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Mickey mouse

I like drawing every now then and I just want a place to upload my cartoon sketches for fun so my first one is Mickey mouse😌sorry if he's not the best

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Crysdal Jewels Kouchu's Quest


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My first Sketch in online upload


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I want to paint a drawing that will be hung in a bathroom, so i used lots of white and blue color in painting and I will frame it in a white frame, it

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Would look good as a Medallion or a Pendant

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No Story, Just felt like drawing this.

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First time using color on a drawing like this

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Road-under the building 3D view

This whole drawing is depend on the one reference point. which is located in the centre of the central building. This drawing is fully imagination of my

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German Shepard

I did this pencil drawing of a dog a while back. I decided to give it some color but I used the computer for the color. Is that cheating? I do like the

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human eye

I made this human eye as a project

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For my love

This is the first time I have attempted to draw a rose. I feel I did pretty well. I decided to add a little shadow and that made it a lot better. ❤️

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The Illusion

If you tilt your head sideways while looking at the picture the lines and flats seem to change direction

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The amazing Heroes

I just have a passion to draw. These cartoon heroes save lives and I would like to share my drawings to the world.

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Realy need to know what u think

Love to draw... Please rate

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Captain Jack Sparrow is a fictional character and the main protagonist in the Pirates of the Caribbean film series.every child(fan)don't know who is johnny

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Beautiful girls sketches

This is the painting made by a pencil

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monalisa -charcoal drawing

Monalisa world famous drawing by Leonardo di Vinci Secret in her smile...no outlines in drawing Time of making the monalisa approx 16 years.. Here is the

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Hippie from Woodstock

I was inspired to draw a girl from Woodstock because for the summer I am near Monticello .

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Paul McCartney

Sir Paul around ´60-s. He was self-taught and he couldn´t read music just like the other 3 members of THE BEATLES.But he was and still is a legend and

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John Lennon

John as a teenager. He had a really tough childhood and was a real troublemaker. He had a great as well as sarcastic sense of humor. Also, his songwriting

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Roger Meddows Taylor

Roger is the famous drummer of the band QUEEN. This portrait shows how he looked like in the´70s. He´s a great singer,multi-instrumentalist and songwriter

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Freddie Mercury

Freddie was a true talent, incredible musician, amazing performer of the band called QUEEN. Simply genius. I am a huge fan and I felt inspired, so I decided

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Village scene sketch

Indian Village Scene. Person going with cows and sheeps for grazing and a women filling water

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Makes me think of big goonie eyes staring and following me

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Pretty Garo girl

In ancient day Garo or Achik people dress in half naked. Which I drew and sharing with you all. They settled in the state of Meghalaya, India. And some

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Dramatic girl selfie

I'm not saying that all girls look like this. She's dramatic in the way she dresses and poses, her amount and color of make up and her hair.

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3d Poke ball

Here is my 3d Poke ball..I have tried to look at it as possible as realistic..how is it?!☺

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3d of Dragon Ball Z

here is the 3d drawing of goku by me..this is completly made by colour pencils. along with shadings to look it realistic..hope you like it..

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Owl Doodle

Doodled this scared-looking owl in history class. It almost seems like he's afraid of the light.

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Miss Sadie has the most beautiful eyes. She seems to say so much with them! Sadie is one of 4 rescues in her home. She is Queen in her castle!

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Wiz Khalifa

Wiz Khalifa is my favourite singer

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nothing special but a hobby

I started drawing with sketchpens and paints but after few years I realized that pencil shading and sketching are really my forte.Hope you like them!

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my first portrait

Drawing is a combination of mind, imagination,fillings and skill of hand production... Instructions for portraits according to my experience... 1-full

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Nico di Angelo

This represents a character of a book series. The drawing took me three hours, and is my best drawing yet. I used a reference picture.

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A friend of mine was describing the dragon he had imagined, so I noted the details down and drew it.

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A Sparrow

Even in humblest surrounding in Pakistan one can see this small bird 'gentle n sweet' as a friend described it. It was most natural choice of bird for

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A Tulip

This flower is a great connector. Shared on WhatsApp with friends and each one has her own story sbout tulips

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Justin biebear sketchsketch

I just love to sketch i hv drawn many setch of celebrities.This web is very helpful for me to upload my sketchs.

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NO title

This designs basic pattern was inspired by a book of Islamic Geometric Patterns by Eric Broug, the rest was imagination

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Bhuvan Bam sketch

I just love to sketch i hv drawn many setch of celebrities.This web is very helpful for me to upload my sketchs.

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This is dedicated to love.

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My Ex

Just drew a portrait of my ex, I sketch very fast this one.

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The Llama Wizard

My mind is weird. Give him a legendary name

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to my princess

I love u a lot my princess... i never saw u... bt my hope... that when u come in my life... u look like her

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Nature scene rangoli art

Rangoli art is a Indian traditional art.

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Spring in the forest2

I sent the wrong drawing before, one I sent last year sorry, this is the right one. I drew this from a photo I took, was more interested in color then

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Spring in the woods

I painted this from a photo I took. More about color then exact detail.

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Debbie Valentine sitting pretty

She is part of an inhuman Alien race with the power of a Phoenix her home planet was destroyed by her fathers best friend whom was really a spy she was

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