My 1st atempt at a dolphin

by Gareth (Giz)
(Essex, UK)

Hi my daughter has started collecting pin badges so we got some canvas boards to display them, but the boards seem wasted without being used for something so I decided to try and draw something for her. I found this website and thought WOW they look great but the only drawing I can do is little faces and also some pencil Pointalist work. But I thought it is broken down well what’s the worst I can do (I can always paint the board black after) so I had a go.

I would like to say a big thank you to Ivan Huska for setting up this site and I am going to have to find more time to try some of the other drawings, it was great to see the surprise on Steph’s face when she saw what I had drawn the only trouble is I don’t want to put the badges on it now lol.I think I just need to find a lacquer or something to seal the pencil onto the canvas (any suggestions)
{;-) thank you again

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to Gareth
by: ivan

:) I love your story :) thank you for this awesome feedback! I guess lacquer would be suitable for that. Wish you all the best :)

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