Some Rose Drawings

You can refer to these rose drawings when you need to make a quick sketch or drawing. I wish I could draw a rose like this before when I wanted to make a hand-made Valentine’s Day card. I felt physically ill because I could not figure out how to draw a rose.

It is very good and convenient if you know how to draw a rose by heart without seeing one. You can also do it in front of people, if you like, they will be pleasantly shocked.

I made these pictures as simple as possible, print them out and copy as you like.Simply click on every image to enlarge. It will open in new window or tab.

Outline the profile and the leaves of the rose by a simple one line. Shapes of the petals are not so important here, not yet, so don’t be disappointed if you can’t get it right in the beginning. The point is to learn it while making mistakes, not to do it perfectly on the first try.

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Your Own Drawings Of ROSES

Do not make any other strokes into the petals area, just the outlines. Shapes of the leaves are very easy. If you are observing them for a while and you’ll get the idea.

click image to enlarge

Shade the petals by gentle strokes from the bottom up. HB pencil will work well.

click image to enlarge

When you have all petals shaded, you can start to darken the leaves. Since this is a pencil drawing, it is good to make the leaves darker than the petals in order to get good contrast.

click image to enlarge

It would be different if you drew a colored rose, especially if the rose is dark red. There would be a little bit difficult to distinguish the dark tone shades.

click image to enlarge

You can soften the pencil strokes on each part of the rose using a cotton swab or tissue paper rolled on a toothpick. Both will work well. Personally, I like the previous drawing where the pencil strokes are more significant.

click image to enlarge

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Your Own Drawings Of ROSES

How about this one with the leaves only on one side? The sequence of all these rose drawings is the very same as in the first example.

click image to enlarge

By gentle pencil strokes slightly darken the petals and the leaves.

click image to enlarge

Then you can push the pencil a bit more so you get darker tone, especially on the leaves.

click image to enlarge

Let’s do it again, this time with leaves on both sides of the flower.

click image to enlarge

…you know by now what to do next…

click image to enlarge

Voila! Your rose drawings are done ;-) If you did all three drawings so far, you may have noticed that your drawing skill got much, much better. Congrats!

click image to enlarge

Do You Love Drawing Roses?

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Your Own Drawings Of ROSES

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