Angelfish Sketch

by Stuart McLean
(East Bethany, NY, USA)

Angelfish Sketch

Angelfish Sketch

New to Sketching (and art in general) and trying some new techniques on this one. I’m a music teacher who never had much time for trying my own art since I was so concentrated on music even thought I love observing art in all forms. This is certainly one of my favorites I’ve done so far. Especially had fun with this one as I love fish and fishing!

I’m hoping soon to create a whole scene rather than a single sketch. Any and all tips and feedback from artists is welcomed!!

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to Stuart McLean
by: Ivan

Very nice! Despite of that you did not draw much as you say, this angelfish is overall done very well and proportionally very well balanced.

Maybe adding the so called "caudal filament" which is the part of the caudal fin - aka -tail fin. Filaments are the prolonged thread like lines coming out of both end-corners on the tail fin.

Also, ventral fins are missing, those are two long stripe-like long things coming out under the belly.

When you shade your drawings, especially when you shade fishes, it is good to try to keep the shading strokes possibly in the same direction as the scales are designed on the fish, in this case diagonally.

It is not "a must" of course, just a suggestion.

Also, shading by using a strokes pattern like here can be very tricky, it is good to sketch (study) only the shade patterns on a separate piece of paper or newspaper, to find out which parts causes you trouble and make as many mistakes as possible.

Then when you are ready you can apply the experience on the sketch or drawing you are working on.

Hope this helps a bit :)

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