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Butiful eyes says the butiful story

Hi, is this my dream girl the fact is I love to make sketches and one day when I wake up in the morning i start to draw my dream girl face on paper and

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Harley Quinn from movie - Suicide Squad

I realy like Harley Quinn's character, so i decide to sketch one :).

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I really loved anime!;)

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My first sakura drawing

Well art is also my passion so i want to share it

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"Arpona Aki No Suka"

Hi!!oh my gosh!!this is my 1st time sharing my drawing nor do i expect people to like them...I just like drawing and I just wanted to share it... story:

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Line Drawing

My first drawing of a horse. Simple line one, one posted earlier is a detailed one but with just the horse head.

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A Horse

This is my first drawing of a horse. A simple line drawing done by kids. Next to follow is a detailed one.

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Sweet Girls

Hi I am Baldev Gora from India and i like Arts

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Ahmedganz Palace India

This is a drawing made with pen. I love this palace which is popular in some Bollywood horror movies and decided to draw it.

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Raven - Australian Shepard

This beautiful girl is Raven. She is a total Mama's girl! Very sweet and loving. I was asked to draw her as a gift for her Mom. I knew I had it right when

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Bogey Sweetheart

My rendition or our sweet labradoodle, Bogey. She is truly a sweetheart and a good model, too.

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Bull Dog

My first attempt at drawing a dog. A friend of mine was putting her dog to sleep and I wanted to draw a picture for her.

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son and mother deer

It shows the love between mother and child

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Five Flowers

My father and grandfather are both great artists, and as a child I felt I was a bit slighted in the creativity department (as if talent is a birthright??),

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Rose with human beings

It shows that love has no limit. Lover can cross any limit.

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Dr.sarvapalli ji

All arts improve the ability of an artist. It is art by me on teachers day.

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Searching Fox

First time I tried drawing from a real photo using Acrylic paint, its hard to get fine detail, but I think its about generalizing detail to make it look

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Sailing boats

The photo that I used had its main focus on the sky/clouds, but in my drawing I could not capture thats so my sea/reflection came out looking better then

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baby bunny

Love watching wild Bunnies running in my back yard, so here is a pastel pencil drawing of one of the babies

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sea side!

Just for fun

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hand made sketches


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Red Rose

This is my rose. This rose is the first time that I painted a rose using acrylics.

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sora Drawing kingdom hearts

both me and my Daughter love the game Kingdom hearts so I Drew sora for her

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Ehh... i guess it is just a mermaid, it was a fast derpy sketch. I kinda got her arms a little fat.

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Light In Your Eyes

I'm new with this facial perspective and I just wanted to know if I need to tweak anything or of I'm ready to start outlining with pen.

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I Drew this ariel Mermaid for my Daughter as she. loves mermaids my first attempt

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Drawing of David Tennant as the 10th Dr

hi I met David Tennant years ago in London when I got to be filmed for the Friday night project he is my favourite actor so I thought have a go at Drawing

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Dark Souls

I was trying to practice.

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My first anime drawing

As I was interested in drawing since childhood but couldn't draw properly. One day I was just googling pencil sketches and found anime drawing I thought

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my first " kawaii girl " drawing tutorial ^^

helllo so this is my first tutorial video, i know its simple but i think its really cute ;p https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0SuhCAg7QgI watch it please

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Drawing of a Cartoon. Dragon

I Drew this for my husband. Dragons are his favorite mythical creatures.

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two Bengal cats

I own two rescue Bengal cats tried to Draw them but they don't keep still so found a reference pic I could Draw

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I drew a Giraffe

I'm working on learning to draw, which requires retraining my mind how I see things. This giraffe was challenging for me, but feel it turned out fairly

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My memory

It really isn't sad, i just saw this flower in school, just for a few seconds. I memorized it.

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Abby 2016

Sweet Abby-girl. Drawn for a friend. Abby is a golden retriever with a golden heart. She rules her castle with love and kindness to all.

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My first portrait drawing

I am very much fond of drawing,I used to try draw my favourite celebs but in the end they turn out to be something else.So one day I was just trying to

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I was feeling bored so was just doodling...late night insomniac work :D

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First drawing in 5 years

I have suffered from depression my entire life and drawing was my only escape. I had quit drawing because I thought I could never be an artist. Recently

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your worthless

I saw a drawing on facebook and i wanted to recreate it...

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she asked me to do a drawing of her holding her dog for her bday so i did. I only like to do black and white and nothing but pencils....

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Girlz'Dreamz : Japan + USA Loading...

A young American-Japanese moves out to promote Western Music in Japan. Her dream? To make the Fantasy Combo of Rock and J-Pop. But what she doesn't know

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Lovely couple

The boy who is the best lover of the girl.They are expressing their love by their silence...The girl is feeling happy to be with his lover...

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Crying baby

just wanted to draw something of a drama, like an expression of emotion.

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Melody of Death : the scythe meister

I was watching one of my favorite animes , Soul Eater, and i thought would would happen to the next generation of weapons and meisters . So I'm Writing

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My daughter.

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Struggled to capture what i wanted to capture but here ahe is :)

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attempt to draw Sylvester Stallone ...not completely happy with it but enjoyed doing it all the same :)

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