Simple Lotus Flower Drawings

For our lotus flower drawings exercise I picked this one. Do you like it? I hope you do.

It is a very simple top down view of lotus flower so that you can draw it easily and quickly.

Lotus is national flower of India and Vietnam.

Its roots are widely used in Asian cuisine.

In Japan for example, people eat lotus roots as in salads, boiled or pickled. I myself like it very much too. Lotus flower root in Japanese: renkon.

click the image to enlarge

Whatever flower you may attempt to draw, you’ll soon experience that lotus flower drawings are easiest to do.

Enlarge the picture. Observe it for a while. Observe the shapes, sizes of leaves and how they are balanced.

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click the image to enlarge

Decide the size of the flower first and draw an approximate circle. This circle is only a help guideline. Do it by very weak pencil lines.

Inside that circle draw small one. That is the stigma of lotus flower.

click the image to enlarge

After careful observation begin to sketch the petals. See enlarged picture in details how I did it. Only approximate and rough strokes.

click the image to enlarge

Complete the sketch with all the petals. If you have difficulty to sketch exactly the same shapes do some sketch study on a separate paper.

Lotus flower drawings are the easiest; believe they are, so you will soon be able capture the right shape.

click the image to enlarge

Sketch the leaves around. Mark out also the veins on the leaves for your later better orientation.

click the image to enlarge

By pink color pencil draw the contours of petals in one single line. Draw it over the initial graphite pencil lines.

Here you should decide the exact final shape of the petals. Take your light green color pencil and do the same on the leaves.

click the image to enlarge

Erase all graphite pencil lines so that only pink colored petal contours and green leaves contours remain. Enlarge the picture to see what I mean.

From now on we are shifting from lotus flower drawings to lotus flower colorings ;-)

click the image to enlarge

Very gently begin to color the petals in pink. Very gently. Draw the strokes always along the petals, never across them.

click the image to enlarge

Leave the center of the flower almost white because there you are going go draw the stigma of the flower surrounded by the crown of stamens.

click the image to enlarge

Finish shading the petals. Notice that the edges are darker and some edges are slightly folded upward.

This is very characteristic feature and it actually makes your lotus flower drawings look more realistic and three-dimensional.

click the image to enlarge

  • By pen shaped eraser highlight brighter spots on the petals. They are pink but some areas look almost white.

    click the image to enlarge

    Lets start to color the leaves. Prepare one light green and one dark green pencil. Color the first layer in light green.

    click the image to enlarge

    Continue coloring all leaves in light green as the basic layer. Mark out the veins by stronger green pencil line with the same light green pencil.

    click the image to enlarge

    On the top of the leaves, slightly erase the area around veins so that it becomes brighter – as you see on the picture.

    click the image to enlarge

    Color in green all the rest. Deeper places near water level are darker and the areas opened to the surface are naturally brighter.

    click the image to enlarge

    Finally, in order to make your lotus flower drawings complete and look realistic, darken and shade the middle parts of the leaves by dark green.

    Notice that the areas along the veins remain brighter, which creates a three-dimensional impression.

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