First drawing of a bird

by Taylor Sligowski
(Elk Grove,Illinois)

I was wanting to try something new so I thought of a bird.

I think it turned out okay, but I would appreciate any other tips to make it better.
Thanks and enjoy.

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by: Taylor

Epppp ! Thank you ! It means so much coming from a great artist like you. I will certainly keep drawing the same picture a few more times.
:) thanks !!!

to Taylor
by: ivan

:) as your first drawing of a bird, all I can say: VERY GOOD JOB! :) Whenever you draw, whatever you draw, always always always observe a lot the object you draw. Whether the shapes, contours, and lines are identical or similar to the original. The first important point is to CAPTURE the outline and contours of the object. This skill is LEARN-ABLE and can be acquired by practicing as much as necessary, because everybody has different drawing-skill-level. Make as many mistakes as necessary. It is good to draw THE SAME picture 3-4 times and be amazed by your own improvement :) I am sure you can easily do it! :)

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