Dragonfly Drawings

You were probably looking for some dragonfly drawings or for some guide of how to make a simple sketch of this beautiful insect.

This insect really is so easy to draw that you can make a simple sketch in less than a minute.

Going through the drawing sequence below step by step, you will instantly understand how to draw a dragonfly.

Dragonfly as a symbol has different meaning in different cultures.

In Japan for instance, it represents a martial success, courage, strength and happiness while old European legends associate dragonfly with evil…interesting, isn’t it?

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I will show you here one of the doable ways of how to draw a dragonfly you see on this picture. Its wings may look a bit complicated at first sight. Relax; you will draw them even better.

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Decide the approximate size of your dragonfly drawing and draw a single cross, like you see on this picture. Vertical line represents dragonfly’s long body and the short horizontal line is the place where we shall draw the eyes.

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Draw a pair of eyeballs first. It is necessary because the size of the eyes will determine the size of rest of the body and wings.

Notice the proportion between the eyeball size and the body size. Always adjust the body size to the proportion of the eyes which you already drew.

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At this stage we shall draw several “guide-lines” that will help us to draw the wings. These lines are not absolutely necessary but are helpful to get a good balance while drawing the wings on both sides.

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Make a simple sketch of the front wings. Do not try to draw the exact shape at this stage if you cannot. Make as many lines as necessary, even though the wings outline would look pretty thick. It is OK!

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Sketch the hind wings, the same way as above. I call this drawing a “sketch” on purpose because it is still very rough although the approximate shape is already visible.

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Erase the unnecessary lines from the wings and decide their final shape. From now on you may find the sharp pencil and pencil-shaped eraser both, as incredibly convenient tools to do this.

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Continue the same procedure with eraser and sharp pencil to outline exactly the final shape of dragonfly. Now you should have almost a complete dragonfly drawing.

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Draw the legs. Dragonfly has six legs that serve as a landing gear and for capturing the prey. Shade the eyeballs and draw the simple body pattern.

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Usually an insect’s wings means almost impossible hurdle for many people. I assure you they are very easy to draw. They have many veins curving through the length of the wings. All you need is to decide the main ones and you can subordinate the small veins to the “main-stream”.

Dragonfly’s wings too, are transparent with many veins. We usually do not detail them out so precisely like here but for better understanding I decided to draw the details this time.

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Fill up the dragonfly’s wings with veins as you see on this picture. Please do not try to be very precise here if you don’t feel like to do so.

If you observe very carefully, you’ll easily recognize that I did not put much attention to draw the veins on both sides evenly. Slight imperfections go almost unnoticed here ;-)

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Shade the rest of the body and you have another beautiful piece of your dragonfly drawings collection ready.

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