My First Drawing of A Horse

by bethany

My Horse Silverboy

My Horse Silverboy

I drew this picture based on my very own horse Silverboy.

I am planing on putting it on my bedroom wall so that I can go sleep seeing the picture that i drew of him and waking up to see the picture.
I think that it is really good I even asked my Mum, Dad, Grandad, Grandma and they all said that is was really good.
Well onto the story:

This picture is to be based on my very first horse ever Silverboy who i still own today he is only 8 years old and i will have for many more years to come HOPEFULLY.
He is the best horse that i will ever own!
And also I am so lucky to have him.
When he has passed away atleaste I will have all of those happy wonderful memories, picture, video's that we have recorded and all of the pictures that i have drawn of him.

LOVE YOU SILVERBOY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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