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Below is the content layout of all doodling, drawing and sketching exercises you'll learn in this free eBook. All are very simple so that you can easily follow the steps in tutorial.

Some exercises are very easy and some may look a bit complex. If you simply follow the visual step by step tutorials, you will make progress and learn new skills and tricks.

I also included my story that I hope will inspire and encourage you.

You are going to enjoy this!


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Tea Pot
Morning Glory
Tweety Bird
Cartoon Dog
Tea Cup
Feathers Doodle

Doodling exercises for calming and relaxing your mind

Chessboard Doodle
Marbles Doodle
Zig-Zag Doodle

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    Apr 22, 19 08:46 AM

    Beautiful portrait renderings and other artwork by Bill Richards

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    Apr 22, 19 07:50 AM

    Few nice sketches by Nadia Velasquez for your inspiration

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    Apr 22, 19 07:24 AM

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    Apr 22, 19 01:41 AM

    See Lela Stankovic’s interesting portrait drawings

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    Apr 21, 19 05:26 PM

    Pencil Drawings of dogs by Lynn from St. Simmons island. Enjoy!

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  7. Andy Leslie's Portrait Drawings

    Apr 21, 19 04:39 AM

    See the awesome Andy Leslie's realistic portait drawings. This is epic stuff!

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    Apr 20, 19 08:49 PM

    Awesome ball pen drawings and rare inspirational décor letterings by Shehbaaz Baurtally

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  9. How To Draw Spider. Simple Tutorial.

    Apr 20, 19 07:57 AM

    Learn how to draw spider. Any beginner can do this with ease.

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  10. Erza Scarlett Drawing (@Nashi7512)

    Apr 19, 19 09:14 PM

    I drew Erza of Fairy Tail. Of course I'm a big fan of this anime! Si I've tried tout draw one of my favorite characters

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