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Not only pencil art but we also welcome various media drawings.

For inspiration and fun.

Many people don’t like finishing their drawings all only in pencil.

Using pastels, pen, watercolor, acrylics or oil makes more sense to many of us.

I fully agree and that is why I created this page just for you.

The best of all would be a short story that goes with your drawing.

It is always very inspiring to read our experiences.

We’d love to see your work.

Using various media for drawings and paintings is often very inspiring and if you already have some...don’t wait, share them?

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I often receive submissions with nice story (text) behind the drawing…but the drawing itself is missing… I assume that you either forgot to upload it, or made a mistake while uploading the image file. It happened many times, and is still happening.

It helps if you add your email address into the submission form, so that I can email you only if your drawing is missing. Your email will never appear on the display page online.

Do you use various media for drawing or painting?

Share Your Artworks.

Do you have an inspiring story that goes with your Drawings or Paintings? Share it!

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Other Visitors Artwork

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pvpd sri harsha - an artist 

pvpd sri harsha-ART 

Don't forget to dream. 
Trancending moments are what life's about.

I just simply draw this pic when I was sitting idly.I used pencil shading for this.

Lazy canal days 
drawn from a photograph whilst visiting York Canal recently. Playing with needs work!

women in garden 
this is my poster painting with a colorful background.

monochromatic painting 
this is my monochromatic painting with my favorite color.

cool nah! 
these all are my fav things

made by me 
all are simple & complex

All Figure 
made by me

dipanjan dey 
my sketch

still life painting 
This is still life painting

Glass painting 
It was painting it.

my first still life oil painting 
actually I don't have any stories related to my painting but according to me my paintings itself had a story

pencil drawings  
the face is very difficult to make of everything

I just love to draw, it makes me happy.

A budding artist 
Well ders no story behind dis painting... I haven't learn painting m doing by myself ...coz no one is supportive in my family.. Its not DAT gud BT still …

An eye 
No story.Lol Just felt like drawing an eye

Christmas fireplace painted 
A Christmas drawing. I always find a fireplace cozy at Christmas

“Art is the lie that enables us to realize the truth"

new paintings 
Had lots of time and love painting

palm tree 
Not sure I got this right I think the trunk is lacking something. Any suggestions would be helpful.

leaning about the horasen  
Busy leaning about the horasin and coulers the basick its more diffecult but am trying

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sleeping lady 
Had a lot of time on this and en yo it took me 3 days never wanted it to be finish enyo it too much

Began with a dot at center, finally it has became "THE DOT". Upside down for 2nd view.

just. try flowers 
Seen n pic and try it my self

I don't know what this is....I just went with it!

The Wise Watcher 
I don't have much of a story to go along with this. I sketch to clear my head. Usually, I'll begin with a simple idea, the owl, in this case, then go from …

something diffrent 
Have something new I Tried From a pic a have seen hope its better than my last one

tried to paint  
Am painting on carton boxes because off a short on canvas and akriel but its so much fun and a just love to paint its my best every time am trying and …

hi ivan & everyone :). I have here 5 of my new and old work put together (in sepia) and hope you like the style too :). Those old are about 15 to 20 years. …

colored pencil drawing of Charlie Brown Christmas Tree 
Thought I'd do something simple, never seems to be enough time in the day. I could draw 24/7 if I could

3d chess 
Finally I have made it, it took 8 hours....looks beautiful

My Drawing 1 & 2 
Hello again :) here's more from me. I used ballpoint pen.

First Graffiti Drawing 
I live in a suburban town and I see graffiti a lot so i wanted to draw my own so I did and I think it kinda came out to my liking so I hop you like it. …

Harley Davidson drawing 
My first bike drawing.

My Wallpaper 1 
Hi, this is another one of my work. No story behind it, just another day without ideas what subject to draw so I ended up with this. But happy when I saw …

Its my drawing

I drew these angels. Hope you like them.

A fantacy......... 
I jux Draw it by my image .. i like to there like this place its just awsum .......

None I just wanted to draw

my pencil work 
A figure of a mans feet,having hopes that all is gonna be well some day,been patient and watching how nature takes him through life


my own style, bookmarks 
I learned to draw last year and love to do various styles, mostly donate them to charitable stuff in the recovery community

My designs  
My dream is too become a famous artist some day and take after my grandad, everyday I grap a piece off paper and just sit for hours drawing crazy doodles …

Bear playing music 
this picture was made for my friend and her little son for their small family celebration. i used colored pencils on paper for pastel.

