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Death Note: Ryuk Pencil Drawing

I wanted to draw a my favorite character out of an awesome anime, so I decided to invest in shaded pencils to try and bring him to life. Before this I

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My first Ink and wash flower (water Lilly)

Just some practice water color painting..

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There is really no story with this drawing but many people say I stole it... I published it on devinart and people kept telling me it was stolen. I deactivated

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Modern rhino

Best drawing

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Snowy Owl

I love owls and recently went to a sketching class and after a while felt confident to do this.

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A bird

I wanted to draw a bird so I did.

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Mongols invading stronghold.

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Nice girl sketch

Hope you like it.

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My First Drawing of Elephant

This is my first attempt to draw cartoon character called Appu..I like the cartoon character Appu who is an elephant.

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My latest drawing of Elvis Presley

Trying to get more realistic with my drawing

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Nature of world

I had draw a nature of art.I just want to share my drawings.

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Sketch and color...

Check my new stuff...

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Flower Girl

Such a beautiful flower, she says with a calm tone as she watches the petals come alive in the cool breeze of the day.아름답다~

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Christmas Sweater

He likes festive sweaters because he looks good in them. 잘생겼다~

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My first portrait of Radhakrishnan

It is a drawing of Radhakrishnan

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Another drawing from my 13 year old daughter

My 13 year old daughter got in the art fair and she got 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place. Proud of her!!!!!! Never had any lessons or anything.

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My 13 year old daughters drawings

My 13 year old daughter has artistic talent I do believe

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Cheguvera portrait

Cheguvera portrait by charan

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my sister

Its my 1st sketch i have made sketch of my sister

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Starry Night

I am an art enthusiast. If I see something and like it, I just pick up a pencil and draw it or paint. I love using colors. Lots and lots of colors. I

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vanitha painting

Its water color painting about Christmas Santa

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Boxer named Boss

I sketched this as a memorial for for my boxer who we had to put down 3 years ago

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vanitha painting

Pencil drawing about Dog and cat.

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Boxer "Dallas"

This is a memorial drawing for a friend. Dallas was 8 years old when she crossed the bridge. She was loved by many.

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vanitha drawing

This pencil drawing about Indian women cricketer Punam raut.

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vanitha painting

Water color painting of rose and rose with butterfly.

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My Own Fire Starter Pokemon

Fire Starter Pokemon. let me know if you have some names for the pokemons here and let me know what the types shoud be

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My Own Grass Starter Pokemon

Grass starter pokemon. let me know if you have some names for the pokemon here or some ideas for the type the shoud have

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My Own Water Starter Pokemon

Water starter pokemon. let me know if you have some names for the pokemon here or some ideas for the type the shoud have

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Polandball Nationstates

I drew this as a joke and a picture for the NSPolandball forum thread.

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the all u need is love picture I drew

I just drew the love heart and copies it from the pic u guys showed and I used pencil and it's neat than I expected I went to arts collage in Brooklyn

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Hawaiian Humpback

Just fun Hawaiian Tribal art on a humpback

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My first portrait

An Indian girl wearing lehanga

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I'm trying to draw more realistically

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A lady

My recent sketch

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More Disney characters - Two Ninja turtle characters - Raj the tiger from Aladdin and Disney car

All of these are more drawings and paintings I have done for my friends Grandchildren for Christmas.

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My Own Starter Pokemon

i just wanted to make some pokemon starters let me know what you think + wanna see some evolutions? :)

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Cartoon characters - Disney

Since I retired 4 years ago I have added to drawing and painting Disney characters to my art. These ones that I am showing now are ones that I have done

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Little Krishna

This is one of my favourite drawings

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My previous work in color! :)

Hope you enjoy it!

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My first draw here


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Kakashi Hatake

Member of the ANBU black ops...

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My first Tajmahal drawing

At first i have drawn the Tajmahal, hope you all like it..

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Butterfly sketch

butterfly drinking nectar

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Lay from Exo

First Attempt, 3 days

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My second best draw! Hope you like it!

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Different pencil sketching

Different pencil sketching done by me;)

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My main oc character kastro he's a straight beast.

My favorite character i've came up with i draw him alot. When i get better at drawing im goin to put him in a comic.

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Elvis Presley 2

I'm trying to get more realistic with my drawing, this is my second attempted.

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