What Kind Of Drawings or Sketches
Would You Like To Make?

It is very interesting; why we are attracted so much to hand-made drawings and sketches and tend to decorate them all around the house?

We feel more peace and harmony radiating from a simple picture made by a graphite pencil...more than from a perfect photo.

I guess there must be something in it…

Visual art is an inseparable and important part in our life.

We humans need and must have beauty around us in order to feel good.

Beauty has tremendous power.

Beauty helps us to become better beings.

Beauty helps this world to become a better place to live.

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In our hi-tech digital era, we have access to all cutting edge technology gadgets.

We can create stunning pictures, yet we often prefer something hand-made.

Handmade stuff is often inaccurate in its shape or maybe resemblance.

So why do we feel so good to stare at something that is handmade for seemingly no reason?

When you make your own artwork, it has instantly your personal imprint in it.

Your real you shows up in it.

Hand-made drawings or paintings have a spirit. They become alive and actually speak to us.

Yes, I know, it sounds bizarre but this is what we all feel. More and more people are looking for alternative ways to replace photos wherever they can.

Maybe it’s just you who want to make a simple sketch or illustration, into your journal.

When you illustrate your traveling journal or diary with simple sketches it adds an extraordinary value to the plain text.

You can learn how-to-draw anything you want
in surprisingly short time simply by following and practicing the methods I describe in these tutorials

You can print the pictures out and copy, as you like.

In flowers section I show you how to create your own rose easily and effortlessly.

We will explore and practice a variety of themes from flowers to dragons, or cartoon.

I live in Japan, the country of manga. I will make special section to satisfy your hunger for this theme too.

In Japan you can find the best variety and resources for manga related stuff.

They are so good and in such huge selection that it is often jaw-dropping.

I am creating most of the content simply in pencil or color pencil. Pencil is the simplest medium that everyone can afford to buy.

If you are a beginner you may want to start from flowers or any other non-animal (or human)-related object.

That allows you to leave slight mistakes unnoticed….and… it gives your picture an artistic expression.

Before you start, please visit the warm up section.

You will get a couple of useful ideas on how to quiet your mind, concentrate better and how to switch from left-brain to your right brain activity.

Welcome and ENJOY this exciting journey!

Learn how to draw flowers easily and effortlessly
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Draw An Oak Tree
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How To Draw Palm Trees
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How To Draw Banana Tree
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Drawing Animals Made Easy, Fast And Surprisingly Simple.
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Dog Sketches
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Learn How To Draw Manga, Anime, Cartoons Characters.
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How To Draw Cartoon Characters. Very Simple
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How To Draw Mickey Mouse
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How To Draw Angel Wings Quickly In Few Easy Steps
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How To Draw Skulls
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How To Draw A Unicorn
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Simple And Perfect Dragon Drawing
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Interesting Cross Drawings
How To Make Cross drawings
Castle Drawings For Inspiration And Fun
Romantic medieval castle drawings made easy.
How To Draw A Star
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How To Draw Flames
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How to draw a heart
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Simple Demon Drawings
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How to draw spiderman in action
How to draw spiderman in action
Warm Up And Activate Your Right Brain
These Warm Up techniques will simply help you to concentrate better.
Basic Drawing Tools You Need
Photo of drawing tools you need for your easy drawings and sketches
About Easy Drawings And Sketches
Find out more about easy drawings and sketches and who is behind the curtain.
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