Apples in a basket 
Saw this still life in a magazine and sketched it. Then coloed with color pencils and blended with q-tips.

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Just an old farm truck. 
Used color pencils on rough canvas. Then used q-tips with mineral spirits to brighten the colors and imitate water painting.

today yongsters

Trying to find a style that works best

Drawing of a Unicorn 
I drew this one for my daughter, she loves unicorns...I really like it alot too...


British flag 
I love Englang :)

another boring day at school :D

what do you think? :)

My first Landscape Painting 
My first Landscape Painting

My dragon boat  
i drew this for my uncle :)

i drew this when i was 10, i was a big fan of diddl. My favourite one was Bibombl - the dog :)

My sketches 
these are few of my sketches, i guess i want my new room to look like this :) but of course it will be much prettier when you see it for real :)

Fashion Croquis 1 
I love fashion design and spend much of my evenings drawing and turning them into my ownline of greeting cards, complete with funny captions. Enjoy

My vase 
what do you think? :)

i drew this when i was 10 years old...what do you think about it? :)

My first sketch is femaus man whose name is 'mirza galib' 
When i was class 10th student i draw my first sketch by dot pen can u belive it. I was study i saw a newspaper which was the pothos of 'Mirza Galib' when …

My Hand 
I have played around with drawing off and on all my life (no classes sadly). In fact I love to draw but always find myself "to busy". Well,at 41 I have …

pumpkin sketch 
enjoy :)

???who wnt dis luxury car??? 
i jst luv cats nd bykes ..... so i hav made a simple sketch of a car

me and my classmates drawing (LOGO) 
well this was our project in school to draw our favorite commercial logo. and i really enjoyed drawing it ^_^ PS:i didn't drew that all just the red …

3d painting 
aweh i really dont know if i should put this drawing on various media drawings and im not sure XDD well one day when i was surfing the net I suddenly …

Green Apple attempt

The Musician 
This is a drawing of hands holding an acoustic guitar. I used pencil.

Twilight Cover :) 
sketched this while looking at the book. the book was right next to me. :)

my passion my art..... 
my passion my art.....

MY first painting 
not interested

Down on the river 
This is a 5x7 inch on card painting in acrylics done to make a birthday card there is a bit of a fuzzy appearance due to there is an acetate cover on it …

Waiting for Santa 
There is a house where many nice kids live. In the morning they made a snowman. It is snowing and kids imagine stars in the air.

Picture of Jesus I drew. Tried my best to capture features off a real face. 
Just was bored one Sunday, and decided to draw something. I'm really interested in the face and I like to draw faces. I especially like mysterious faces. …

Name I did for a friend 
Made this nameplate for sons friend

Well, lately I've seen how people begin to feel pesimistic about the world. They believe, they don't have any chance in this world. So with the time they …

my broken heart 
This is the drawing ive been trying to send for quite sometime....hope it finally made it.

My Moai Statues 
what do you think? :)

painting on canvas 
my painting is very tells the girl story.its about her thought.her vision to see the nature and then she paint on canvas.she loves nature her …

The Boat on the Loch 
This is my attempt at doing a mirror reflection and mist on water in the rear of the picture I did not do a lot to the background so not a lot of detail …

The dawn fisherman - The Herron 
This is a water colour A2 size using a limited palet of colours of a herron waiting on the bank above the river for breakfast to come along the early bird …

To Bushra (eyes): Not rated yet
hope this helps :)

The Head of Medusa Not rated yet
I'm really interested in Medusa and my favourite artist is Caravaggio who painted the original Medusa.

Cartoon Drawings Not rated yet
This is from Noddy.This is drawn by me and coloured by my daughter.

Black n White spongebob Not rated yet
I am 14 years old and I love drawing almost anything...people,plants,animal,thing and taking photos. This my black and white photo of Spongebob...i hope …

skulls and ribbons  Not rated yet
i love drawing skulls and dark things some times so i just drawn these .

born Not rated yet
i wanted to do something about me.

motorbike Not rated yet
my name is jake hitchens and i came across this pic in a book and decided to draw it down

Hand that plays the Veena ( an Indian musical instrument Not rated yet
I find poses of people playing musical instruments very exciting. I just started drawing recently. I made this sketch based on a photo I found on Google …

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