Sketches by ThronN
from Romania

Here are few sketches made by ThronN from Romania. Nicely captured shapes and the overall balance of body proportions, all are good. Drawing human bodies whether it is anime/cartoon or realistic requires a great sense for good balance in figure drawing.

The most difficult part is to capture the right proportions or balance in other words. Human figure has its very specific body proportions - measures. He has a natural sense for that and it shows clearly on his sketches.

I wish he can draw and sketch more of these cute characters. ThronN has a great passion for manga and anime which is obvious on his artwork. Let’s look forward to see more of his sketches.

Look at the “hungry chibi” sketch. Very simply made only in few lines but look at the face. Anyone can see that this chibi is hungry because it is “written” on its face. Even if you draw simple manga or anime, it is often very tricky to capture the perfect face expression. ThronN did it and he did it well :)

Enjoy Simple Sketches by ThronN

Sketch and Color….

Check my new stuff...

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My previous work in color

Hope you enjoy it!

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Princess Yumi Lun

Princess Yumi Lun Hope you like my new drawing.

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Random Cute Girl

Random cute girl

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Uchiha Madara And Cute Random Anime Girl

Uchiha Madara and a Cute Random Anime Girl

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Nice Girl Sketch

Hope you like it.

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Pirate Girl

Pirate girl Nice simple sketch.

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Ivy My second best draw! Hope you like it!

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Shy Anime Girl

Shy Anime Girl Shy anime girl playing with her hair, but the drawing is not complete, so this is part of this idea...

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Nier Automata 2B

A like 2B, the game is awesome, but she is... even more awesome :D.

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Angly Angel from the Sky

Angry Angel from the Sky An Angry Angel descended from above to make a judgment on the earth. I spend 3 hours on this, hope you like it, Arigato!! :)

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Chibi Zelda

Chibi Zelda You may like this mini Zelda :D

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Randomly Picked Cute Girl

Randomly picked cute girl What do you think?

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Hungry Chibi

Hungry Chibi I love meat, more meat!

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Cute Nerdy Girl

Cute nerdy girl Boy - Sure i love her :D

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Cute Little Girl

Cute little girl Meow!!

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Danger With A Gun

Danger Girl with a gun)) Nice gun...:D

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Junko Enoshima

Junko Enoshima Sad Junko Enoshima.

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Nami from One Piece

Nami from One Piece! Cute Nami...

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Flirting Girl

Flirting Girl ))

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Nice Anime Girl

Nice Anime Girl A random girl face, i think it looks very nice!

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Uchiha Madara

It's not my best sketch, but I will put it here, to see your comments))

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