How To Draw Pikachu

The best way to learn how to draw Pikachu is to copy one you like best.

If you still have Pokemon cards you can copy Pikachu very easily from the cards.

It may sound deceptively simple but that’s how this process works.

Or maybe a quick Google image search will help you to find the “cutest” one.

Here in Japan, the major Pikachu fever is over.

It was just around 1997-8 when all Japan went crazy about these pocket monsters.

Click on any of the images to enlarge

Yes, I say all Japan because adults as much as by kids loved it.

Pikachu images, goods, mascots, cell-phone straps with Pocket monsters were everywhere around.

Some of the Japanese domestic Airlines were painted by Pokemon characters.

Even today, Pokemon popularity is still high, which is a rare thing because in Japan all popular new things usually fade away very quickly.

It is caused partially by the fact that new characters, new ideas are popping up just like mushrooms after the rain almost daily.

Step–By–Step Process

Let’s now draw Pikachu from this sample picture. I think its pose is cute enough and I hope you’ll like it.

Observe the outlines for a while, curves of the body, position of legs, hands, and ears.

click the image to enlarge

It is good if you have a light blue pencil for this framework, but also a HB pencil (or any other) will work well too.

Just make sure to draw the initial lines very thin so that you can easily correct or erase them later.

click the image to enlarge

1. Draw two intersecting circles placed on each other, approximately vertically. Upper – the head is slightly smaller than bottom – the body circle.

These circles are the bases for Pikachu’s body, very similar to snow man. Add the ears and the outline of the head is ready.

click the image to enlarge

2. Draw crosshair on the head circle. Position of the crosshairs serve as facial coordinates and will determine where Pikachu will be facing.

While you draw Pikachu – before finishing the face - you can alter the position of crosshairs as you wish.

click the image to enlarge

3. Now you can place the facial parts – eyes, nose, mouth on these coordinates….and… you have ready the basics of the face.

These coordinates are only guidelines to help you keep good balance, so you do not need to follow them exactly.

click the image to enlarge

4. Add hands and legs. See the hands carefully; one is lifted higher up to eye level. Draw them just roughly; do not mind much about the “exactness” or the proportions now.

You can also begin drawing weak pencil lines on the head.

click the image to enlarge

5. Now, observe a bit how the outer lines – how the curves of the body really look like. The bases are two round circles but here we have to re-shape them a bit.

By doing so, you will get closer to the real body shape of Pikachu. Then add the legs and draw a soft curve on the bottom between them.

click the image to enlarge

6. Only a part of Pikachu’s tail is visible behind the head. Draw it roughly either by blue or graphite pencil.

click the image to enlarge

7. When you are ready with the basic body outlines, curves and tail, you can erase the help-lines so that only a pencil outlines remain. You will have a basic outline to draw Pikachu really perfectly. Just like on this picture.

click the image to enlarge

8. Now it’s time to draw a firm dark pencil lines and gradually create the necessary black and white contrast. I recommend you to start from the head and the face. Outline the entire head, eyes and mouth first.

click the image to enlarge

9. Draw out the pupil of the eyes and make small circle on the upper part of the eyes. This small circle will remain white (!), it is a highlight on the eyes. Darken the tip of both ears.

click the image to enlarge

10. Add more black to the eyes and leave small white circles as highlights on the top.

To make the eyes look more “alive” take a brief look on how to draw manga eyes.

It will give you a couple of best hints on how to draw Pikachu eyes and generally eyes generally. And, yes, don’t forget to draw the nose ;-)

click the image to enlarge

11. To make the eyes of Pikachu look more cute and more animal-like, draw the iris of the eye large.

You can do it by gentle strokes, do not push the pencil too strong. The iris is always lighter than the pupil (the black center of the eye).

click the image to enlarge

12. Draw the round cheeks and shade the inside of the mouth.

Click the image to enlarge and see how the inner part of the mouth is shaded

click the image to enlarge

13. Last step is simple and important. It is about adding shades to certain parts of the body in order to obtain more plasticity and three-dimensionality.

Observe the places where shades are and draw the same (or similar) shades under the chin, on the tail, armpit, back and the bottom. And, your creature is ready! I think you’ve learned the basics so far.

Repeat the whole process one more time without seeing the instructions, and you’ll completely memorize how to draw Pikachu.

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