Hand-drawn iron man (first ever attempt)

by gemma copeland
(United Kingdom)

Me-2-You teddy bear

My fiance loves iron man... he believes and tells me all the time that I'm quite an artist :) I've done thousands off pieces off my atwork since I was 10 and I've just recently drew this piece for my fiance..... IRON MAN!!!!

This piece off drawing had taken me 2 days too do and I was pretty up half off the night creating various designs.... I'm 18 years old and has has many comments and juat recantly had some people come up too me supporting me with all my drawings I've created and is wishing me good look..... apparently if I stick too it I will become quite and artist juat like my grandad....

My second design is a me-2-you drawing as my little girl asked me too dra her this :) I've drawn this for one off my closest friends also for her exam at school just too help her out a bit but off course the teacher had known about this...
Everyone can draw you just have too have the time and patience too do it not too mention the CONFIDENCE :)

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hey there
by: colt

It is just too cool. I just loved it loved it loved it! You really got talent. I think you can improve a lot more on this one like making the edges a bit more darker to show the cuts clearer. No matter what, I just loved it.

Thanking you
by: gemma copeland

Thankyou, your comment means sooo much too me as its really boosting my confidence too draw more :) glad you like the drawing :) xxx

to gemma copeland
by: ivan

:) cool :) i like iron man very much :) and i also like your story behind it :)

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