicing, bcs that is the very core of success :) if you want to improve , next time try to draw each part of the body separately, it doesn't matter if they are not proportionally perfect, it's only practicing, but it is very important and it will absolutely improve your skill :)

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