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A drawing of a girl I drew with reference from google.

I'm a ten year old who loves drawing.I taught myself how to draw since nobody I knew really liked to draw.Drawing has been my hobby since a long time.This

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Unrequited love

My drawing is inspired from an anime called Fukumenkei noise and is about what the title suggests( a one-sided relationship).The story of my drawing is

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My Best Friend

I've just joined an art group having never drawn properly before and chose a photo of my old dog who sadly left me 15 years ago. He was an English Setter.

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Midoro and Ninetails

I am not really fluent in English, so excuse me if you find some little mistakes. I am really interested in drawing all of the 48 fiends of Tezuka Osamu’s

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Coucou the cat

On the 13th of January, was my birthday! It was my first step to te world of drawing! I realized then that I am really good at drawing animals, portraits

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In the eyes of an eagle

Be Strong and courageous, soar like the wings of a eagle.

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I am a 10 year old kid. My drawing shows beautiful nature view.

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My first Snoopy drawing

I watched a video on how to draw Snoopy and changed it a little bit. Turned out great!😀

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Drawing of my trip

I am a kid of 7 years old ,I am in Goa beach doing parasailing and about to jump in the water in my skin colorectal costume I love to swim ,Come u wil

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Saitamas face when he is disgusted :D

I dont know why i drew this but i think it looks cool and wanna post more stuff like this :D (im 16)

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its a pokemon who is evolution from frodie

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Flika the cat as anime girl

I am an 8 year old girl teaching myself anime drawing. This drawing is how I believe my cat Flika would look as a girl.

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nature beauty: by Harsimar

My drawing on nature beauty which is getting destroyed day by day....we should love the nature...

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Buddhist monk dalai lama

This is pencil sketch of dalai lama. Used pencil 2b 8b n ee Size- a4

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Superb eye sketch

This is beautiful eye sketch. A4 size Used pencil 2b 8b n ee

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Drawing of my first female warrior

Shes waiting on the right time to make a move. Instead of rushing into danger.

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Disney cars first attempt

This is another Disney cartoon request my friend asked me for her grandson.

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First time drawing and painting cartoon characters

A friend of mine has asked me to draw and paint some Disney characters for her Grandchildren for next Christmas. These are a first attempt. Disney princess,

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My Love

For my poems, you're my fiance foster me as a mother, show me the way as a friend, then you've became my soul and my soul mate.. Loving you and missing

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These are some holiday drawings and paintings I have done.

It has been over 3 years since I retired. I love drawing and painting seasonal cartoon characters. It has been awhile since I have put in.

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Cute little bluebird

I draw and paint my own cartoon characters. This little bird and the raccoon are my favorites.

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Christmas Candle, Christmas Reindeer, Cartoon Raccoon

As I practice over the last 3 years I found I love drawing and painting cartoon characters and seasonal characters, hope you like

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as you all can see this scenario looks peaceful,full of beautiful nature....in real life having a house like this would be amazing

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My first rose from this tutorial!

This is the rose i drew and coloured based on the instruction from this tutorial. Thank you!

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my drawing scenery

My drawing ....

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Just one next look

I have painted my just one as you have Suggested that it would be good if so... Thank you Ivan... It's looking Good..

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Varikkassery Mana (Kerala, India)

It was late in December, early in morning with cool breeze on my face in my bike set out to explore Kerala armed with my pen and paper. I set out to Varikkassery

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Saw this online a decided to see if I could draw it

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In a small house in Los Angeles Louie & Barbara Berliner are still together. But if it wasn't for a violin their lives would be very different. Let's go

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Don't stare too much!!!

Well this is my first time posting or shared my drawing in the internet, I hope you guys like it. From : popo! 「ポポ」

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Spiderman in a snowball battle

I first drew a boy throwing a snowball at YOU. Then I thought how would the superheros like to play in the snow too??

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Just one

No more to say... Just a simple draw to take a look..

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~Sad Girl~

This is a sad girl who's cat is murdered. but nobody gives her hugs😭

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Handsome guy

This is a sketch of a handsome stranger I saw. It's not perfect. I suppose its more of a doodle of what I could remember of him. It took about 2 minutes

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My first sketching drawing.

The story behind my drawing is that, I had a relief teacher in Maths session I was bored and decide to draw my friend's face. It's just an attempt to draw

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heart and brain...

A girl waiting for her partner who went somewhere,before going he gave her a promise that he will definitely come back.its been months and he didn't came

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This is a tribute to Jonathan freed who played the iconic vampire barnabas collins on the television series dark shadows. I grew up watching this series

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My urban sketches

While traveling I sketch down the views which I like....

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Tom Hardy

He is one of my favorite actors of all time. His face expressions are really unique so I felt inspired and decided to draw a pencil sketch of him.

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Bruce Lee

I have drawn this in memory the great legend and god of martial arts,Bruce Lee.

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this drawing is one of my favourite

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Drawing of queen mysterious

This woman is mysterious as a queen. She has much more secrets and dangers she faces. She might even have powers.

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Manga Black and White Pikachu drawing

I was pretty bored, and I was thinking what I should do. I decided I should draw, and here is what I came out with. I think that if you are bored, drawing

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Mason's brawl

It's one of my characters powering up a fire attack. Gets into a brawl.

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Lady with pots of water

Indian women suffer a lot to get water to their home.

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Daenerys Targaryen: A Pencil Sketch :D

Just an attempt to make a portrait of the central character of the famous TV series Game of Thrones.

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This is my brother the guitar player. About a year ago he found out he's fully diabetic and because it's such an unpredictable illness he's recording and

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Portrait of dedication

Thid drawing is special because it is dedicated to my mother who is no longer here. She has been deceased for many years now and greatly missed.

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Ring Looses its Soul

I made this sketch on the Death of the Great Muhammad Ali

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