Bijuu Mike and the Doki Doki literature club! (genderswap) Part 1

by Hannah Clifford

Michaela at the new school!

Michaela at the new school!

It was Michaela's first day at her new school. She was walking from her new house, when a short little girl came next to her. She looked thin and tired, but she managed a weak smile. "Hi, are you new here? " she asked me. I nodded. "Whats your name?". "M-michaela" I stammered, blushing. She had fierce eyes, full of emotion. She wouldn't have to speak for Michaela to know what she was asking. They walked to school in silence. "I'm Natsuki, by the way" she commented. When they got inside she waved goodbye and darted off down the corridor. She walked quietly down to what she thought was her first class, only to find three girls whispering and looking at manga books. Michaela quickly tiptoed out, not wanting to disturb them. She went into the next class, and it was the right one. After that, the day went like a blur. She had always been fairly good at her lessons, and today was no exception. All she could think about was the girls reading the manga, and she wished she could have joined them, being a keen lover of anime styled things. Suddenly, she snapped out of her daydream when a tall girl came up to her. She had long, ginger hair, which was pulled back into a ponytail, and a calm expression. "Hello, Michaela," she said. I was surprised. "How do you-" I began, but she cut me off. "Natsuki told us. I'm Monika, by the way. I saw you this morning, even though the others didn't. You like reading manga?". I nodded. "We have a club for that kind of thing. Would you like to join the literature club? "

Share on one of Bijuu Mike's videos on the literature club for part 2! If he notices it, I will be thanking you a million times over.

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to Hannah Clifford
by: Ivan

this is very nice, how did you draw it?

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