Sketch Of A Rose

If you need to make a quick sketch of a rose without seeing or having one right now, here are few examples. They are really easy to copy or trace.

Click on each thumbnail to enlarge the image. It will open in new tab or window.

If you take a look and observe carefully these sketches, you’ll easily notice that I did not put much attention to the “exactness” or the “real look” of the rose. Yet, somehow they look a bit like a rose…You can use a similar rose sketch when you need to quickly illustrate your postcard, letter or leave a note for someone special. When you make such sketches try to add a couple of leaves if possible, it gives your picture more natural look and impression.

You can easily create more contrast, when you darken the leaves and all the green parts of the flower. You’ll see the changes instantly. I suppose that you would sketch your rose by a pencil or by a ballpoint pen, so the contrast of black and white can boost the natural good looking on white paper. It is very easy. Just play with it. As I said, it does not need to look realistic or exact.

On the following sketch, the petals are made simply by drawing curves resembling crescent moon, spinning around the center of the rose.

They can even cross each other; it does not really matter much but basically they should spin around the center of the rose. This way of making a quick sketch of a rose is probably the simplest one. Start with one tiny little crescent moon and then draw another one on the opposite side, and so on. Just “keep spinning” the crescent moons around the center and work your rose out towards the desired size-diameter.

Click on each thumbnail image, and it opens up to its original size that you can print out and copy as you wish. If you still feel difficulties drawing it by observation, get yourself a tracing (translucent) paper and trace it first. You’ll be surprised how easy it is. “You have to train your hand to learn to draw or sketch the shapes”. It is best achieved by tracing the images first.

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