How To Draw Banana Tree

I made this based on the request: how to draw banana tree? As you can see it is a very simple drawing. Without bananas ;-)

Banana-trees are very good object for drawing or sketching.

Once you’ve outlined the leaves your picture is almost ready.

The point I would like to navigate your concentration is in the process of drawing itself.

You will soon see that drawing banana trees is much easier than drawing trees generally.

When you take a closer look on the picture, you’ll notice that the whole trick lies in drawing the large leaves.

That’s it. The trunk itself is of no special significance.

The process of drawing resembles a little to drawing of palm trees.

click the image to enlarge

So, enough blah-blah, let’s just begin to draw: first, as usual, carefully observe the structure of the tree.

Look how the leave stems are growing out from the top center of the trunk. As if every leaf on this banana tree would like to fly to a different direction.

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Decide the approximate height of your drawing. By simple and single weak pencil line, outline the direction of each leaf stem.

As if you would sketch a fountain-like thing.

It is not necessary to make exactly the same lines as I did. You can make your own.

Every single pencil line represents the central line of the leaf stem.

click the image to enlarge

Begin to outline the leaves contours. Notice, how wavy are the edges on the leaves. This creates space to make your own waves, your own little fantasy. You can not make it wrong here.

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Continue to outline the contours of every leaf on banana tree. Do not mind yet which leaf is upfront and which one is behind. We’ll solve this later.

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Outline the stems on each leaf. Notice how the root of the stem gets thicker towards the spot where it grows out from the trunk.

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Outline the trunk. Decide how thick you want to make it.

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Now it’s time to make this banana tree drawing three-dimensional. Observe the ready-made picture on the top of this page.

Leaves are bended and you can see the bottom as well as the top of some of the leaves. Those leaves behind will naturally be covered by those upfront.

Take light green color pencil and outline the entire tree with all leaves. Only the contours, in similar fashion as you see on this picture.

Do it over the original graphite pencil lines.

click the image to enlarge

Now erase all the graphite pencil lines so that only green color pencil lines remain on the paper. Your drawing should look something like this.

click the image to enlarge

Fill up the whole drawing with the same light green color pencil you used for contouring.

Do it very gently so that no strokes are visible. We do not need any visible strokes yet. This is only the basic layer.

click the image to enlarge

Now is the time to make the pencil strokes visible.

Take a darker color tone green pencil and begin to darken the leaves as you see on the picture.

Banana tree has very visible leaf structure, and makes it easy for us to draw it. You can make it by simple strokes as I outlined on the picture.

click the image to enlarge

Continue to fill up every leaf with similar pencil strokes. The pencil strokes give the leaves the structure, the realistic look.

click the image to enlarge

Continue creating the leaves structures by adding more dark green color.

click the image to enlarge

Notice that the stems on the leaves are visible only on the bottom part of the leaves.

You can gradually color the trunk too. Here you can add a little light brown and then mix it with green.

click the image to enlarge

To make the banana tree complete, put as much green as necessary on the leaves and do some final touch on the trunk.

This drawing is really simple, I hope you agree, and I am sure you did it exceptionally well.

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