Rose Sketch

Want to make your own rose sketch? This simple exercise shows you step by step how to do it. It does not really matter what shape of a rose you sketch.

The important thing is, as always, that you begin to sketch.

You’ll see to your own amazement how it evolves before your eyes, almost magically. This sketch of a rose is only half baked…well…half done, purposely, but only the coloring part.

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In one single pencil line – if possible - sketch the stems. You decide if it’s straight or slightly curved.

On both ends sketch an egg-like shape circle. That will be the flower head. The size doesn’t matter yet.

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Outline the shape of the leaves. Avoid using eraser if possible because it makes you do your best to get the best shape possible.

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So far almost all pencil strokes of this rose sketch (if we can call it that way) were only single pencil lines.

Now we’ll begin to work out the details and outline the final shape of the flower.

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Continue shaping the stem, the leaves and begin to sketch the head of one of the roses.

Do not mind if the shapes are not exactly the same as you wish…it’s only a sketch.

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Right head is opened more so it looks naturally wider and more round.

You can begin to sketch the opened rose head from any corner you feel comfortable.

But if you are not sure begin to sketch from the center. Check out the page about how to draw a rose for more detailed explanation.

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Notice how many pencil lines I made on both rose heads. Do not be afraid to make as many pencil lines as necessary. You can always erase them later.

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Outline the contours of the petals, the stems and the leaves and erase the rest.

Now, you have a simple rose sketch – coloring template to color or print out as you wish.

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Here comes the (relatively) easy part. You have successfully captured the basic shape.

Pick an orange color and color both flower heads. No shading just a simple flat coloring all over the petals.

This is a rose sketch, so make your color pencil strokes rather rough and quick, e.i., do not work out every corner too precisely.

The point is, you have to work quickly as if someone would be already waiting for your sketch outside. Keyword is quickly.

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Take a bright red color pencil and gently color the petals the same way as in the previous step.

No shading yet, just flat coloring. Push the pencil gently!

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Roughly shade the petals by a darker red color pencil. Enlarge the image and see which parts are darker, so you’ll get the idea.

When ready, color the stems and the leaves by light green. Again, flat coloring all over. You are creating the base for the next darker green layer.

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The last step (not really) is: adding more darker green tonal value to the stems.

Notice that the thorns contain a little dark red color.

If you sketch or draw living things, plants, animals or people, you’ll see that every color is a blend of at least two colors or more.

Only half of this rose sketch is finished. Please color the rest of green part and you can submit your sketch if you feel like to.

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beautifully depicted 
the techniques are so nice and easy that the one who never had the guts to draw the complicated roses,would have fallen in love with them.

yes, very much really it was beauyiful I LIKE IT


It's perfect!  
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Very good from a art lover  
I loved drawing this and I was very satisfied with the outcome and I liked the fact that you only half finished the colouring part to challenge people …

nice sketching 
i think that it is very easy way to learn the sketching so nice and easy;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;

i am only 10 years old and drew it perfectly, just in my journal!! you are an amazing drawer. but could you put more manga on here? thxx <3

Helped a lot! Thanks 
This really helped me with my drawing assignment in English. Thanks again!


very very great!!! thank you so much! 
we managed to draw a rose just like yours with your help thank you loads my sisters have also tried the techniques and they thought it was amazing …

these roses are BEAUTIFUL and GLORIOUS i wish i was as beautiful as these roses.

Tessa Jackson 
I think that these flowers are beautiful.

Very Beautiful ROSE 
It is very beautiful Rose.Thanks for draw it to me. Love You SWATI

First you have to plan it out on how you will be drawing your flower!

art amateur 
they are wonderful, lovely, very useful to me, who am a beginner.

really cool 
I think its really good.ive been trying to be a good drawer for ages then one day i was searching for how to draw websites adn this came up and now im …


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