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My third attempt at a parrot

I love drawing and painting birds. I am getting better at drawing the feathers.

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My first cartoon animal drawing of a raccoon

I love drawing and painting regular cartoons like Garfield, Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck. This is my first raccoon. I drew him and painted him.

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My first Donald Ducks

I love to draw n want to learn more how to draw with perfection.

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I have never worked with black and white before and I chose to do a picture of my son I feel like I captured him. I can see the cheekyness in his face.

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Here is an older drawing, which i found accidently in comp and wanted to share it with you

Well, as you can see on the picture, the guy is so damn bored, that he is barely clicking his mouse.

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I don't know but I have very sad too draw My drawing bcoz My grandfather off this Time its I love My grandfather ok

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Ganpati Bappa Moreya

I really love drawing ...and this is the one one them.

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looking in her eyes...

it is my second drawing. I got the skill from my mother... One day I was bored and decided to draw Cara Delevingne... I don't know why her.. I was drawing

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My Sketch of a Lion

I was at the library and I just felt like sketching. I was very surprised at my sketch!

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Carnation in colour

I have sketched a few flowers in black and white and this is the first one in colour

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this is my manga project im working on tell me what you think so far? (im not an artist so the drawings are bad)

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Cute Female Chibi

I decided to create another chibi character~ I mostly draw characters, still learning poses and backgrounds. <3

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Just want to show someone :v

i love apples

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My flowers drawings

I have been drawing as a hobby for many years now, but I had stopped for a period of time. This is my latest drawing.

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Tenchee and Teimichi Touma

Well i'm planning to make my own game art, and i want to get better, i want it to be a anime and a video game, its just some things i got to show off that

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fire and water

just a thought :P

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The are first two drawings of landscape

I have been drawing flowers and birds but then I wanted to sketch something different, so I 'googled'simple landscape drawings and liked these two and

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Scooby doo

I just like drawing cartoons , especially from the 90's .

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I used a lot of color, but I hope i did not make it too busy

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Dark Angel :3

this is just my OC really i really like maid like outfits and i just BAME drew it :3

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King of Jungle

Lion is described by its own quality. Its concentration power is amazing that's why if he once set a target never attack on others.. One other thing its

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I love to make cartoons!!

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Christmas red

It's Christmas :)

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Time is all about how you see it.

I wasn't sure where to add my drawing.

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Don't forget to dream.

Trancending moments are what life's about.

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don'T be UPSET


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Happy forever

I wanted to draw some thing for my mom for Christmas and I new the right thing a roes because me and my mom enjoy looking at them and drawing them so that's

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Beauty and the deceased.

Trying something different out.

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My Michael Jackson Drawing portrait!

This is my Michael Jackson drawing that I drew last year that I love!

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My Marilyn Manson Drawing!

This is one of My Marilyn Manson Drawings that I really like because of all the details and the fact that it took me so long to draw it (8 hours). I really

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my baby

Hello everyone my name is Dawa lama and I love making paintings. I am married and I love babies too. One day I was going to the market and I saw a kid

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Christmas drawings and paintings

My Christmas drawings and paintings

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I just simply draw this pic when I was sitting idly.I used pencil shading for this.

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Pretty in pink

I don't really have a story. Drawing is soothing to me. So I draw what I feel.

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Its been years simce i last drew anything!

I used to love sketching and drawing as a kid (i'm only 18 though lol). After being 13-14 i quit it due to study and other stuff, i'm in college now n

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beautiful girl

first sketching of my life without thought anything I had drawn

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I just finish these drawings

Basically I love drawing and so keep drawing whatever i can by my hand or on my pc .......... I wish I can draw more better like a pro.

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It is wonderful

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View of flowers

I like sketch drawings. I thought I would try color.

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Up close beauty by nature

This is how I view nature as big beautiful and this is my 10th drawing I am proud of.

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Da Fanart Pizza

Pizza asked for fanart... SO HERE IT IS

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A Parsi Couple

We Parsis are a minority community in the Indian Subcontinent. Our bridal couple dress like this. I saw this image on a magazine over and sketched it.

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beautiful girl

Beauty attracts everyone. But to maintain the respect for beauty is important

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Butiful eyes says the butiful story

Hi, is this my dream girl the fact is I love to make sketches and one day when I wake up in the morning i start to draw my dream girl face on paper and

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Harley Quinn from movie - Suicide Squad

I realy like Harley Quinn's character, so i decide to sketch one :).

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I really loved anime!;)

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My first sakura drawing

Well art is also my passion so i want to share it

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"Arpona Aki No Suka"

Hi!!oh my gosh!!this is my 1st time sharing my drawing nor do i expect people to like them...I just like drawing and I just wanted to share it... story:

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