How To Draw Tinkerbell

Why so many of us want to learn how to draw Tinkerbell? Well, my guess is that Tinkerbell is one of the most famous fairies thanks to Disney’s.

It was Marc Davis - one of the top Disney Studios animators back in 50s who originally designed Tinkerbell.

Yes, Tinkerbell is a girl and, it was designed and modeled after actress Margaret Kerry at the time.

Some say that it was Marilyn Monroe.

Notice that Tinkerbell’s thighs are quite thick comparing to contemporary beauty fashion standards.

It is because Tinkerbell was designed in 50s and the fashion was very different then.

This Tinkerbell is a very simple drawing.

You may also notice that I slightly (just a very little) modified her face expression from naughty to a cute one. I hope you’ll like it.

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I did the coloring only by pencils. On bottom of this page you’ll find the same Tinkerbell drawing without the blue background. You can chose which one you like best.

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Before you begin to draw Tinkerbell, let’s observe a bit the figure. Her body forms a kind of “C” letter.

Hold your pencil tilted and draw very rough outline contours of her body. Start from the head, next the trunk, arms and the legs.

Notice here that I just sketched her legs similar to mermaid’s body. It is only the rough outline of her lower body part.

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Next important step is to outline the contours of her wings. The reason is simple. Tinkerbell is a fairy and fairies like her have wings. So the complete body is naturally with the wings.

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Gradually begin to mark out the face features. Her hair, eyes, nose mouth. Draw the face features while observing the ready drawing or other image of Tinkerbell.

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Continue to outline the body contours. Chest and the belly are rather easy to capture.

One important point when you draw Tinkerbell:

  • Be especially careful while drawing the legs. This part can be a little tricky. Before you actually outline the leg contours, observe one more time the original.
  • Notice the gentle curves on thighs, around the knees and calves. Do your best to capture these curves as precise as possible.

    These curves will give a final feminine shape to Tinkerbell’s legs. She’s a girl after all, although some also call her a spoiled brat ;-)

    click the image to enlarge

    Draw both hands and give her a wand.

    click the image to enlarge

    You can also draw a couple of stars around her wand.

    Refine your final outline body contours. Draw the face features more distinctive and erase all unnecessary and excess pencil lines.

    At this stage you have achieved two things:

  • you have a basic drawing for Tinkerbell coloring page
  • you have learned how to draw Tinkerbell
  • Now, you can continue to color the drawing or you can stop here. Whatever you chose is OK.

    click the image to enlarge

    There is no special need to comment on coloring Tinkerbell, I think. I can only explain how I proceeded on.

    I used to start from the face. When you have the face ready, continue to color the arms and the legs.

    click the image to enlarge

    Put a little shade on her face, arms and the legs. Be careful while you shade the legs. Notice the areas right below the knees.

    To draw Tinkerbell is basically easy as you see by now, but the areas like shadings on legs may be a little tricky.

    click the image to enlarge

    Add some color on her hair and draw the ribbon. If you feel bored so far, you can color the stars around her wand.

    click the image to enlarge

    The final coloring part is Tinkerbell’s dress and shoes. If possible please color the dress and the shoes as the last part.

    click the image to enlarge

    Although I put this picture on the top, I would say that this is rather optional one.

    You can draw the background with the stars on the sky but need not.

    Whatever you choose, always try to make your drawings better than mine ;-)

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